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  • You’ll want to JV on this one …

    Do Your Subscribers Need an Easy Way to Create Squeeze Pages?

    I am extremely excited to be announcing the upcoming November
    29th launch of Matthew Glanfield’s YourSqueezePage Version 2!

    Virtually every speaker at The Big Seminar in Atlanta last
    month was talking about squeeze pages. Everyone should be
    using squeeze pages, yet only the successful list builders
    seem to have caught on.

    First released earlier this year, YourSqueezePage.com has
    already become the leading squeeze page service, enabling
    subscribers to develop literally thousands of squeeze pages
    without ANY knowledge of html required.

    YourSqueezePage version 2 will be a knock-out launch.

    Here is your special invitation to JV with Matthew Glanfield:
    JV Notify Pro Partners Only!

    If you have any questions about the launch, contact
    Matthew’s JV Manager: Jim Musselwhite
    jim AT affiliatemarketingformula.com
    Phone (678) 560-8339

    Fantastic pre-launch videos are available on the JV blog.

    To stay on top of the launch details, visit

    JV Notify Pro Partners Only!

    We’ve just posted details of a “pre-launch” contest to
    help you make mon.ey even before the site is launched.

    But hurry!

    The pre-launch and contest has begun!

    Based on extensive feedback from current subscribers, the
    software is going to be awesome. We have literally had
    hundreds of suggestions for our software – we are adding no
    less than 50 new features and updates to the existing software.

    This WILL be a real mon.ey maker for qualified marketers that
    want to enter into a joint venture with Matthew Glanfield.

    JV Notify Pro Partners Only!

    To OUR Success,

    Mike Merz

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