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  • We have a JV offer from the very first JV Notify Pro partner
    … Ewen Chia, Buzz Builders, and More … in this special holiday
    weekend edition.

    Ewen Chia’s ‘Affiliate Of The Month‘ JV Offer

    Yes, it’s true …

    Even the great Ewen Chia fell victim to our high in demand
    premium mailing schedule, but Ewen has given a lot to the
    partners in this community (including myself, of course)
    over the years, causing me to bend the rules a bit and give
    you a cyber tap on the shoulder during a holiday weekend.

    When the ‘King of Affiliate Marketing’ invites us to JV on a
    product like ‘Affiliate Of The Month‘, we know it’s going to
    convert through the roof … read all about it, and contact
    Ewen if you have any questions or special requests:

    JV Notify Pro Partners … ONLY!

    (gotta warn you, though … make sure you’re wide awake
    before you check out this page … you’ll see why in a few
    seconds .. )


    Word From Mike

    First of all, I’d like to wish you and yours a happy and
    healthy Easter and Passover week end … and always.

    Second, after making my ‘things that make me go ‘GRRR!”
    post the other day … and calming down a bit upon receiving
    a cyber hug from the great Lynn Terry
    ( www.selfstartersweeklytips.com ), I decided to react when
    another fellow JV Notify Pro partner, Chris Schumacher,
    ( www.cuztech.com ) recommended I bring on board an
    additional JV Broker to help get things going … I’ve long
    thought about asking the likes of GGG, Chris Rempel,
    Jambala Rinpo, Gabriel Howes, Willie Crawford, Alexander
    Teo, etc. to step up and moderate … but they all have
    their own JV related sites to manage, so … I asked JV
    Marketing double threat (JV Broker and strong JV partner),
    Reed Floren to jump in to the mix (and it’s already paying
    off .. ).

    Stop on by, and don’t forget to say hi to Reed …



    Buzz Builders

    Thanks to all that helped out with Michael Cheney and
    Myleena Phan’s launches … we’ve got both Andrew Fox
    and Dan Lok launching new products this coming Tuesday,
    a JV announcement coming on Monday from partner Jim
    Guarino, with the likes of Anik Singal, Dylan Loh, George
    Katsoudas, Michael Nicholas, Jeremy Gislason, and others
    waiting in the wings … keep your eyes on your Inbox, and
    follow the action in the archives:



    To OUR success … and God bless!

    Mike Merz

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