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  • We’ve got an exclusive JV offer from Fellow JVNotifyPro
    Partners Kunj K and Kish V (The Profit Spy JV Invite), A
    Word From Mike, Buzz Builders (Josh Denning + Eddy Croft
    – Guru Siphon Formula Pre-Launch) and More … in Today’s
    CPA Secrets edition.

    – Mike

    Kunj K and Kish V – The Profit Spy – JV Invite
    Pre-Launch Begins: Monday, November 29th 2010
    Launch Day: Thursday, December 2nd 2010
    Digg Kunj K and Kish V - The Profit Spy JV Invite!

    What’s up, Fellow JVNP Partner!

    Kunj K and Kish V here with a special VIP JV invite for
    you to make a huge payday from “The Profit Spy” launch
    on Thursday 2nd December 2010.

    Sign up as a JV partner and join the likes of Russell Brunson,
    Matt Benwell, EROCK, Mark Anastasi, Adam Short, Chris Cobb,
    Brian T. Edmondson, Brian Wynn, Daniel Wagner…and
    sorry I can’t name everyone, but there’s more than 20
    “household names” on this and more joining every day.
    This launch will OVER-DELIVER, both in earnings, cash
    and prizes for you and an ultra high-quality product
    for your subscribers…

    Watch the personal JV video we made for you here:

    ==> Kunj K and Kish V – The Profit Spy – JV Invite

    You’re going to LOVE being part of this launch so give
    us 5 minutes and we’ll tell you why it’s not only going
    to make you serious profits, but also make your list
    love you even more!


    First, for anyone reading this that doesn’t know us:
    We’ve been in the IM business since 2005, and have had
    large successes as affiliates and product owners, both
    on Clickbank and on the CPA networks.

    We’ve had FOUR ClickBank Top 10 Sellers between us in
    four huge niches respectively, so we’re REAL Internet
    Marketers who have proven to dominate and convert time
    and time again.

    We also are big affiliates in the ClickBank and CPA
    scenes, we’re always testing like crazy and that’s how
    we came up with our Profit Spy Method.

    And now we’re teaming up it’s going to be mayhem.
    Expect nothing less than red-hot conversions and a
    product that overdelivers and gives customers EXACTLY
    what they need to crush it online.


    The Profit Spy is a proven METHOD that takes a unique
    angle at generating large profits from CPA offers by
    using a 100% free traffic technique.

    We all know that if you can get targeted traffic to CPA
    offers, your income is basically LIMITLESS.
    Yet 95% of Internet Marketers struggle to get any
    visitors to these offers or their landing pages. They
    won’t have that problem anymore.

    Our “Profit Spy” method has been banking for us like
    crazy, and it’s going to MAKE REAL MONEY for your
    subscribers too. It really works and we’ve made it into
    a simple method that ANYONE can use.

    The Profit Spy course is ultra high-quality, and worth
    a lot more than the initial $37 we’re charging for
    lifetime access to this course.

    You can get more info on the product here:

    ==> Kunj K and Kish V – The Profit Spy – JV Invite


    Your Commission: 60% on everything through ClickBank.

    Front-End: $37 (you make $22/sale)

    Upsell #1: $37/month (you make $22/month recurring)

    Upsell #2: $197 (you make $118/sale)

    That’s up to $162 in your pocket per customer!

    We’ve got ClickBank processing the funnel, so you can
    relax knowing you’ve got a reliable tracking system and
    you’ll get paid on time, every time.


    The Profit Spy will DEFINITELY convert for one reason:
    Testing. We’re testing headlines, layout sub-heads,
    arrangement of the letter, video copy, colors, fonts,
    swipe subjects, email body…

    And we’ll be posting REAL results right here so you can
    see them first hand, and you’ll get those commissions
    ringing in your ClickBank account.

    Ok, on to our FREE Cash & Prizes Wink


    Not only do we have $13,000 in bonus cash and prizes
    for our Top 10 JV partners, but sick prizes for all
    JV’s who make even 5 sales and up!

    1st Place:  $3000 or 27″ iMac + 64GB iPad + 16GB
    iPod Nano + Apple TV
    2nd Place:  $2500 or 27″ iMac + 16GB iPad
    3rd Place:  $2000 or 15″ MacBook Pro
    4th Place:  $1500 or 13″ MacBook Pro
    5th Place:  $1000 or MacBook
    6th Place:  $900 or 64GB iPad + 16GB iPod Nano
    7th Place:  $800 or 64GB iPad
    9th Place:  $600 or 32GB iPad
    10th Place: $500 or 16GB iPad

    ***BREAKING NEWS***: 2nd Contest: 5 Sales And Up!

    Think you can’t make the leaderboard? Don’t worry! Even
    if you can only make 5 sales you win a big prize during
    launch week. Check it out y’all:

    – Make 5 Sales: Win an iPod Shuffle
    – Make 15 Sales: Win an iPod Nano
    – Make 35 Sales: Win an iPod Touch
    – Make 70 Sales: Win an iPad

    And that applies for the WHOLE of launch week!

    ==> Kunj K and Kish V – The Profit Spy – JV Invite


    We’re willing to go all out for our VIP JV partners and
    here’s how you can make even MORE MONEY by getting
    in on The Profit Spy launch:

    1) Reciprocal Mailings (mail for us, we mail for you)
    2) Your Free Offer On Our Download Page (collect fresh,
    red-hot buyers!)
    3) Custom Email Promos
    4) Exclusive Tailored Bonuses & We’ll Deliver Them For
    5) PLUS all the JV Prizes Above…


    PRE-LAUNCH starts:
    Monday, November 29th at 2pm EST
    LAUNCH DAY is:
    Thursday, December 2nd at 2pm EST


    Thanks for reading our special message to you.
    Just sign up as a VIP JV Partner below and get access
    to JV resources, promotions, the JV contest and much

    ==> Kunj K and Kish V – The Profit Spy – JV Invite

    If you would like us to prepare a special promotion,
    bonuses for your list and your offer on our Download
    Page, feel free to send us an email at:
    Kunj K and Kish V – The Profit Spy – JV Invite

    This launch is going to be a huge success and we look
    forward to welcoming you on board to celebrate with us!

    Here’s to your earnings and bonuses,

    — Kunj K & Kish V

    P.S. Here’s where you can sign up and watch the
    personal JV video we recorded for you:

    ==> Kunj K and Kish V – The Profit Spy – JV Invite


    A Word From Mike

    First item on the program, we seriously are very close to the
    JVNotifyPro 2.0/JVNewsWatch Upgrade … you should hear
    word from me within the 2 weeks inviting you, our existing
    partners, in to kick the tires before the general public.

    That’s the important news … secondly, from the ‘Been There,
    Done That … A Dozen Times’ department … JVNP is not
    now, nor will it be in the future, a JV Announcement service.
    If I see random posts asking how to get a hold of me for a mailing
    from someone that has just recently joined, I’ll delete it on the

    Premium mailings are reserved for both popular new launches
    that our partners have expressed an interest in getting on board,
    and as a reward for partners that have given to the community in
    the way of supporting fellow partner launches though JVNP or
    offering helpful, valuable content in the community over time …
    both wait in queue.

    Unfortunately, there are those that join JVNP, bypass all the
    READ FIRST posts, and are immediately looking  for ways to
    get their message out. News Flash … you’re putting yourself
    in a hole from the get go in the way of credibility, and it may
    be irreversible. Our experienced partners know that you have to
    give before you get, so please think + read before you post.

    Also … we’re already booked in regards to premium mailings up
    to our scheduled upgrade to JVNP 2, at which time we will be
    going to a new mailing model. I’ll be passing out all the details
    in the next week or 2. If you think you’ve earned a JVNP mailing,
    you can still submit it via the contact form … but I’ll have to
    qualify + brief you on the new format.




    Buzz Builders

    Ran Aroussi + Philip Mansour – InsidersHQ JV Invite
    Launch Day Is TODAY Tuesday, October 12th 2010
    Digg Ran Aroussi + Phil Mansour - InsidersHQ JV Invite!

    Are you ready to join one of 2010’s BIGGEST launches?


    Because on October 12, we’re launching the “Insiders HQ”,
    the first $997 product on Clickbank… EVER!

    What is Insiders HQ?

    The Insiders HQ is a 8-week live training program that
    shows students how to build a *long-term* affiliate business.

    What’s so amazing about this training is that it’s covers
    BOTH affiliate biz dev (one of the missing elements in most
    IM courses) AND advanced traffic generation techniques.

    With more than 14 years of combined experience, and over
    $5 Million in sales between the two of us in the last year
    alone – we KNOW what we’re talking about.

    I’ve been training affiliates for 5 years and my students
    are among Clickbank’s top 1% affiliates and vendors!

    …we didn’t get to have the first $997 product on Clickbank
    just for nothing, right? ;-)

    Our methods work!

    What’s in it for YOU?

    As a JV partner, you get $500+ in commissions for offering
    a GREAT product to your list.

    We’re also giving away over $50,000 in CASH Prizes, as well
    as guaranteed reciprocal mailing to our top 10 partners!

    On top of that, there’s some awesome prizes for you during
    pre-launch, including iPads, Kindles (and some very BIG prizes
    for the BIG boys…).

    Here’re just some of the program’s highlights …


    Jonny Andrews – Underground Money Buttons (Was Income
    Automation System) – JV Invite
    Launched Just YESTERDAY Wednesday, October 13th 2010
    Digg Jonny Andrews - Income Automation System JV Invite!

    If you remember, Money Siphon System 2.0 was one of the
    best converting programs of 2009 -2010 and was called
    “The Payouts That Just Won’t Die!” all the way through today…

    And this launch will be even BETTER…

    Why Will You See Some Mega Payouts??

    2 Very Simple Reasons:

    Mega Payouts Reason #1: Automated Site Building AND
    Traffic Software (Make up to 263.60 per sale!)

    Can you say DUUUUDE?  Not only are your subscribers
    going to have unlimited access to a killer software that
    builds their sites + content FOR THEM… they’re also
    getting access to…

    NEW TRAFFIC software!  Nobody has seen this stuff yet
    and after having been tested for over 12 months I can tell
    you it’s going to make A LOT of those “big boys” weep Wink

    Mega Payouts Reason #2: $3.26 EPC Tested With COLD
    Traffic… (NOT list traffic!)

    Yup.  This one is going to crush it.  Over the past 6 months
    my team and I have been secretly testing and tweaking this
    new offer using nothing but cold, paid traffic…


    Josh Bartlett – Easy Video Player 2.0 – JV Invite
    Pre-launch Commenced Tuesday, October 12th 2010
    Launch Day: Tuesday, October 19th 2010
    Digg Josh Bartlett - Easy Video Player 2.0 JV Invite!

    As you know, in January Easy Video Player was released
    to an INSANE buzz and it changed the way people use video.

    It generated thousands of fans, including many of the top
    marketers in the industry (Like Mike Filsaime who went on
    to use it in his launches and promote it HARD!)
    Since then, it has gone from strength to strength!

    It was developed to solve everyones problems using video
    and as the hottest product in one of the hottest niches (Video

    EVP version 1 has held the number 1 spot in Clickbank under
    the video marketing category for 8 months straight!

    The long awaited Easy Video Player 2.0 is set to launch
    and once again change the video marketing industry and
    create a massive buzz across the industry!

    It has been totally redeveloped from the ground up with
    features that the market is begging for, making it easier than
    ever for anyone to profit from video and drive free traffic
    with video.

    This is the sort of unique, high quality, buzz generating product
    your lists will love and your leads will thank you for.

    Just some of the amazing features are:

    * Secure members only content,
    * Auto redirect video, (for affiliate sales for example)
    Embed video in seconds on any site, easily!
    Create “Affiliate Videos” so your affiliates can brand
    their videos from the player itself, with their own affiliate links!
    * Easily use Amazon S3 to host your videos.
    * Embed opt in forms and buy now buttons right INSIDE
    your videos (to drive sales and build lists like crazy)
    * Virally share your videos.
    Split test videos!
    Integrate your videos with social media like Facebook
    Create simple video pages with social commenting within seconds
    Add watermarks and overlays to your videos
    * Plus LOADS more cool features …


    Josh Denning + Eddy Croft – Guru Siphon Formula – JV Invite
    Pre-launch Begins TODAY Thursday, October 14th 2010
    Launch Day: Wednesday, October 20th 2010
    Digg Josh Denning + Eddy Croft - Guru Siphon Formula JV Invite!

    Josh Denning and Eddy Croft from Guru Siphon Formula
    here with a JV invite we’re positive you — and your list –
    are going to flip over.

    It’s all about teaching affiliates how to score bigger
    commissions with no extra effort — all with cheap and
    easy WordPress blogs and 100% FREE traffic.

    Guru Siphon Formula is the “perfect storm” of all hot
    selling methods, created organically (no rehashes or
    PLR) by us and proven to work like gangbusters by
    members of our private coaching group.

    This is a top-notch product and we’re offering our best
    module free to all JV’s who sign up to promote (details
    on the invite page):

    In case you haven’t heard of us before… You’ve
    probably seen our sites at the top of Google for some
    big name launches recently, like Jeff Walker’s PLF 3.0
    and John Reese’s Outsource Force.

    We decided about a year ago to focus our energy on
    high-end launches and it’s paid off in a big way.

    We started coaching other affiliates (of all skill levels)
    on our system and found that it works incredibly well
    for others — no matter how raw they are coming into
    the game.

    In fact, John Reese’s former affiliate manager, Andy
    Hussong, recently said: “Josh and Eddy are top notch
    affiliates who really know their stuff… and more
    importantly, they’re excellent teachers!”

    Here’s why your list will love this product…


    Tim Bekker AKA “K.K. Maybel” – Whitehat Copycat 2 JV Invite
    Launch Day: Thursday, October 21st 2010
    Digg Tim Bekker AKA

    Recall Whitehat Copycat 1: 130K gross in no time and partners
    reporting the highest  conversions in a long time for a Clickbank
    product… Realize That Whitehat Copycat 2 Will Be Better.

    Realize That We Have Spend Over $20,000 of Our Own Money To
    Guarantee You The Best Commissions That Week.

    NO! Make It The Best Commissions That Month (October) :}

    Alright, let me tell you about the sequel…

    **Discover The Serious Benefits of Promoting Whitehat Copycat

    A Quick And Easy Step-By-Step Formula TOGETHER with a FREE
    copy of our  Money and Traffic Getting Custom build Copycat Site
    RoBot [Value $15,000+]

    (I should have priced this course and script at least $197)

    ==> Crazy conversions and amounts $$ per hop. Our Whitehat
    Copycat brand Just converts BIG time!

    ==> Some of the biggest names in the IM Industry already on
    board. You know what that means Smiley ==> Lots of  $$$’s to be
    made here!

    ==> Over $200+ per sale, an amazing prize vault and EXTRA
    Daily Cash & Gadget Prizes (to be announced during launch)

    **Discover the SERIOUS Damage I Can Do For You**

    ==> I am coming for you if you help me out here! (Check the JV
    page for my last stats)


    Anik Singal – Empire Formula – JV Invite
    Pre-Launch Begins TODAY Tuesday, October 12th 2010
    Launch Begins: Tuesday, October 26th 12pm ET
    Digg Anik Singal - Empire Formula JV Invite!

    In case you haven’t heard yet, I am launching
    Empire Formula, which is building up to be quite
    possibly the most hyped up launch of the YEAR.

    4 weeks before and already OVER 50,000 results
    in Google for ‘Empire Formula.”

    I’ll keep this short. It’s about my $32 million dollar

    So what do you get?

    -> $1000+ Commissions (Plenty for all!)
    -> Big…GIANT…AWESOME prizes
    -> Partners on board? All of the BIG ones + hopefully YOU

    I HIGHLY recommend you take a moment, fill
    out your info and get ready to market this- I want
    to write you a HUGE commission check!!


    What I have done here is started a PRE-PRE launch …

    It’s already getting HUGE feedback, just a handful
    of posts and it has well over 1000 comments from

    So this could POTENTIALLY be the LAUNCH OF THE

    And I want YOU involved. Sign up now …


    Bryan Winters – Code Name: The Black Box
    (The Amazing Widget) – JV Invite
    Prelaunch Begins: Friday, October 22nd 2010
    Launch Day: Wednesday, October 27th 2010
    Digg Bryan Winters - Code Name: The Black Box (The Amazing Widget) JV Invite!

    On October 27th, 2010, the ‘web skies
    will darken’ and servers will flicker
    on and off…

    As ‘the dark horse’ unleashes his deadly
    ‘Black Box’ VIRAL traffic and commission
    getting software on the unsuspecting
    Internet marketing world…

    SUPERSTAR names are already aboard including
    Russell Brunson, Matt Bacak, Ewen Chia, Paul
    Ponna, Jerome Chapman, Chris Fox, Fabian Tan,
    Patric Chan, Jeff Dedrick, and Ian Del Carmen
    to name just a few.

    The launch of this product will mark the
    beginning of a MASSIVE cutting edge trend
    in affiliate marketing.

    And if you miss a word of this letter, it’ll
    be like missing out on the advent of the first
    back in 2004 by yours truly (InfoGoRound.com)…

    Meet The ‘Dark Horse’ Himself…

    Forget the ‘Rich Dishwasher’.  I’m the
    real deal.  A $10/hr ex factory worker
    who fired my boss and went on to make
    7 figures online from home.  True story.

    I’ve helped over 20,000 paying members
    build their businesses, generate traffic
    and make a living online.  Some of the
    biggest names in online marketing have
    been students of mine and consider me
    among their mentors.

    My specialty is getting and KEEPING *members*
    long term, for recurring commissions that
    never stop coming to YOU…

    I’ve compacted ALL my years of membership
    site experience into this single site,
    including all my top, battle tested
    methods for *amazing* member retention.

    You think my up front commissions are
    hot?  Talk to me in a year from now. Or
    two.  Or three.  They’ll still be coming
    in from THIS launch.

    You get ‘em to me, I’ll convert them and
    KEEP them until they’re hardcore super
    affiliates *themselves*, armed and ready
    to return the favor to YOU for referring
    them to ME.



    Dan Brock – The Deadbeat Superaffiliate (Was Profitzon 2.0) JV Invite
    Pre-launch Starts: Tuesday, October 26th 2010
    Launch Date: Tuesday, November 2nd 2010
    Digg Dan Brock - Profitzon 2.0 JV Invite!

    Profitzon is a unique course that teaches Amazon
    affiliate marketing/physical product affiliate marketing.

    I’ve spent the last 9 months building and testing
    this product, which by the way for the past 3 months
    has been converting at 1:25 hops with a mix of
    cold PPC and non-WSO forum traffic.

    This is going to be a MONSTER LAUNCH that
    will benefit you in many ways:

    Benefit #1 – Very High Commission

    Benefit #2 – Your Customers Will Love You

    Benefit #3 – I Will Gladly Support You Back.

    Want to know why this is going to be a massive

    Reason #1 – An Excellent Product

    Reason #2 – The Amazon Marketing Wave is Swelling

    Reason #3 – Already Have Popular Marketers On Board

    This is poised to make a HUGE splash in the IM
    marketplace, and with your help we can make it
    a reality.

    So to get on board or to learn more, please go here
    now …


    Sean McAlister – JVPress: WordPress 3.0 Multimedia Theme JV
    Launch Day: Tuesday, November 9th 2010
    Digg Sean McAlister - JVPress: WordPress 3.0 Multimedia Theme JV Invite!

    For those of you who don’t know me, I am a Product
    Launch Consultant, Business Strategist and fellow JV Broker.

    I have had the opportunity to work with many great Product
    Developers, Affiliates and Entrepreneurs over the years and
    am responsible for putting together some of the largest
    Online 7 figure product Launches.

    Simply put…this launch is backed by experience and an
    all star launch team.

    JVPress is a new company that is focused on Cutting Edge
    Technologies and Resources for Online Marketers, Affiliates
    and Entrepreneurs.

    I am extremely excited about the OFFICIAL Release of our
    Flagship Product – The “Multimedia” WordPress 3.0 Theme.

    We have been working hard to make this one of the EASIEST
    Wordpress themes to use and our Testimonials are backing
    that up!

    Over the past 30 days we have been conducting a Limited
    Release of the theme and the response has been overwhelming.

    ***Conversion are at 7.2%*** on the sales page And RISING!
    (this is with cold traffic). I will be adding the sales page to the
    main JVPress Site as we get closer to launch …


    Paul Smithson – The Complete Guide to Traffic JV Invite
    Launch Day: Tuesday, November 9th 2010
    Digg Paul Smithson - The Complete Guide to Traffic JV Invite!

    One year in the making.

    – Over 30 hours of professionally produced video tuition
    – Over 140 over-the-shoulder ‘how-tos’
    – Over 30 interactive learning diagrams
    – Professional voiceover artists
    – Intros and Outros by professional actors/TV presenters
    – Workbooks
    – Quizzes
    – Resource library
    – Over 10 hours of audio interviews with TOP Internet
    marketers and SO much more!

    This really is the MOTHER LODE of traffic courses. It makes
    those courses that have gone before look like quick guides :-)

    It is quite simply the most IN-DEPTH, most WELL-PLANNED,
    and most COMPREHENSIVE course on traffic ever released.

    Absolutely no expense has been spared in creating what has
    already been described by those who have seen it as ‘A

    The course has been built on the same training platform as
    the best-selling ‘Complete Guide to Webside Building’ course
    we released last year. Here are a few comments from users
    of that course.

    ***** “This is the best online class I’ve taken”

    ***** “BRILLIANT!!!”

    ***** “It definitely exceeds my greatest expectations!”

    ***** “This is truly the “Mother Lode” of online training.”


    Craig Beckta – The Six Figure Code JV Invite
    Pre-launch Begins: Tuesday, November 9th 2010
    Launch Day: Tuesday, November 16th 2010
    Digg Craig Beckta - The Six Figure Code JV Invite!

    In case you haven’t heard of me before now, I’m
    the author of the Secret Affiliate Code series on

    And today I’m informing you of one of the
    BIGGEST launches coming your way this

    The main objective for this launch is to make
    YOU the most simplest, easiest cash ever.

    The JV page is set to go… So make sure you
    read every word as it covers some very, VERY
    important points and dates which you need to
    be aware of.

    Firstly the product is very HIGH QUALITY and
    the sales copy is insanely killer stuff…

    I hired the MILLIONAIRE MAKER David Raybould
    to write it and it’s one of the best he’s ever done.

    If you haven’t heard of David before you’ve
    certainly promoted his work.

    He’s the copywriter behind super HIGH converting
    sales letters as: George Brown’s Google Sniper,
    Banner Ad Blueprint, The Clickbank Code,
    The Cash Code and about a Gazillion other
    Clickbank number ones.

    His copy flat out converts period…

    And this sales letter is insanely HOT, that means
    all you have to do is send traffic and make money,
    it’s that simple…

    Heavy Hitters Already On Board …

    Michael Rasmussen, Mo Latif, Cindy & Soren,
    Brian Johnson, Paul Ponna, Chris McNeeney (DJK),
    Alen Sultanic, Maverick Money Makers Team,
    Ben Shaffer, Steven Johnson, Eric Rockefeller,
    Chris Freville, Frank Bauer,  Charles Kirkland,
    Michael Beeson, Jason Gazaway, Jacobo Benitez,
    and MUCH more joining every day…

    You’re the only one that’s missing …


    Mick Moore – Micro Niche Profit Automation – JV Invite
    Pre-Launch Begins: Thursday, November 25th 2010
    Launch Begins: Tuesday, November 30th 2010
    Digg Mick Moore - Micro Niche Profit Automation JV Invite!

    I’ve spent over 6 months putting together this system, so
    rest assured this isn’t a “slapped together” launch by any
    means. All the copy has been professionally reviewed by
    a several time Clickbank #1 writer, and conversion will
    prove that as well with EPC’s regularly over $2.00 so far!

    Long story short, I’ve put all I have into this launch, to
    make this enjoyable for EVERYONE. I’m setting up Pre-
    Launch so that I’ll actually be giving away a PLR product
    to everyone who gets 50 leads to sign up…so there’s value
    for even the smallest publishers! However, it’s DEFINITELY
    a goldmine for some of you big guns too! I have over
    $15,000 in CASH prizes being awarded for both Pre-Launch
    and Launch!

    I’m trying to come out guns blazing, so if you can just
    schedule in November 30th for a mailing, you won’t regret it!
    On top of the $47 front end price, there is a built in $47/
    month continuity (and the current stick rate is 80%) PLUS 3
    One-Click_Upsells through Clickbank. The highest of which is
    $197/ month!

    So needless to say, this bad boy is ready to make the big
    bucks for you in even just one mailing! I am MORE than
    willing to reciprocate in a big fashion by offering all the
    top 20 an autoresponder position for at LEAST a month.

    Already On Board (in no particular order):
    Bill McRea, Tim Bekker, Tom Bell, Steven Johnson, Jani G,
    Michael Edwards, Chris Cobb, Steven Lee Jones, Justin Michie,
    Melford Bibbens, Shaun Smith, Ben Hulme,  Matt Benwell,
    Desmond Ong, Dylan Loh, Dr. Joe Rubino, George Brown,
    John Hostler, Letian Liu, and many more to come!

    PS. If you have the ability to send more than 25 sales, please
    contact me as I would love to set something up!

    So…what is Micro Niche Profit Automation?

    Well, I tell it like this….


    Desmond Ong – Blogging Syndicate – JV Invite
    Pre-Launch Begins: Monday, November 29th 2010
    Launch Day: Thursday, December 2nd 2010
    Digg Desmond Ong - Blogging Syndicate JV Invite!

    In case you haven’t heard of me before, I’ve ran a few
    launches here and there but I tried not to launch too
    many products in a year to keep my products extremely
    exclusive… 🙂

    And I want to let you know about the BIGGEST launch
    that will close up the year 2010 with MASSIVE
    “awesomeness”… 😉

    We are already starting to test the sales letter and recent
    test converts at about $3.34 — which is totally insane!

    I’ve consulted with a bunch of top copywriters such as
    David Raybould to churn out this AMAZING sales letter
    and the test results are getting better and better…

    And we are also paying CASH PRIZES and special surprise
    gifts throughout the entire pre-launch and launch, so by
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    Steven Johnson, Vick S, Jani G., Dylan Loh, Cindy &
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    Bekker, Hitesh Juneja, Ray Johnson, Alex Shelton, Josh
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    I want to thank you again for looking through this, and
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    Steven Johnson – Total Traffic Annihilation – JV Invite
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    Digg Steven Johnson - Total Traffic Annihilation JV Invite!

    Total Traffic Annihilation is an awesome product that
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    Heavy Hitters Already on Board

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    Paul Ponna, Frank Salinas, Charles Kirkland, Huey Lee,
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    Mark Vurnum, Adam Horwitz & Tim Donovan, Richard
    Legg, Hollis Carter, Ben Hulme plus many many more
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    Product Details

    Traffic is one of the most talked about topics in the
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    No one is talking about the NEW & IMPROVED stuff,
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    So, what we’ve done is put together all the top traffic
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    Now another thing that we saw was wrong is that people
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    So we also setup a video course that will take your
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    The content being delivered is great and your subscribers
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    Nick Sharp, Aaron Danko, Chris Freville, Mario Brown,
    Mike Merz + Mike Merz Jr. + other fellow JVNotifyPro
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    “Hey, Mike … I really appreciate the combination of Fellow
    Partner + Popular JV Invites you offer in the JVNP Update,
    but how can I get on board Popular JV launches that are
    available to get on board but didn’t make the latest mailing
    like the highly anticipated offerings from Daniel Lew, Steven
    Lee Jones, Alex Jeffreys, Leon Jay, Robert Grant, Justin Michie,
    Bill McRea, Bill McIntosh, Marc Lindsay and others?”




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    Remember my JV Marketing Golden Rule …

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    Do YOU have a new product or service launch coming
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    Note: That DOESN’T mean ‘I found your name in the
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    Please read this thread before you request a mailing …



    That’s All, Folks!

    To OUR Success,

    Mike Merz

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