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  • Popular New Product Launches For The Period: 11/14 – 11/18/2011

    Launch Day: Monday, November 14th 2011

    Merchant: Jeff Walker

    Product: Product Launch Formula 3.2

    Latest Update From Merchant:

    “Live Webcast: Walker, Jenkins, Kern, Burchard …

    This is sort of crazy…

    Jeff Walker is going to do a LIVE streaming training – and he’s going to have Andy Jenkins, Frank Kern, and Brendon Burchard on the webcast.

    And even better: it’s 100% free.

    It’s that simple – Jeff Walker teaching about product launches via live streaming video for 5+ hours!

    Plus, he’s got a bunch of great guests lined up that reads like a who’s who of Product Launches…

    This is LIVE and totally unscripted! So you never know what kind of juicy tidbits and secrets will spill out. :)”

    Free Bonuses: 5+ MORE Hours Of LIVE Training From Jeff Walker.

    Access Link: Jeff Walker – Product Launch Formula 3.23


    Launch Day: Tuesday, November 15th 2011

    Merchant: Ronnie C + Winter Valko

    Product: Plan B Profits

    Latest Update From Merchant:


    How did a single mother go from being laid off after 12 years on the job with NO NOTICE and NO SEVERANCE…

    … to making more on a daily basis than the average American makes in a week?

    You can do it too, but you need to take action today…because this wont be around forever.”

    Access Link: Ronnie C + Winter Valko – Plan B Profits


    Launch Day: Tuesday, November 15th 2011

    Merchant: Russell Ruffino

    Product: Endless Traffic Tap

    Latest Update From Merchant:

    “Endless Traffic Tap is LIVE!

    If you missed “opening day”, make sure you check out Russ Ruffino’s “blockbuster” traffic video here while it’s still playing…

    This traffic is DIFFERENT than anything you’ve seen this year — in fact, the “gurus” thought it was impossible.

    Watch this former bartender prove all the “experts” wrong …”

    Access Link: Russell Ruffino – Endless Traffic Tap


    Launch Day: Thursday, November 17th 2011

    Merchant: Rob Benwell

    Product: Blogging To The Bank Reboot

    Latest Update From Merchant:

    “The $2,534,643 System EXPOSED (Free Video)

    There’s a new $2,534,643 Clickbank system that’s just been EXPOSED!

    See how this 26 year old has made millions of dollars.”

    Access Link: Rob Benwell – Blogging To The Bank Reboot

    The JVNewsWatch Team

    Legal: This message contains an affiliate link(s). We stand to earn a commission when a purchase is made through one of these links.

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