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  • Hi, Fellow JV Notify Pro partner …

    This is Jim Morris from NicheBOT.com, but who I am
    is not important.

    As a smart affiliate marketer…

    Would you consider joining forces with an established
    program about to re-launch that has *already* paid
    its affiliates over $140,898.50?

    I’d give you the URL for proof of that claim above,
    which I will in a moment, but I don’t want you to
    sign up without missing out on the extra perks
    you’ll get as a JVNotifyPro member.

    When you consider all that can go wrong with a fresh
    new affiliate program, you can be assured the affiliate
    script that tracks for you has been battled tested for
    over a year and the site is hosted on a $600 a month
    RackSpace server. So there will be no such thing as
    a server meltdown.

    And besides, you could be in the running to have
    the following shipped directly to your doorstep
    A 42″ Plasma TV, a digital Canon Rebel worth a
    good chunk, a 60GB Video Ipod, a Sony PSP or a
    Magellan GPS Navigator.

    But WAY more than the prizes and all the allure
    they present…

    I know you’re a smart affiliate marketer, because
    you are still reading this. Plus…

    You already know how important it is to have a vast
    array of content tools other than just the ol’ regular
    send a link to your list and direct them to an opt-in
    page or sales letter.

    It’s through a CONTENT-DRIVEN promotion that allowed
    Andy Jenkins and Brad Fallon to get over 100,000
    people to watch the first of their amazing videos
    about Going Natural.

    When you have REAL content to give your subscribers
    and not just a sales pitch, you’ll have a better
    chance at getting MORE of your subscribers excited
    about the offer, dig in deeper and convert more

    And when you have multiple tools with real content,
    you have multiple ways to peak your subscriber’s
    interest and multiple points of attack.

    And that, my friend, means HIGHER commissions,
    especially on a residual opportunity that you
    are about to peak inside.

    You’ll have that with this offer right here.

    So what’s the offer you say?

    Well, most membership sites out there really just
    offer ONE thing. One tool, one set of articles,
    one path here or there that leaves people hanging
    and doesn’t reveal a whole entire system.

    There’s no ONE solution within ONE membership.

    Enter the K.A.S.H.E. system.

    That’s what is being presented here today.

    Allow me to show you a membership site that will
    undoubtedly be THE hottest online property in 2006,
    2007 and beyond, as it was in 2005 according to
    Dr. Mike Woo-Ming.

    There are three major issues that this membership
    site addresses:

    1. Content – give people high quality PLR content to
    build websites, but don’t just stop there.

    2. Keyword Research – rather than give someone one
    piece to the puzzle and make them go buy another
    subscription they get keyword research included
    in the monthly fee. Watch the tool included here…

    JV Notify Pro Partners … ONLY!

    (Please keep the URL above a secret – the tool
    hasn’t even been released to the public yet and
    this is an EXTREME leverage point.)

    3. Traffic – give people a *proven* $10,000+ traffic
    formula that is already working, especially by the
    teacher who is making that kind of money part-time
    with an existing full-time job. (NOTE: The teacher
    is waiting to fully vest in retirement from the
    military and then go full-time online.)

    Without a *traffic* formula, people are DEAD in the
    water and subscribers will drop out and attrition
    will be atrocious. NOT the case here.


    Give people the ultimate community of honest, forth-
    right and like-minded individuals that are willing
    to help those of your subscribers that become
    members to sustain and uphold YOUR reputation.
    And thus, continue your residual earnings as well. ;o)

    Plus, two lucky individuals will win a F**R**E**E
    6-month VIP Member.ship to the K.A.S.H.E. System
    (worth a real $582) prior to launch. Yet another
    tool to get people excited and involved in…


    Is there a thriving community already established?


    There’s already existing support with a forum that
    contains 42923 Posts in 4162 topics and current
    base of 570+ members. We call this group a
    MasterMind Group.

    This is no ghost town of a forum, that much I can
    tell you.

    You can see a video of everything that’s included
    as well as a glimpse at everything that members


    You may have seen this membership site before, but
    I guarantee you it’s nothing like you’ve seen
    before. So take 2 minutes out of your day RIGHT
    NOW and review the video. This is THAT important.

    We are in pre-launch for the re-launch and there
    is a special PERK for being a JVNotifyPRO member.

    And that is — A BUMP IN COMMISSIONS.


    Pre-launch Date: September 13, 2006

    Re-Launch Date: October 10, 2006

    Monthly Membership Price: $97

    Standard Affiliate Offer: 50% residually as long
    as member is active

    JVNotifyPRO Affiliate special: 60% residually as long
    as member is active

    That’s 10% more commissions just for being a
    JVNotifyPRO member.

    Here’s the JV Invite page to get started today…

    JV Notify Pro Partners … ONLY!

    After you’re signed up…

    Email me with your resounding “YES!” and tell
    me you’re gonna move some mountains, and I’ll
    personally let you know about how to activate
    even higher monthly residual commissions.

    I’ll also set you up with a 30-day insider
    review so you can do Camtasia videos for your
    subscribers and witness yourself the absolute
    value involved here.

    You can personally email me at…

    Still not convinced?

    You can even listen to a 27-minute interview
    to truly GRASP how powerful and what an
    incredible learning experience this membership
    site has grown into.


    I look forward to hearing from you and getting
    you involved in what is shaping to be a dynamic
    re-launch of an already great membership site.

    Come join the ride, won’t ya? ;o)


    Jim Morris, Founder


    Affiliate Manager


    To OUR success,

    Mike Merz

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