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  • We’ve got an exclusive JV offer from Fellow JVNotifyPro
    Partners Imran S + Kieran Gill (Xtreme Traffic Arbitrage JV
    Invite), Buzz Builders (James Yii + Peter Yoon – Conversion
    Prophet 2 Launch) …  in Today’s Taking It To The Xtreme

    – Mike

    Imran S + Kieran Gill – Xtreme Traffic Arbitrage – JV Invite
    Pre-Launch Begins: Thursday, January 6th 2011
    Launch Day: Monday, January 10th 2011 @ 12PM EST
    Digg Imran S + Kieran Gill - Xtreme Traffic Arbitrage JV Invite!

    Hi, Fellow JVNP Partner.

    If you want $200 a referral, a $5,000 JV prize and
    60% commission with stunning, red hot conversions,
    read this short message carefully…

    Imran S and Kieran Gill here with a special invitation
    to watch your ClickBank account go crazy during the
    launch of “Xtreme Traffic Arbitrage” on Monday 10 January.

    This launch is really worth your attention so we’d be
    grateful if you could give us just two minutes of your time.


    If you don’t know us already we were behind the launch
    of Auto Traffic Avalanche.

    Thanks to the amazing support of our JV partners and our
    Affiliates – Auto Traffic Avalanche broke a couple of records:

    ~~~ HIGHEST GRAVITY Ever Recorded on ClickBank!

    ~~~ 13 WEEKS At Number One In The ClickBank Marketplace!

    This launch will be HUGE, and those who who get in on it
    first are going to make a fortune…

    …so sign up below:

    ==> Imran S + Kieran Gill – Xtreme Traffic Arbitrage – JV Invite


    Over the last few months we’ve been tapping into a secret
    market which doesn’t get the attention it deserves from
    online marketers.

    Our NEW methods are based on FREE, highly-targeted traffic
    and are insanely HIGH on profitability.

    This is completely white hat and we’ve commissioned a crack
    team of developers to automate our method.

    There are very few products on the market which are even
    remotely similar.

    So you can expect any buyers you refer to GO CRAZY for
    this new tool.

    We’re keeping the methods closely under wraps until
    launch although JV partners are welcome to enquire
    and of course welcome to a review copy.

    All we can say is that it is of the highest quality
    – we’re over-delivering here. Software has been smashing
    up the marketplace and is a proven converter. So it really
    excites us to be able to automate this new method.

    At the front end, we will be selling the software for $39
    and at the back end we will have two high quality upsells
    at $197 and $97.

    We anticipate the upsells will convert like fire (at least
    50% collectively) and so you can expect to EASILY make
    up to $200 per lead.

    THIS  **WILL** Convert Like CRAZY…

    We’re delighted to announced that we’ll be using the
    same copywriter that worked on Auto Traffic Avalanche.
    This person wishes to remain anonymous due to their
    employment with a high-flying market agency in the UK.

    In fact it is only through a personal connection that we’ve
    convinced them to work on our copy again.

    What’s more we’re split testing nuts! Apart from perfecting
    the positioning and showing some crazy, real proof, we’ll be
    testing fonts, colours, table widths, backgrounds, swipe
    subject headings like there’s no tomorrow!

    Rest assured there will be an epic sales funnel in place come
    the day of launch.

    We’ll be launching on ClickBank so there will be no issues
    over late payments!


    LAUNCH TAKES OFF: Monday 10 January, 2011 – 12pm EST

    Prelaunch starts on Thursday 6 January.


    We have tons of mouthwatering JV prizes for so many
    of our partners including some insane cash payouts.

    Rest assured we support all of our partners in return,
    whether they finish in the top 10 or not.  We look
    after our buyers and subscribers so we have hugely
    responsive lists.

    Take a look at how we’ve been performing in recent

    ==> Imran S + Kieran Gill – Xtreme Traffic Arbitrage – JV Invite


    Thanks for taking the time to read this message.

    All you need to do now to join our JV family is
    sign up below where you’ll get all the tools you need:

    ==> Imran S + Kieran Gill – Xtreme Traffic Arbitrage – JV Invite

    If  you want to arrange a special promotion or have any queries,
    feel free to drop us a direct email on:

    Imran S + Kieran Gill – Xtreme Traffic Arbitrage – JV Invite

    This is going to be EPIC!

    We look forward to welcoming you on board to the next
    ClickBank phenomenon!

    To your commission,

    Imran S and Kieran Gill

    P.S. here’s the important page again:

    ==> Imran S + Kieran Gill – Xtreme Traffic Arbitrage – JV Invite


    Buzz Builders

    Steven Johnson – Total Traffic Annihilation – JV Invite
    Launched Just Last Thursday, December 9th 2010
    Digg Steven Johnson - Total Traffic Annihilation JV Invite!

    Total Traffic Annihilation is an awesome product that
    looks, feels and delivers like a solid $497 high ticket
    product but instead it is being sold at $39 on the
    frontend with 3 MONSTER upsells…

    Heavy Hitters Already on Board

    Anik Singal, Russell Brunson, Paul Liburd, Justin Michie,
    Oli Tee, Mo Latif, Imran & Kieran, Matt Bacak, Joshua
    Bartlett, Jason Parker, Craig Beckta, Matt Benwell, Cindy
    & Soren, Mike G, Mark Vurnum, Carlton Riddick, Lanty &
    Javan, Sean Clark, Chris Fox, Keith Wellman, Dan Brock,
    Paul Ponna, Frank Salinas, Charles Kirkland, Huey Lee,
    Harris Fellman, Jeff Mills, John Denton, Craig Davidson,
    Michael Jones, Fabian Tan, Paul Walker & Stephen Ng,
    Mark Vurnum, Adam Horwitz & Tim Donovan, Richard
    Legg, Hollis Carter, Ben Hulme plus many many more
    to come…

    Product Details

    Traffic is one of the most talked about topics in the
    Internet marketing space right now, but the only
    problem is that everyone is teaching the same old
    outdated traffic generation methods.

    No one is talking about the NEW & IMPROVED stuff,
    such as YouTube Link Buying

    So, what we’ve done is put together all the top traffic
    generation methods used today that no one is really
    talking about! We’ve also setup an 11 part video
    course going over more traffic generation, both free &
    paid methods.

    Now another thing that we saw was wrong is that people
    put out all these courses on “how to get traffic” but how
    will they apply what they learn if they don’t have a
    website or blog to send it to?

    So we also setup a video course that will take your
    subscribers by the hand and not only teach them how to
    setup their own offer, but upload it to their server
    via FTP and attract affiliates to promote for them.

    The content being delivered is great and your subscribers
    will thank you for recommending them to this!


    James Yii + Peter Yoon – Conversion Prophet 2 – JV Invite
    Launch Day Is TOMORROW Wednesday, December 15th 2010
    Digg James Yii + Peter Yoon - Conversion Prophet 2 JV Invite!

    James here, and I’ve partnered up with Peter to bring you
    the ultimate JV offer for this Christmas.

    Now I don’t use the word Ultimate lightly… as you
    will see very soon.

    In short our offer has:

    * High Average EPC: $2.61
    * Proven And Tested Conversions: 5% (Sales copy by Kevin
    * Current upsell with a Price tag of $297 converts at 40%
    (Tested and Proven)
    * Low Refund Rate: Less than 5.56% (See proof in JV Page)
    * WSO Offer converted at: 33.8% (sold out day 1 – See
    proof in JV Page)
    * Front End Product at $197 ($1 7 days trial for even higher
    * Earn up to $148 per sale
    * Heaps of Raving Testimonials from current users including
    top marketers like Chris X, Chris Carpenter, Marc Lindsay,
    Dave Guindon just to name a few.

    Conversion Prophet is a kick-ass conversion tracking software
    that saves you time and money. It literally predicts the future
    and your conversions.

    This is how we sum up the product:

    “Conversion Prophet Allows You to Accurately Pinpoint the
    Most Profitable Ads, Affiliate Program, Keywords, Sales Letter
    Elements, and ANYTHING online in the Quickest Way Possible
    That You Immediately Know Where the Money Is!”

    Over $30,000 has been spent developing this and this product
    has been very successful in helping businesses grow for over
    4 years.

    Conversion Prophet has now matured into Version 2 and boast
    some of the best benefits to users found nowhere else.

    Which is why during prelaunch we will be giving away a $97
    product that  teaches users the absolute most straight forward
    way to make $1000 a mth from scratch (with the help of
    conversion prophet) and this formula is dead simple to follow
    as well …


    Dylan Loh – Non IM Riches – JV Invite
    Pre-Launch Begins: Saturday, December 18th 2010
    Launch Day: Monday, December 20th 2010
    Digg Dylan Loh - Non IM Riches JV Invite!

    :: What Is Non Im Riches? ::

    It is a complete video course where I show marketers how
    to  make money in niches outside of Internet Marketing…
    I actually show them my sites, niches and methods!

    This is a HOT HOT market crying out for demand. People
    want specific information on making money outside of
    the Internet marketing niche…

    Note: the product has been completely done up including
    all the upsells etc.

    :: Why Should I Even Bother Promoting?? ::

    #1. Well…for one…this product REALLY IS a solid product
    (shoot me an email for full review) and I’m showing people
    what I’ve been doing with my niche sites.

    Your lists will love it.

    #2. This baby *will convert*. In case you didn’t already
    know, my previous launch ‘Gheadshot’ stormed to
    number 5 on Clickbank within a few days…paid out 120k in
    commissions within 4 days…JV partners did $1.5 to
    over $3 EPCs!

    Many partners made over 5 figures in commissions.. and to
    quote Kieran Gill of Auto Traffic Avalanche, he said gheadshot

    “…the promo that made him the MOST money EVER to date.”

    In short I know how to create product funnels that convert!!

    I’ll be using the same tried and tested format that has worked
    so well for ‘gheadshot’ and ‘fbsiphon’…only even better this

    Oh…and Chris X (the IM Legend) will be working behind the
    scenes with me for all the copywriting & sales funnel!

    #3. I hit my partners hard. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get
    into my ‘Top 10 leaderboard’. As long as you hit hard. I’ll hit
    you twice harder – it doesn’t even matter of your stuff convert
    or not.

    A recent mailer for a JV netted me 6k in profit, 12k in sales.

    Yet another mailer for Chris X (from just 1 list) netted me
    14k in (REBILL) profits and 28k in total rebill sales in just

    Proof here …


    Matt Bacak + Alen Sultanic – Mass Money Makers – JV Invite
    Launch Day: Tuesday, December 28th, 2010
    (a few days before Matt’s birthday – Dec. 31st)
    Digg Matt Bacak + Alen Sultanic - Mass Money Makers JV Invite!

    Alen Sultanic + Matt Bacak want you to become
    a mass money maker…and make a truck load of
    cold hard cash for the beginning of the year.

    These two super marketers have teamed up to
    knock out what’s planned to be the biggest launch
    of 2010 with many, many, many heavy hitters already
    on board committed to sending monstrous amounts of

    As you may already know…Matt Bacak holds the
    world record for selling the most front end units in 7
    days – well over 15,000 sales (and no one has came
    close to beating it), plus he’s created some of the
    best converting offers that have generated millions.

    Alen Sultanic has created 5 killer offers this year
    alone that did over $4 million in sales with the EPC
    being as high as $5 NET for JV’s, and did some of
    the highest selling launches last year.

    On top of that they test emails and subject lines too!

    That’s why these two super marketers are virtually
    guaranteed to knock out a winning launch.

    So, here’s where you come in, and here’s how
    you become a mass money maker.

    You’re exclusively invited to join the Mass Money
    Maker launch and win the top dog $20,000 cash

    You along with these committed industry heavy
    hitters will be promoting this launch and stuffing
    your clickbank accounts full of cold hard cash.

    Shawn Casey, Justin Blake, Mo Latif, Rob Benwell,
    Oli Tee, Steven Iser, Merlin Holmes, Tellman Kunson,
    Anthony Mc Carthy, Michael Jones, Dan Kuschell,
    Paul Liburd, Jason Parker, Imran & Kieran, Gary
    McGeown, Chris Freville,  Marc Lindsay, Jay Deiboldt
    and just to name a few… ( we just got started
    contacting )

    We’re going to be split-testing the offer for over
    a week before hand to ensure super high EPC,
    and we already have a proven high converting
    funnel on the back end that’s sure to make you
    serious money.

    So, what exactly is a “Mass Money Makers”? …


    Tim Bekker + Jesse Regan – Click N Bank – JV Invite
    Pre-Launch Begins: Monday, January 3rd 2011
    Launch Day: Thursday, January 6th 2011 @ 10AM EST
    Digg Tim Bekker + Jesse Regan - Click N Bank JV Invite!

    We’ve got a new launch to ring in the New Year, and
    we’d like to invite you to be a part of it.

    Name: Click N Bank (Clickbank product..duh??Smiley

    Date: Prelaunch Date: Jan 3rd, 4th and 5th
    Launch Date: Thursday Jan 6th, 10 AM Eastern

    Prelaunch Prizes: We are planning on having tons of
    great JV prizes for the prelaunch, including Ipads,
    Macbooks, Wii’s and many other great items.

    Launch Prizes:  We are going to start the year off with
    a bang and dish out some huge cash prizes.  We will be
    giving about $25,000 in prize money to the top 15!

    This will be starting out with $10,000 for 1st prize on down.

    There will be no minimum sales to qualify for the prize money.

    The product itself is basically going to be an automated script
    that the customer (with a few clicks) can customize to their
    liking and start generating income online. We expect a very
    low refund rate because it will be in the same lines as Tim’s
    smashing success of White Hat Copy Cat 2.

    The sales page for Click N Bank will be setup in a way that
    affiliates can expect extremely high conversion rates. A $37
    Front end!

    As many people know from Tim’s last product, White Hat
    Copy Cat, even several weeks after the launch was over the
    conversions were still outstanding.

    After many tweaks and tests, we are very confident that
    conversion rates will be even higher for Click N Bank.

    Both of us (Tim Bekker and Jesse Regan) have been doing
    very well on other leader boards for the past few months for
    many of the top marketers out there.  What we want people
    to know is that if they promote for us, they can expect us to
    promote for them Smiley We know that what goes around comes
    around, so we will do whatever we can to help others in their

    Tim Godfrey + Steve Clayton – The Blueprint Project –
    Black Edition – JV Invite
    Pre-Pre-Launch Begins: Monday, December 20th 2010
    Pre-Launch Begins: Tuesday, January 4th 2011
    Launch Day: Tuesday, January 11th 2011
    Digg Tim Godfrey + Steve Clayton - The Blueprint Project -<br /> Black Edition - JV Invite JV Invite!

    We are going to be doing our biggest EVER
    launch on the 11th January 2011.

    It’s called:

    * The Blueprint Project – Black Edition *

    Dates to make a note of:

    Pre-Pre-Launch Goes Live: 20th December

    Pre-Launch Goes Live: 4th January

    Sales Page Goes Live: 11th January

    Here’s why you are going to want to promote
    ‘The Blueprint Project – Black Edition’

    – This is a very high converting product. The
    previous version grossed over $4 million
    in a 3 week period.

    – It’s a PROVEN product that has generated
    hundreds of success stories.

    – You’ll get $748.50 commissions through
    Clickbank. (the highest CB commission
    payout EVER)

    – There are huge prizes including a $50,000
    Corvette Coupe and a $16,000 Limited
    Edition Breitling.

    – We’ll have an affiliate ‘White List’ to
    drastically cut down on commission theft.

    – All your pre-launch leads will be re-cookied
    on launch day.

    – You’ll get the majority of your commissions
    paid to you within 7 – 10 days.

    – We have a returns policy designed to stop
    serial refunders.


    This is the highest price point that Clickbank
    have ever approved and because of the massive
    commissions that will be paid out, all affiliates
    (or more specifically their Clickbank ID’s) are
    going to have to be ‘whitelisted.’

    You MUST get YOUR Clickbank ID whitelisted as
    soon as possible.

    Do that, and find out the FULL details about
    this launch, right here:


    Kevin Young – Facebook Cash Generator 2.0 – JV Invite
    Launch Day: Sunday, January 16th 2011
    Digg Kevin Young - Facebook Cash Generator 2.0 JV Invite!

    Listen. If your inbox is anything like mine, you get
    nearly 30 JV requests a day. Probably more…

    You see, this whole “let’s do a big launch in the
    Biz Opp/IM world and make a ton of cash” thing
    is starting to get old.


    First, too many over-hyped launches and second,
    most of them don’t even convert. Like… At all.

    Like really… Any regular joe can come along, do
    a “big” IM launch and make a few G’s.

    But… Let me ask you this? Where’s the BIG money
    in the IM and Biz Opp world?

    Well, it’s all about conversion (obviously). The better
    the launch converts, the more money you’ll make.

    So Here’s The Deal…

    I’m launching Facebook Cash Generator 2.0 on
    January 16th. It’s going to be pretty cool and you’ll
    make a lot of money if you promote.

    Now, before you freak out because you looked at your
    calendar and saw the 16th was a Sunday… Just click
    the link above and I’ll explain in the video.

    I’m giving out over $20K in JV prizes, cool performance
    bonuses and tons of other cool “launch shenanigans.”

    So… Here’s what makes this launch different than the
    probably 200 others going on that month….

    1 word… CONVERSION.

    This thing converts like crazy… Hand down the best
    copywriting I’ve ever done in my entire life.

    Plus, the sales funnel is ludicrous. Like, I’m not kidding.
    It’s pretty cool.

    Heck, even copywriting legends like John Carlton or Dan
    Kennedy would be proud.

    So Here’s What I Want You To Do Next:


    Dave Nayavich + Darren Salkeld – Income Infuser – JV Invite
    Pre-Launch Begins: Thursday, January 13th 2011
    Launch Day: Tuesday, January 18th 2011
    Digg Dave Nayavich + Darren Salkeld - Income Infuser JV Invite!

    On January 18th, 2011 – Income Infuser Goes Live!

    This is already setting up to be one of the biggest
    ClickBank launches to ever take place.

    We’ve got some sick case-studies and a value heavy
    pre-launch in place that is going to throw the EPC
    into over drive come launch day.

    Income Infuser is a very tight wealth building training
    and membership portal powered by Kajabi.

    You will earn on the front end, plus upsells and you
    will have a proven residual income model feeding
    you commissions month after month after month.

    You’re exclusively invited to join the Income Infuser
    launch and join in both the pre-launch and the official
    launch contests.

    With OVER $20,000 in Cash up for grabs on a high
    converting model, you need to lock in right now!

    *** You can expect to make up to $250 per customer
    PLUS $50/mo residual commissions from ClickBank ***

    Go to the JV Invite page and lock in now.

    We have a kick-ass JV blog set up which will keep you
    fully up to date and provide you with super high
    converting promo tools.

    Direct Response Copywriting Guru’s, Kevin Rogers and
    Benjamin Johnson are penning EVERY word of the sales
    copy, the upsells, the downsells, and the JV Promos!

    …You know this WILL convert like crazy, so lock in
    and make 2011 your best year ever by starting out
    with HUGE conversions, commissions and prizes!


    Melford + Concetta Bibens – Ultimate Cash Blueprint- JV Invite
    Pre-Launch Begins: Tuesday, January 18th 2011
    Launch Day: Tuesday, January 25th 2011
    Digg Melford + Concetta Bibens - Ultimate Cash Blueprint JV Invite!

    We’ve been working around the clock to make this
    product something your list will go bonkers over…
    it’s called Ultimate Cash Blueprint and like our
    recent high price packages (which converted like
    wildfire), it’s going to be the best IM training folks
    can get anywhere…

    Plus… we’ve hired the hottest copywriter in IM,
    Kevin Rogers and his team to write and direct the
    entire launch. You’ve seen what they did with
    Mobile Monopoly, Deadbeat Superaffiliate and
    many more this year, so you should expect
    righteous EPCs for this launch!

    We have our usual cast of characters ready to knock
    it out of the park on this launch…

    Mo Latif, Tom Bell, Chris McNeeney, Steve Iser
    Letian Liu, Cindy Batte, Jay Deiboldt, Imran Sadiq,
    Tim Bekker, Gary Ambrose, Shawn Casey, Rob
    Benwell, Oli Tee, Matt Benwell, Steven Johnson,
    Cindy Battye, Justin Blake, Jay Deiboldt, Imran
    Sadiq, Tim Bekker, Glen Hopkins, Alen Sultanic,
    Javan Robinson, Matt Bacak,  Dan Briffa, Lanty Paul,
    Jeff Paul, Paul Liburd (sense a trend?) Jonny Andrews,
    Steven Lee Jones, Mark Shay, Bill McRea, Hollis Carter,
    Fabian Tan, Alvin Huang, Jerome Chapman, Corey
    Lewis,  Desmond Ong, Mike Long,  Ryan Deiss, Reed
    Floren, Mick Moore, Ryan Bessling, Edmund Loh,
    Charles Kirkland, Simon Cad, Paul Ponna, Eric
    Rockefeller, Michael Beeson, Jason Gazaway, Jani G,
    Michael Edwards, Chris Cobb, John Hostler, Hitesh
    Juneja, Greg Wood,  Adeel and Bobby, Alan Magliocca,
    Marc Lindsay, Ian Ross, Reed Floren, Antonio Guiditta
    (funniest accent in IM), Adam Horwitz & Tim Donavan
    Eric Rockefeller, Huey Lee, Harris Fellman, Jeff Mills,
    Craig Davidson, Michael Jones, Travis Stephenson
    Fabian Tan, & Paul Walker…
    … and who knows who else might have a swing by to
    make a pile of dough!

    So in a nutshell:

    Yep…UCB is going to convert like fire!
    Yep…you’ll make fat cash with a 60% payout!
    Yep…You’ll get over-the-top support from us!
    Yep…There will be huge JV cash prizes!
    Yep…We want to you to send us your bonuses so YOU
    can make sales for your own products off of our launch!!

    Etch this date in stone…or at least write in your calendar
    right now…


    George Brown – Google Sniper 2.0 – JV Invite
    Pre-Launch Begins: Friday, February 4th 2011
    Launch Day: Monday, February 14th 2011
    Digg George Brown - Google Sniper 2.0 JV Invite!

    And after 3 consecutive 7 figure Clickbank
    launches I’m looking to make this launch
    my absolute biggest ever…

    The original Google Sniper was CB #1
    for 5 weeks straight and has sold over
    10,000 copies…

    It was one of the best converting and
    highest quality products to ever hit CB.

    And now, finally, just over a year since
    its release, I’m proud to *finally* announce
    the sequel.

    Bigger and better in just about every way.

    Google Sniping is now easier and more powerful
    than ever, and I’ve made massive additions to
    the overall system which people are going to LOVE.


    OK. The products wonderful but as always, it
    doesn’t stop there.

    $67 front end, optional continuty, full upsell/
    downsell tree etc AND…

    This is the best sales letter I’ve ever
    wrote. Period. And when my last launch had

    AVERAGE EPC(across ALL traffic) of: $3.15

    You can bet you’re going to make a fortune
    again here.

    Also, I’ve got what’s without a doubt the
    most crazy prizes I’ve ever cooked up.

    And I promise that the trip will be the absolute
    trip of a lifetime for anyone who makes the top #3.

    Let the madness begin Smiley



    Steve Iser, Rich Martin, Wayne Miller, Desmond Ong,
    Amish Shah, Eben Pagan, Mike Merz + Mike Merz Jr.
    + other fellow JVNotifyPro partners are waiting in the
    wings … keep your eyes on your Inbox, and follow the
    action in the archives:



    “Hey, Mike … I really appreciate the combination of Fellow
    Partner + Popular JV Invites you offer in the JVNP Update, but
    how can I get on board Popular JV launches that are available
    to get on board but didn’t make the latest mailing like the
    highly anticipated offerings from Glen Hopkins, Brad Fallon,
    Andrew Hansen + Josh Stanton, Pawel Reszka, Warren Shaw
    + Nick X, Walter Bayliss, Kelvin Houghton, Matt Benwell,
    Steven Johnson, Corey Lewis + Winter Valko, Jared Croslow,
    Michael Cheney, Ray Johnson and others?”




    What’s Happening @ JV Notify Pro?

    JV Notify Pro JV Launch Calendar

    JV Notify Pro JV Announcement Blogs

    JV Notify Pro New Product Launches – November 2010

    JV Notify Pro Partner JV Offers And Profiles

    JV Notify Pro Partner Co-Promotion Proposal Announcements

    Submit Your Joint Venture Marketing Articles

    NEED JV Related Services

    PROVIDE JV Related Services


    Remember my JV Marketing Golden Rule …

    “Get behind your partner’s launches as passionately as
    you’d like your partners to get behind yours …”

    Do YOU have a new product or service launch coming
    up that you’d like to invite your fellow JV Notify Pro
    partners to get behind”

    Note: That DOESN’T mean ‘I found your name in the
    search engines’, ‘read about you in a forum’, ‘was
    referred to you by So and So’, etc., decided it was
    perfectly appropriate to run right to JV Notify Pro,
    register, and request a premium mailing … all in 15

    It means you’ve been a JV Notify Pro partner that has
    actually contributed to the community, and is willing to
    wait your turn … it’s not about you, it’s about US.

    Please read this thread before you request a mailing …



    That’s All, Folks!

    To OUR Success,

    Mike Merz

    RSS – http://jointventures.jvnotifypro.com/feed/

    The reason you are receiving this mailing is because
    you requested to be on this email list by opting in,
    therefore it is not Spam. Please use the unsubscribe
    link below if you no longer wish to receiv.e these
    mailings, not the Spam button.

    The JV offers run in this newsletter and archived on
    JVNotifyPro.Com express the opinions of the partners
    that have presented them to us … and are not those
    of Mike Merz, nor Internet Marketing For Newbies LLC.

    Participate at your own risk.

    Either Mike Merz or Internet Marketing For Newbies LLC
    may be paid a fee by the merchants offering JV invitations
    for sales made by partners referred into their respective
    programs via JVNotifyPro.com. The fee is simply referral
    compensation, and does not represent either Mike Merz
    or Internet Marketing For Newbies LLC being involved
    in a business relationship with merchants using this
    service beyond that of JV announcement and referral,
    aside from constructive advice offered on a merchant
    request basis in regards to best utilizing the services
    offered by JVNotifyPro.com. The publicly accessible
    version of the JVNotifyPro Update posted on the blog
    at jointventures.jvnotifypro.com may include affiliate
    links that should result when purchased through in
    compensation for either Mike Merz or Internet Marketing
    For Newbies LLC for the sale as an affiliate partner … with
    no further association to the merchant existing unless
    otherwise mentioned.

    JV Notify Pro Updates are generally mailed twice a week
    … on Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday, with an
    occasional Saturday edition when either there is a back
    log, I screw up … or both. It is done this way to satisfy
    the many premium mailing requests, while still respecting
    your Inboxes by not over doing it. Thanks for your support.

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