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  • We have a ground floor JV invite from fellow JV Notify
    Pro partners Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey, Buzz
    Builders, and more … in today’s relationships are key

    Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey – Commission Blueprint
    – Launches August 27th.

    Hi, Fellow JV Notify Pro Partner …

    Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey here!

    Thank you for taking the time to read about this
    joint venture opportunity.

    (Please read till the very end to check out what
    Chris McNeeney, Alex Goad & Dylan Loh have to say
    about us…)

    On the 27th August, we will be launching a
    unique product called the “Commission Blueprint”.

    The Commission Blueprint is a step by step course
    packed with 13 videos and 5 PDFs that reveals in
    precise detail the exact techniques and methodologies
    we use to generate astronomical income (in the
    millions of dollars) using Clickbank and Google.

    This is one of the most comprehensive courses of
    its kind and you can see the full details here:

    ==> JV Notify Pro Partners, Only.

    A Little Background Info On Us…

    Prior to founding ‘Worth Overdoing Marketing and
    Consulting’, Steve was Vice President for a $5
    bill.ion fortune 500 company in Burlington, NC.

    Over his twenty year career in Corporate America he
    has become an expert on technology and marketing.
    He started his Internet marketing company 3 years
    ago, and has made massive commissions that grow
    each year.

    He also runs a consulting business for small to
    medium sized businesses.  Steve will manage over
    $1,000,000 in adwords spending this year.

    Tim has been marketing online since 2003 and was
    involved in the Online Gambling Industry, running
    a network of 10 affiliate websites that generated
    thousands of players and more than $30 Mill.ion in
    wagers each month.

    More recently, he has built and sold a number of
    online businesses in both the Health and Golf Niches
    and also runs a small but extremely profitable
    trading business.

    Predicted Conversions…

    Even though it’s impossible know, we are extremely
    confident. Profit Praxis (Tim’s product) converted
    as high as 10% on Adwords traffic and even 12% on
    partner’s emails blasts.

    In short, we know how to convert the traffic you
    send us and turn it into cash for you.

    We also have a killer presell video that shows a
    simple Adwords campaign that in just 7 months
    generated 13,367 sales and $494,580 in affiliate
    commissions…and that excludes any backend promotions.
    NONE of this was a result of marketing to Internet

    (this exact Adwords campaign was recently mentioned
    on both Frank Kern’s blog in the ‘Google Sneak Attack
    video’…and on the Google Nemesis sales page.)

    …in other words, conversions will be high.

    Product & Commission Details…

    * The front end product is a $77 step by step
    course that reveals exactly how to duplicate
    our earnings using Clickbank And Google.

    As we mentioned, there will be 13 step by step videos
    along with 5 PDF’s…and much more. For the price, we
    are delivering crazy value considering what we are

    ==> Commissions for this will be $46 per sale (60%)

    * The Backend product is an OTO $67 recurring
    membership where over the coming months we will
    lay bare virtually every other affiliate and
    internet marketing tactic in existence…

    Traffic generation, SEO, Web 2.0, Social Media,
    Copywriting, Article Marketing, Facebook Marketing…
    and that’s just a start.

    We will show our members precisely how to draw the
    maximum benefit and income from each area…and
    they will certainly want to retain their membership
    for months to come.

    ==> Commissions will be $40 per sale recurring monthly
    (again, 60%)

    Thank you again for taking your valuable time to
    check out this JV opportunity…We’d really
    appreciate your support, and look forward to working
    with you.

    We already have a number of high profile affiliates
    on board with this so make sure you find out more
    about the sales process and how this’ll work.

    When everything is complete we will of course give
    you full access to the product.

    Have a great week,

    Tim & Steve

    You can find out more about this JV through the
    link below…

    ==> JV Notify Pro Partners, Only.

    PS. From Tim: We can certainly return the favor for
    any JVNP partners who successfully help us out with
    this launch…

    I’ve made a total of 283 sales from the previous two
    JVNP launches that I’ve been involved in and I will be
    very pleased to do the same for you at some point!

    You can check out some testimonials below…


    Tim Godfrey is undoubtedly one of the fastest risings
    stars of online marketing.

    It’s clear that Tim understands how to create a winning
    product that delivers top conversions for affiliates
    and top dollar value for his customers.

    Considering the strong affiliates (including myself)
    committed to mailing this, I have no doubt this launch
    will be a powerhouse and based on the materials and
    marketing, I think anybody who promotes will see a
    pile of sales in their clickbank accounts.

    Lastly, Tim clearly announced he had “arrived” when
    he crashed several top 10 JV leaderboards lately,
    including my own.

    I have no doubt he will be a valuable partner to
    many readers here as well.


    Alex Goad


    Tim is a marketer you’ll definitely want on your side.
    I KNOW his product will convert (having promoted
    his profit praxis course) and I know he’ll be able
    reciprocate in a BIG way. (him having promoted my

    I’ll be on board for this launch as will many others
    and I strongly suggest you get on board for this.
    I’ve a feeling this will be one of the stronger
    launches we’ll all be seeing…

    Dylan Loh


    Tim has proven to me that he’s one of the top
    pound-for-pound marketers out there… despite having
    a relatively small list, he crushed it when promoting
    my Google Nemesis site, and generated over 150 sales
    in just a few days….

    The most impressive part?

    He beat out some affiliates with lists 10x the size
    of his own… Tim is definitely someone to listen
    to when it comes to squeezing huge commissions out
    when it counts.

    thanks again,

    Chris McNeeney

    ==> JV Notify Pro Partners, Only.


    Buzz Builders

    Steven Johnson – The Quick List Formulas –
    Launched August 2nd

    The Quick List Formulas is a new and different list
    building guide where our customers will learn how
    to build huge profitable mailing lists in a short
    amount of time. I teach how to research different
    markets, how to build high converting squeeze
    pages, and so much more…I even reveal my
    secret method that I personally used to build my
    huge list of over 200,000 subscribers in less than
    5 months …


    James Grandstaff – Instant M.L.M. Squeeze
    Pages – Launched August 4th

    The product is very simple…

    It’s a collection of M.L.M. themed rebrandable
    viral e-Books linked to eye-popping squeeze
    pages that help network marketers build their
    lists and earn some quick money while doing so.

    The feedback from my current customers has
    been fantastic so far …


    Dylan Loh – Secret Google Tactics – Launched
    August 5th.

    The product is very unique in the sense that
    it combines both Adwords & Adsense into one
    powerful little package.

    And we’re not talking about some over-priced
    expensive course but a low front end price
    which leads to the …


    Adis Arifagic (David Holm) – BurnFat4Dummies
    .com – Launch Aug 13th

    The BurnFat4Dummies is a hot (weight loss)
    product aimed at two large and hungry groups
    of buyers. With a high price point = Very High
    Commission in This Niche!

    Receive a commission up to 3x times higher
    than from our competitors …


    Alex Goad – Affiliate Payload – Launches August

    We recruited a quarter a million dollar a month
    affiliate monster and used his superior knowledge
    of offers, traffic sources and tactics to create
    the Payload Monster ( this is in conjunction to
    our own 6 figure a month business experience).

    There is so much fresh content, it could have
    made 4 products and still over delivered.  We’re
    talking advanced PPC funneling, Pay Per View ads,
    video, co-reg, incentivized offers and a whole lot
    more stuff that has NEVER been touched or only
    in super high ticket items …


    Rahul Gupta – Forex Success Formula – Launches
    August 21st

    Forex Success Formula is one of the most
    comprehensive forex trading multimedia course.
    It helps the Forex traders by not only providing
    a very reliable forex trading strategy that makes
    huge amount of money consistently, but it also
    helps them understand the importance of money
    management and how it can increase the profits


    Tristan Bull – Internet Marketing Uncut – Launch
    September 1st

    I’m going to be launching my brand new
    Internet Marketing Uncut home study course
    very shortly which is going to be a fantastic
    opportunity for you to cash in, in a big way!
    You see Internet Marketing Uncut is a full
    blown video study course that is going to
    retail for $1997 and the best part is I am
    offering you 50% commission.

    That means almost $1000 for just one single
    sale you make of Internet Marketing Uncut …



    Anik Singal, Dustin Struckman, Jeff Alderson,
    Andrew Fox, Mike Mograbi, Michael Cheney,
    Charles Kirkland, Jerome Chapman and other
    fellow JV Notify Pro partners are waiting in the
    wings … keep your eyes on your Inbox, and
    follow the action in the archives:



    What’s Happening @ JV Notify Pro?

    JV Notify Pro Partner JV Offers And Profiles


    JV Notify Pro Partner Co-Promotion Proposal Announcements



    Remember my JV Marketing Golden Rule …

    “Get behind your partner’s launches as passionately as
    you’d like your partners to get behind yours …”

    Do YOU have a new product or service launch coming
    up that you’d like to invite your fellow JV Notify Pro
    partners to get behind?

    Note: That DOESN’T mean ‘I found your name in the
    search engines’, ‘read about you in a forum’, ‘was
    referred to you by So and So’, etc., decided it was
    perfectly appropriate to run right to JV Notify Pro,
    register, and request a premium mailing … all in 15

    It means you’ve been a JV Notify Pro partner that has
    actually contributed to the community, and is willing to
    wait your turn … it’s not about you, it’s about US.

    Please read this thread before you request a mailing …



    That’s All, Folks!

    To OUR Success,

    Mike Merz

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    mailings, not the Spam button.

    The JV offers run in this newsletter and archived on
    JVNotifyPro.Com express the opinions of the partners
    that have presented them to us … and are not those
    of Mike Merz, nor Internet Marketing For Newbies LLC.

    Participate at your own risk.

    JV Notify Pro Updates are generally mailed twice a week
    … on Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday, with an
    occasional Saturday edition when either there is a back
    log, I screw up … or both. It is done this way to satisfy
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    your Inboxes by not over doing it. Thanks for your support.

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