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  • We have a special JV invite from Marketing legend Carl Galletti,
    and a word from Mike, in today’s edition.

    Carl Galletti’s Hit By Airplane JV Offer

    Hi, fellow JV Notify Pro partner..

    Up to $20,400.00 worth of high-quality, rich-content products for
    less than 10 cents on the dol.lar ($1497) and you still get a full
    50% commission and thousands in contest prizes for top affiliates.

    37 Disks (22 DVDs and 15 CDROMs) in initial package and more to
    come later!

    BIG value for your customers means BIG commissions in your

    Please sign up here:

    JV Notify Pro partners, ONLY!


    Carl Galletti


    Quick Word From Mike

    I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in the last couple of months in
    regards to lack of support for our fellow JV Notify Pro
    partners … specifically those you’ve actually gone through
    the registration process for.

    This community is built on the ‘one hand washes the other’
    mind set … if you expect the partners getting on board your
    venture to follow through … then it should be a no brainer
    that they will expect the same from you when you sign up
    to support their launches.

    These JV announcements are not simple affiliate programs
    that you register for and forget about … they are exclusive
    and unique offers that almost always have a time element
    attached to them.

    In a nutshell … if you don’t think the JV offer relevant to
    you and your list, don’t bother registering … and remember
    that the partner you let down today might not be there for
    you tomorrow.

    Okay … enough of the negative, back to the positive …

    … to OUR success!

    Mike Merz

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