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  • We’ve got a special JV offer from fellow JV Notify Pro
    partner Ross Carrel, another version of the pay per subscriber
    method popularized by Scott Boulch and Keith Baxter (this one by
    Keith, himself), and more in today’s edition.

    Hi, fellow JV Notify Pro partner …

    What’s better than more cash for less work?

    Nothing, and that’s why we took the most profitable marketing
    strategies and combined them all into one heck of a special
    opportunity for my friends at JV Notify Pro.

    I mean, why promote something that will only make you a few
    bucks once?

    Why not promote something fresh that has three income
    streams built into, and for a little extra kick…is viral!

    When you combine those with a fresh new software tool, and
    high quality professional graphics, I don’t know why anyone
    would pass on that.

    If that’s not enough we’re throwing in a cash prize contest for
    Jv notify affiliates only.

    #1 Walks away with an easy $1,000

    #2 Walks away with a nice $500

    And this is more important than you might think, but anyone
    else that even shows up on the radar gets a free copy of our

    We’re only offering 500 licenses so time is off the utmost

    When we sellout, any JV notify member that has even referred
    one signup gets a copy of our brandable resellable utility, that
    also tracks back to our upcoming monthly service.

    You’ll be set to make sales right now on licenses…100%
    commission when you resell the software, and even more
    monthly commissions when your resold and branded software
    goes viral and links back to our up coming monthly system!

    Promote as soon as you get logged in and get your information.

    Signup Here & Use Promo Code: NOTIFYPRO
    JV Notify Pro Partners, Only!




    Keith Baxter’s ‘Give PPC The Finger’ Special Report

    Keith and Scott Boulch brought this type of Marketing to
    our attention (The Death Of Adsense) … Mike Filsaime put
    his spin on it quite successfully (The Death Of Internet
    Marketing) … now it’s Keith’s turn. Give it a looksee:



    To OUR success … and happy holidays!

    Mike Merz

    Posted in Joint Venture Announcements | Comments Off on Special Adtester JV Offer, More …