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  • Popular New Product Launches For The Period: 11/21 – 11/25/2011

    Launch Day: Friday, November 25th 2011

    Merchant: Ryan Deiss

    Product: 3rd Annual Black Friday Bootcamp

    Latest Update From Merchant:

    “Skip the mall day … this is much better

    Seriously, you know it’s going to be crazy out there with all
    the shopping going on.

    So why don’t you skip all that and join me and Ryan Deiss today
    as he shares his “30 Days to $10k” blueprint during today’s
    3rd Annual Black Friday Bootcamp training?

    The training starts at
    1pm Eastern
    Noon Central
    11am Mountain
    10am Pacific

    Sounds like a great excuse to avoid the sleep deprived hordes
    who are scrapping over parking spots and cheap Chinese plastic!

    Register right now, and Let the Training Begin …”

    Ryan Deiss – 3rd Annual Black Friday Bootcamp


    Launch Day: Friday, November 25th 2011

    Merchant: Shawn Casey

    Product: Big Dog Formula – Black Friday Special Offer

    Latest Update From Merchant:

    “Black Friday BEST Deal Of The Day …

    Before you go shopping today…

    Before you EVEN look at another
    Black Friday deal…

    Read this VERY CAREFULLY…

    Give thanks right now – because a
    Millionaire wants to help you.

    When did you ever hear that before?

    Shawn Casey – who’s earned millions online –
    wants to personally train and coach you on
    how it’s REALLY done.

    Normally, this would obviously cost a

    But today – say “Thank You” –

    You can get in for just $1!

    Why struggle to do this on your own
    when you can get a millionaire to
    help you?

    In fact, Shawn’s so committed to
    helping you that he’ll give you
    3 of his top selling online business
    and marketing courses to help
    you get started fast.

    Other people paid $1,191 to get
    these great courses.

    But he’s giving them to you as
    part of this amazing $1 fast start

    Just so we’re clear and how much
    you’re going to WIN with this deal…

    You get the $1,191 worth of courses
    for just $1.  Even if don’t stick around
    to get coaching by Shawn…

    You still get to keep the courses as
    his gift to you just for taking a test

    When you give this a shot, you’re
    definitely going WIN (finally!).

    After all, with only a single dollar
    on the line, you’d be crazy not
    to take advantage of this.l

    P.S. You need to go join right now
    because Shawn is ending this deal
    on Monday. I hope you got this in

    Go here to start now …”

    Shawn Casey – Big Dog Formula – Black Friday Special Offer



    The JVNotifyPro/JVNewsWatch Team


    Legal: This message contains an affiliate link(s). We stand to earn
    a commission when a purchase is made through one of these links.

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