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  • It’s time once again for me to apologize for invading
    your Inbox on the weekend, but I think you’ll want to take
    a few minutes to check out our Hot Topic JV Invite from
    Fellow JV Notify Pro Partner Reinhardt Gallowitz, Buzz
    Builders, and More … in Today’s Special Weekend edition.

    – Mike

    Reinhardt Gallowitz – Twitter Tycoon JV Invite
    Digg Alan Tedman's IM Cash Evolution JV Invite!

    Hi, Fellow JV Notify Pro Partner!

    I’ll get straight to the important stuff…obviously you’re busy.

    This is my “quick cash” solution to you.

    Here’s a quick and easy way to cash in on the hot Twitter Trend.
    Make 70% on this $27 HIGH quality Twitter traffic training course.

    Payment is done via Paypal on usual affiliate payout terms.

    The sales page can bee seen here:

    JV Notify Pro Partners, Only.


    Click the link below to quickly sign up:

    JV Notify Pro Partners, Only.


    This offer is packed with immense value and your customers
    will simply adore you for sending them to this offer.

    The copy has been written by a professional copywriter so
    conversions is great on email traffic or presold traffic. We have
    done some testing to this product and we have NOT had ONE
    refund. Now that is rather rare hey? This is a quality product
    and THAT’s the reason why!

    You over qualify for this if you promote or own:

    * SEO products
    * Bum marketing products
    * Article marketing products
    * Traffic building products
    * Affiliate marketing products

    Your customers will get 10 in-depth videos on the best Twitter
    marketing strategies for traffic yet!

    They also get easy to follow accompanied pdf documents which
    really shortens the learning curve. Not everyone likes videos so
    the pdfs are a lovely substitute.

    Twitter Tycoon also comes with a professional Twitter autofollow
    system which is only available to customers of Twitter Tycoon.

    The entire product is also tied to a great bonus, a completely
    free one month membership to an affiliate marketing university


    Click the link below to quickly sign up:

    JV Notify Pro Partners, Only.


    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at:
    JV Notify Pro Partners, Only.

    Best regards,
    Reinhardt Gallowitz


    A Word From Mike … Again (In Case You Missed It).

    This ‘word’ is for JVNP Partners that have an interest
    in pursuing a career as a Professional Joint Venture
    Broker. All others are Free to go about Your Business. Wink

    I’m not talking about a ClickBank e-book or report
    with a bunch of affiliate links in it, I’m talking about
    a full scale, step by step, hand holding JV Broker
    Certification Bootcamp presented by 4 of the Biggest
    names in the JV Brokering Business – Gina Gaudio-Graves,
    Willie Crawford, David Preston, and Sohail Khan … with
    a little help from Yours Truly. Wink

    Give it a looksee … http://thejvuniversity.com/vip_invite

    Gina, Willie and I have been working together for years,
    and they represent rock solid, old school JV Relationship
    Building the way I believe it was meant to be. Kudos!



    Buzz Builders

    Steven Johnson – The Clickbank Profit System JV Invite
    Launched Just This Past Tuesday, August 25th 2009 –
    12PM EST
    Digg Alan Tedman's IM Cash Evolution JV Invite!

    The Clickbank Profit System is an awesome pdf & video
    training series of how I make $19,000 (OR MORE) every
    single month promoting other people’s products on
    Clickbank – and I reveal every single secret to help others
    do the same.

    This product will crush the competition for the simple fact
    that it’s Clickbank related which is an insanely huge
    market! The concepts taught are totally new to the market
    which is exactly the reason why you will make a killing
    come launch day…

    Here are a few more details…


    Steve Mount – Offline Marketing Pro JV Invite
    Launched Just This Past Tuesday, August 25th, 2009
    Digg Alan Tedman's IM Cash Evolution JV Invite!

    After enjoying some lightning quick success in
    online marketing I began to look for a new challenge
    and – thanks to some serious upheaval in my life –
    started to look around at some quicker and easier
    ways to make serious cash.

    After talking to some colleagues in the offline world
    I began to realize that they were banking huge checks
    … for astonishingly little effort.

    But of course all the reasons I preferred to work online
    held me back from making the leap into the vast
    potential of the offline world.

    Until I managed to combine the two…


    Ray Johnson – AdswapMasterclass JV Invite
    Launch Day – Tuesday, September 1st – 1PM EST
    Digg Alan Tedman's IM Cash Evolution JV Invite!

    First of all anyone reading this that doesn’t know me:

    I am the author of ClickBank No 1 Seller Outsource2Success
    and many other smaller BUT successful launches.

    The system is called AdswapMasterclass for a good reason…


    Because it is a total idiot-proof blueprint on how to grow
    your list size and profits in record time – as if you had the
    biggest affiliate network pouring subscribers and cash into
    YOUR business everyday!!! It’s amazing!

    You can see how unique this really is…


    Eric Rockefeller and Peter Parks – Aggressive Affiliates
    JV Invite
    Prelaunch Commenced Thursday, August 20th 2009
    Launch Day Is Wednesday, September 2nd 2009

    50% commissions on $1997 plus upsells, on a bad ass
    affiliate product.

    All the major players on board … are you?


    Dan Leman – The Boss Buster JV Invite
    Pre-launch Begins Monday, September 7th 2009
    Launch Day Is Tuesday, September 22nd 2009
    Digg Alan Tedman's IM Cash Evolution JV Invite!

    Isn’t it time your list saw something different to the
    same old same old? I’ve been seeing some killer
    conversions in testing, and I’m sure that at least
    part of the reason is that this is something people
    haven’t seen before.

    The product is in the Make Money/Work From Home
    niche, but I’ve also tested and had some outstanding
    results in other niches, including IM and Personal

    Loads of big names are on board already, check it out…


    Rhys Davies – Mafioso Marketing 2 JV Invite
    Pre-Launch: Thursday 17th September, 12pm EST
    Launch Day: Tuesday 22nd September, 12pm EST
    Digg Alan Tedman's IM Cash Evolution JV Invite!

    As many of you know, Mafioso Marketing 1
    was a major launch that had some of the biggest
    Internet Marketers promoting it. The first version
    of Mafioso Marketing did over $100,000 in sales.

    Mafioso Marketing 2 is going to easily break that
    number. Mafioso Marketing 2 teaches the techniques
    that I used to generate just over $148,000 in NET
    profit at the age of 17, in the year of 2008.

    To ensure your conversions are high I hired one of
    the best Internet Marketing copywriters, Rob Toth.
    To top it off I also hired a guy called Farihan to design
    the graphics. The graphics have had people email me
    just to say how amazing they look.

    I am willing to work 1 on 1 with you to help you with
    anything you would like for your promotion. There is
    also a JV Competiton where you can win a Macbook,
    Playstation 3 etc. …


    Patrick Mader – The Affilate Marketing Guru JV Invite
    Pre-Launch: Thursday, 27th August 2009, 12pm EST
    Launch Day:  Tuesday, 22th September 2009, 12pm EST
    Digg Alan Tedman's IM Cash Evolution JV Invite!

    The Affilate Marketing Guru System …

    It’s a no-holds-barred account of how I made $1,537.44
    Per Day my second month on Clickbank – and I reveal
    every single secret to help others do the same.

    ***Why You Need To Care About This Launch***

    This thing is going to be insanely profitable for anyone
    that promotes it, and here’s why:

    **Monster conversions – I’ve been doing some extensive
    salespage testing over the last few weeks, and it’s
    converting at 6.5%+…

    **Direct payouts to PayPal…We´re dooing mass payouts
    directly to paypal no more waiting for checks

    **High Payouts – You’re getting $46 per frontend sale,
    and I’m giving you 60% of the backend sales too…

    There are all in all 5 products to buy..

    … that’s up to $103 for each sale!

    With stats like that, you can make $670 from every
    hundred visitors you send my way…

    So the money’s great… but there are a couple other
    reasons why you’re going to want to promote this
    to your lists…


    Michael Cheney – Delta Squadron JV Invite
    Prelaunch Begins – Monday, September 21st
    Launch Day – Thursday, October 1st 2009 –
    12 Noon, EST
    Digg Alan Tedman's IM Cash Evolution JV Invite!

    Fellow JV Notify Pro Partner, are you in for this?

    Last launch I paid out $1m in commissions and
    this one is gonna be bigger.

    Delta Squadron is Launching on:

    Thursday 1st October 2009 @ 12 Noon EST

    Step #1. Watch this …


    Brandon Fredrickson & David Raybould – The Launch Machine
    Digg Alan Tedman's IM Cash Evolution JV Invite!

    If you’ve got a product, and you want a killer launch…
    we can make it happen.

    Who are we?

    **David Raybould- Copywriter behind The Clickbank
    Code… This salesletter converted as high as 15%,
    and it helped the CB Code stay at the #1 spot on
    Clickbank for 10 weeks straight.

    David’s been trained personally by Vin Montello, and
    he’ll make sure your product launch has persuasive
    copy that just sucks the money right out of people’s
    wallets. That means your salesletter, emails, everything
    will be packed full of cutting edge persuasion secrets.

    **Brandon Fredrickson- Jeff Walker PERSONALLY
    trained Brandon to be a hardcore launch genius. Jeff
    doesn’t reveal his secrets to just anyone, and Brandon
    was hand picked by Jeff to become his personal student.

    Jeff Walker is the guy the A-list internet marketers hire
    to provide them with a killer product launch… and he’s
    shared everything he knows with Brandon.

    Brandon will get inside the head of your prospect, and
    construct a killer launch sequence that will be filling your
    pockets with cash for months and years to come.

    ***That Sounds Great, But Why Do You Need To Care??***

    Good question. Try some of these numbers out …



    Buzz Builders (cont.)

    Bonus High Profile JV Invite

    Ewen Chia – Secret Affiliate Weapon 2.0

    Tuesday, September 1st Launch

    JV Invite – JV Notify Pro Partners, Only.


    Glen Hopkins, Behzad Rad, Jason Gazaway, Letian Liu,
    Mo Latif, Tim Godfrey, Kamran Chowdhury, and other
    fellow JV Notify Pro partners are waiting in the wings …
    keep your eyes on your Inbox, and follow the action in the



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    That’s All, Folks!

    To OUR Success,

    Mike Merz

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