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  • Here’s A Sampling Of The Popular New Product Launches And Joint Venture Announcements JV Notify Pro Has For You In June 2009. (Digg This!)

    June 2nd – Andrew Fox & Chris DJK – CB QuantumJV InviteDigg This!

    June 4th – Jeff Johnson – Underground Training Lab 2.0JV Request*

    June 9th – Emil Paz – PPC Bully 2.0JV InviteDigg This!

    June 9th – Heather Vale Goss – Interviewing UnwrappedJV InviteDigg This!

    June 10th – Matt Benwell – Google Secret LoopholeJV InviteDigg This!

    June 11th – Jason Mangrum & Jerome Chapman – CB Affiliate BlueprintsJV InviteDigg This!

    June 12th – Abhishek Agarwal  – Kingdom PLRJV InviteDigg This!

    June 12th – Frank Kern – Mass Control 2.0612JV Request*

    June 15th – Chris Carpenter – Google Cash Detective 2.0615JV Request*

    June 16th – Chuck Mullaney & Mark Sandquist – KeywordESPJVInvite

    June 16th – Alex Goad – Google Conquest (Authority)JV InviteDigg This!

    June 18th – Rich Schefren LiveJV Request*

    June 18th – Ryan Deiss – The Automatic Monthly Income SystemJV Request*

    June 18th – Dean James – Content Cash SecretsJV InviteDigg This!

    June 18th – Mike Newman –  Aggressive Wealth GenerationJV Request*

    June 22nd – Tim Godfrey & Steve Clayton – SEM Business BlueprintJV Request*

    June 23rd – Craig Beckta – Secret Cash BlueprintJV InviteDigg This!

    June 23rd – Dr. Mike Woo-Ming and Brian Koz – PPC EvolutionJV Invite – Digg This!

    June 23rd – Carl Galletti – Product Source Goldmine – The Internet Money SecretJV Request*

    June 24th – David Wolfe –  Longevity Now Health SystemJV Request*

    June 25th – Marty Rozmanith & Matt Trainer – CPA NinjaJV Request*

    June 30th – Chris Freville – Dominating NichesJV InviteDigg This!

    June 30th – Keith Wellman – Easy Sales FormulaJV Request*

    Looking Ahead …

    July 7th – Chris Fox – Google Cash SniperJV Invite

    July 7th – Chris Cobb – CB Cash – JV Invite

    July 14th – Jeremy Gislason & Simon Hodgkinson – Marketing Main Event 4JV Invite

    July 14th – Howie Schwartz – IM RemarkableJV Invite

    July 28th – Alen Sultanic & Adam Short –  Niche Profit Classroom 2.0 – JV Request*

    More New Product Launches And Joint Venture Announcements Will Be Added As They Become Available.

    Request Joint Venture Announcements And/Or JV Brokering


    Mike Merz


    New Product Launch Announcements Marked JV Request* are closed programs that require proof of prior ability to convert multiple sales in the niche and at the ticket level of the product being being promoted. Qualified candidates …  please fill out this form, with your first and last name, best email address, subject= JV Request-the name of the launch you wish to promote, and proof of  appropriate past performance. Please do not bother submitting a request without including all of the aforementioned.

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