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  • This JV letter is a LONG one … but well worth reading from start
    to finish.



    Hi …

    Alan Cheng, here.

    I have a very special membership for you to promote and it’s called
    Niche Empire. It’s quite a unique membership site which offers:

    1. One customizable Adsense site every week with optin form, forum,
    customizable headers and 10 built in PLR articles with each website
    2. A unique customized blog script
    3. Webhosting
    4. 2 * Hypercover.com Covers for each Adsense site
    5. 80 PLR articles per month
    6. A step-by-step videos with manuals on earning money with the
    7. The first 100 members are Charter Members that will get 1 extra
    Adsense website each month
    8. The websites are limited to groups of 100. Each person will only
    have 99 competitors.

    The launch date is on March 28th.

    For a detailed list of what Niche-Empire offers, please visit their
    draft salesletter at: *** JV Notify Pro Partners Only ***

    I hope you will earn lots of commission in the coming weeks!

    Below is an email which you can modify to your own style and send
    to your list. Each sale gives you 50% commission which works out to
    be $342 yearly.


    Please sign up as a JV affiliate partner, here:

    *** JV Notify Pro Partners Only ***

    **Please note that this is a closed affiliate program. You can only
    join by invitation only. Even buyers of the membership site are not


    Attached is a mini-course on “How to build your own Niche Empire”
    which you can replace with your own affiliate link to Niche Empire.
    Also there is a “Sponsored By” section in all the series so that
    you can place your own advertisement.

    Basically you’re getting:

    1. Satisfaction from your users offering them useful content
    2. Commission from Niche Empire
    3. … and non-pushy advertisement for your own products.

    Attached is the email which you can send to your list.

    Please note the launch date is March 28th 2006.

    Thanks again and wish you every success!

    Alan Cheng

    The email to your list.

    Subject: {Firstname}, I just stole a $67 mini-course for you

    Hi {Firstname},

    I’ve got to get this off my chest before I can sleep.

    There’s a new membership site soon to be released on March 28th.
    It’s called Niche Empire (http://www.niche-empire.com). Well I’ve
    managed to twist the owners’ arms and force them to show me their
    mini-course which they are going to announce one month after the
    day of the launch.

    I told them if I can’t give this mini-course to my subscribers
    beforehand, then I won’t endorse this to my faithful valued

    Little did they know that I should be the one that’s begging
    because after having a sneak preview of what they offered and the
    quality of the Adsense site, there was no way I’m not going to tell
    you about it.

    The mini-course is called “How to build your own Niche Empire” and
    it’s a classic. Please don’t bombard me with emails thanking me for
    this offer. You’ve thanked me enough for being my faithful

    To sign up for the mini-course and receive the first part
    immediately, please send a blank email to {your autoresponder}.

    If you’re the first 100 to purchase a membership on March 28th
    2006, you’ll become a Charter Member where you will get 1 extra
    Adsense website every month as well as other unannounced goodies.

    Make sure you purchase a membership using this link:

    {www.niche-empire.com/xxxxx} on the day of the launch.

    But don’t worry. I’ll remind you beforehand since it’s my duty to
    make sure you don’t miss out on this one.

    JV Partner.

    Autoresponder Series

    Message 1 Day 1

    Subject: {firstname}, here’s your first lesson

    Hi {firstname},

    Apart from writing articles yourself, using Private Label Rights
    articles (or PLR articles) are one of the best ways to add
    interesting and useful content to your website or Blogs.

    Article writing can be productive but is very time consuming and
    most people are not good writers. The next best thing is to
    therefore hire ghostwriters who will write these articles for you
    at a reasonable price.

    Many marketers are finding an even better deal and that is to join
    membership website that provide such articles on a monthly basis.
    Now many people get these articles and are puzzled about how to
    make the best use of them.

    Here are just 10 ways in which you can use these articles:

    1. Customize them and use an article distribution service to get
    them posted on as many websites as possible. Each article will
    include a resource box at the end with the URL of the website that
    you want to promote. This will provide you with a one-way link
    back to your website increasing your link popularity and Google
    PageRAnk. All this translates into more visitors to your website.

    2. You can use these articles as an outline or start for a higher
    quality Ezine article. Now the articles that you distribute just
    to gain link popularity can be average but articles meant for an
    Ezine publisher should be of a higher quality. This will determine
    whether they get published or not so this takes a little more effort.

    SPONSORED BY: Alan Cheng – www.niche-empire.com
    Get your own online business and turn it on autopilot, spitting out
    Profits for you. Visit www.niche-empire.com

    3. You can also use the articles as a basis for an autoresponder or
    mini-course. You can break up the articles into sections mailing
    one each day or use a series articles on the same subject.

    4. You can combine a number of these articles on a particular theme
    and form a report to give away as an incentive to collect email
    addresses. This is a proven method to building a strong subscriber
    list for your newsletter. Each article may serve as a separate
    chapter of the report.

    5. Use the articles as the main outline for an ebook that you can
    create and sell or just give away as a viral product with your
    affiliate links embedded in it. You may have to add some more
    ‘flesh’ to the information but it’s better than starting from

    Tomorrow you’ll receive the remaining 5 pointers. Be sure to look
    out for this in your inbox.

    In the meantime be sure to secure your membership to Niche Empire
    where we’ll provide with a monthly source of PLR articles and show
    you through our own video lessons how to apply the strategies
    you’re reading about now.

    Until Tomorrow,
    Anthony & Alan

    P.S. Remember to add our email address to your email filter so
    that these lessons do not end up in your junk folder!

    Message 2 Day 2

    Subject: {firstname}, using PLR articles cont’d

    Hi {firstname},

    Yesterday we looked at 5 unique ways of taking full advantage of
    PLR articles. Today we’ll look at another 5 strategies.

    Here we go …

    6. You can use the articles as content for your website. You can
    built a portal site and add these articles to attract search engine
    traffic and build AdSense revenue. Adsense is only a start since
    you can monetize the site by using other PPC affiliate programs and
    sell advertising space.

    7. Blogs are natural traffic attractors because they form the
    basis of a website that is continually being updated. Most Blogs
    offer the personal thoughts of the owner but others provide
    valuable information that can be used to attract repeat traffic.

    8. You can also use the articles as the script for an audio lesson
    or teleseminar. These products have a higher perceived value than
    mere articles so it’s just a matter of the form of presentation.

    SPONSORED BY: Alan Cheng – www.niche-empire.com
    Get your own online business and turn it on autopilot, spitting out
    Profits for you. Visit www.niche-empire.com

    9. If you present a seminar then you need valuable information to
    give to the attendees. Use this content for your presentation by
    making them your own. Adding your own illustrations and examples
    can transform these articles into your own personality.

    10. Self-publishing is big business offline as it is online.
    Self-publishing is big business offline as it is online. You can
    use the articles to publish your own print book. This will even
    give you more credibility than an ebook which everybody and their
    cousins seem to have these days.

    As an information marketer you are always looking for fresh content
    and PLR articles is a goldmine waiting to be mined and exploited.

    Until next time,
    Anthony & Alan

    Message 3 Day 3

    Subject: How to build Your Niche Empire

    Hi {firstname},

    There is a silent war that is taking place on the Internet right
    now. It’s a war not for oil but for traffic. You see, traffic is
    the lifeblood of any Internet business and every webmaster knows

    The cheapest place to get traffic is from the organic (or non-paid)
    results from the search engines. From since the launch of search
    engines webmasters have been trying to rank high in their results.
    This is becoming more difficult as the search engines become
    smarter and change their algorithms ever so often to avoid being

    There are many software that has been on the market that have tried
    to ‘trick’ the search engines into giving these website high
    ranking and therefore lots of traffic. As these software become
    popular they are open to abuse and soon they are not as effective
    as they once were.

    What many marketers have come to realize is hath even though these
    software provide a temporary flood of traffic soon the search
    engines catch up and then the traffic party is over. What remains
    tried and true are websites with unique content that are hand-built
    or appear so at least.

    SPONSORED BY: Alan Cheng – www.niche-empire.com
    Get your own online business and turn it on autopilot, spitting out
    Profits for you. Visit www.niche-empire.com

    In other words, if you can provide a website that is highly
    customizable so it cam be easily made different from other website
    then you’re more likely to stay high in the search engine results
    once you get there.

    Of course there are other off-page factors such as link popularity
    that counts towards this but building high quality content rich
    website is the wave of the future to those who want a continual
    stream of online income.

    Many top marketers are now talking about building your own “Virtual
    Real Estate” (VRE). This simply means having hundreds of domains
    with good content and monetizing them with such programs as Adsense
    and affiliate programs. As you add more ‘properties’ then so will
    your in.come grow as well.

    This is a strategy that works so well that many marketers consider
    this as the very best business model you can find online.

    That is the very philosophy on which Niche Empire is designed. As
    you receive these AdSense websites each month and ad to your VRE so
    will your in.come keep growing on autopilot. This will be like a
    dream come true.

    If you haven’t done so already I urge you to grab your membership
    right away before they are all gone.


    It’s all in the numbers. If you have 1 website that brings you 50
    cents per day then how much would you need to build to bring you
    $100 per day? $500 per day? You get the picture of course.

    Rather than looking at the small figure you keep multiplying your
    small threads into a mighty rope.

    Now is the time to start building your Niche Empire.

    Why not join us now before the spots are all gone?

    Until next time,
    Anthony & Alan

    P.S. Spots are filling fast and soon I’ll have to close the doors.
    Be sure that you are not left out in the cold when this happens.
    Sign up right away.

    Message 4 Day 5

    Subject: How to create your first ebook

    Hi {firstname},

    I was just thinking that since video training is such an integral
    part of the Niche Empire membership that I’ll share with you one
    such video to give you a taste of what you’ll get as a member.

    For the past few days I’ve been sharing some important information
    with you about building an online income that grows on autopilot
    and I hope that you’re benefiting from these tips.

    SPONSORED BY: Alan Cheng – www.niche-empire.com
    Get your own online business and turn it on autopilot, spitting out
    Profits for you. Visit www.niche-empire.com

    Once of the ways we discussed that you can use PLR articles was to
    combine them into an ebook that you could either sell or give away
    as a viral marketing tool. But you may be still unsure about how
    to compile a professional looking ebook.

    Go here now to watch this video that will explain all this to you:


    Remember that we have over 45 such videos for you to watch at you
    convenience when you become a member of Niche Empire.
    Hint: Join us today to get access to all these videos and more!

    Until next time,
    Anthony & Alan

    Message 5 Day 7

    Subject: What you should know about blogging, part 1

    Hi {firstname},

    As on an online marketer blogs are a viable means of calling
    attention to your business and showing off your knowledge in your
    niche. This is what you must have in mind when you decide to
    create a blog. Many people blogs just to generate links to their
    websites but they can also be a source of very targeted traf.fic.

    Here are 10 essential things that you should know about blogging.

    1. A blog is like a two-way conversation with your audience. Much
    like a forum you can expect that when you share your opinions that
    your readers will also have their opinions as well. This is what
    will build relationship and add momentum to your blog. Be prepared
    for your topics to lead into other subjects that you didn’t even

    2. Be consistent with your posting. You have to develop a
    consistent rhythm with your posting so that if you post weekly be
    sure to post every week, or daily make a post every day. If you
    become irregular then so will your audience. The ideal is at least
    twice per week if you want to keep your blog active.

    3. You need to look at other blogs in your niche to find out what
    people are already saying and what the popular topics of discussion
    are. In this way you can be intelligent in what is happening and
    also carve out a niche for yourself that sets you apart from your

    SPONSORED BY: Alan Cheng – www.niche-empire.com
    Get your own online business and turn it on autopilot, spitting out
    Profits for you. Visit www.niche-empire.com

    4. You are communicating with your online audience through
    writing so you have to know how to write. This doesn’t mean that
    you have to be a Shakespeare but your grammar and spelling should
    put people off. The same way in which you’ll write on a public
    forum or in an email should suffice for this. Be sure that you
    showcase your personality though-this wouldn’t hurt at all.

    5. “Listen” to what your audience is saying in their comments in
    order to find out how to better serve them. These comments will
    help guide in way that you can make your blog better. Your blog is
    not just a mirror. You’re writing just to hear yourself but to
    serve your audience, so be sure that you are hitting your target.

    Stay tune for the remaining 5 great tips.

    Until next time,
    Anthony & Alan

    P.S. We’ll continue to provide you with training such as these when
    you become a part of the Niche Empire family. If you’re not a
    member as yet, do it right away. I urge you to act before all the
    spots are gone forever!

    Message 6 Day 9

    Subject: What you should know about blogging, part 2

    Hi {firstname},

    A few days ago we looked at 5 things you should know about blogging
    before setting up your blogs. Today we’ll look at the last 5. So
    here goes …

    6. Know what topics to avoid. The common subjects to stare away
    from are religion, politics, race and sex. Except your blog is
    about these subjects them except you want to scare away a segment
    of your audience then play it safe and stay away from these

    7. Use your keywords in your blog titles. Now keep in mind that
    one of the major functions of your blogs is to draw search engine
    traffic and get high ranking for your niche keywords. You should
    therefore know what keywords you want to rank highly for and use
    those keywords in your blog titles and early in the posts (first
    paragraphs). Also if you have more than one blog within the same
    these then interlink them by all means.

    SPONSORED BY: Alan Cheng – www.niche-empire.com
    Get your own online business and turn it on autopilot, spitting out
    Profits for you. Visit www.niche-empire.com

    8. Expect your blog audience to grow incrementally. If you expect
    too much results too soon then you can quickly give up and think
    that blogging is not productive. It takes time for the word to
    spread that your blog is really great and then the viral effect
    will take over. So be sure to give yourself ample time to grow
    your blog and know that you’ll reap the rewards later. It’s NOT an
    overnight thing.

    9. Know just how much to reveal. Now keep in mind that if you
    give away all your secrets then your audience has no reason to buy
    your product or service. Also remember that just as you are
    reading the blogs of your competitors they are reading your blogs
    as well. So don’t reveal too much but still give enough value to
    keep your readers coming back for more.

    10. Don’t lose sight of your real reason for blogging. If you get
    caught up in the moment you can easily lose focus and forget that
    you are blogging to build your customer list. You are not trying to
    win a writing award or keep people entertained but to make money.
    So you need to keep this in mind in everything that you do. So
    don’t be shy about recommending affiliate programs from which
    you’ll receive compensation. It’s all a part of making the blog
    pay for itself. Your time is important, so use it wisely.

    Blogging is a great opportunity to build relationships with your
    customers and a stage for you to showcase your expertise.

    Until next time,
    Anthony & Alan

    P.S. We’ll continue to provide you with training such as these when
    you become a part of the Niche Empire family. If you’re not a
    member as yet, do it right away. I urge you to act before all the
    spots are gone forever!

    Message 7 Day 12

    Subject: {firstname}, take action!

    Hi {firstname},

    There is one thing we’ve come to realize from our years marketing
    online and it’s this:

    The most successful people are the people who take action. Not the
    ‘talkers’ but the ‘walkers’. You can read all the great lessons
    and ideas that we’ve provide you with but if you don’t ACT on them
    then it’s all in vain.

    Whether it’s creating a blog and keeping it ‘fresh’ with new
    articles or submitting your PLR articles to directories, you have
    to take action. Nothing happens differently until you do something
    different with your life.

    With niche Empire we are placing in your hands all the tools that
    you need to succeed in building your own Virtual Real Estate. As
    much as we can provide the tools we cannot do it for you.

    Luckily we’ve done the closest thing to actually doing this for you
    and that is providing you with all the video tutorials that we’ve
    spent many hours putting together.

    SPONSORED BY: Alan Cheng – www.niche-empire.com
    Get your own online business and turn it on autopilot, spitting out
    Profits for you. Visit www.niche-empire.com

    It’s just like you are looking over our shoulders as we perform
    these task and all you have to do is watch, learn and then DO!
    “Action” is the action word for today.

    That is why I want to urge you to take action and sign up as a
    Niche Empire member today if you haven’t done so before. This will
    be your first step to creating your online money train.

    So what are you w.aiting for? DO it right now:


    I hope that you enjoyed the lessons and I hope to see you on the
    inside of Niche Empire where you’ll get even more value month after

    Toward your success!
    Anthony & Alan

    P.S. There are some unadvertised bonuses that we deliberately
    didn’t mention in the letter that you can only find out about when
    you become a member. Remember also that as a member you can sign
    up as an affiliate so your membership can practically cost you
    nothing! Why not join right away?


    To OUR success,

    Mike Merz
    JV Notify Pro

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