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  • Welcome To Today’s JVNP 2.0 Special New Years Eve Update Featuring A
    Quick Word From Mike Merz Sr, Buzz Builders (Tim Atkinson + Zak Meftah
    – Twin Peak Profits
    , Mike Evans – The Abundance Code, Greg Jacobs –
    SkyBuilder – New Years Day Secret Re-Launch
    , Stephanie Mulac, Dr. Joe
    Rubino + Carolyn Hansen – Self Improvement Gifts 7
    Launches) + More …
    in Today’s Reflection, Resolutions And Preparation Edition.

    Happy New Year!

    – Mike Merz Sr

    Hey, Fellow JVNP 2.0 Partner.

    First item on the program, I apologize if you received my last mailing
    on Saturday a lot later than normal, or have had trouble with confirmation
    emails over the last few days. Our autoresponder service had a few issues
    that needed ironing out, deliverability wise. It appears everything is back
    to normal.

    I won’t keep you too long … I just wanted to take this time to thank you
    for being a valued fellow JVNP 2.0 Partner, whether you’ve been with
    us since we were a simple JV Offer notification list back in 2004, or the
    original JVNP community that came to being in 2005, after the addition
    of our popular Launch Calendar (now powered by JVNewsWatch) in 2006,
    the upgrade to JVNP 2.0 in 2011, or perhaps you just registered recently
    … without you, we wouldn’t exist, nor would we have remained at the
    top of the JV Marketing Community scene as we enter our 8th year.

    Since Day One, my main goal has been 2 fold … to provide JVNP Partners
    with an environment conducive to the creation and nurturing of mutually
    successful Joint Venture Relationships, and to provide the platform to help
    you, and allow you to help yourself, become a more attractive JV Partner.

    As we take that mind set into 2013, it’s a given that to best satisfy the
    needs of your audience, you have to understand and provide what they
    need …

    In the New Year, we’re going to be introducing/implementing the following:

    – Increased Use Of Video.

    Mike Jr and I will be using video in place of lines and lines of mind
    numbing text for both instructional and educational content as often
    as possible to make things easier to follow and digest.

    – A ‘What’s Happenin’?’ Activity Stream Page.

    In an effort to keep up with your busy Online business day, we’ll
    be providing the aforementioned page so that you can see excerpts
    of all new JVNP content in real time on one page, then you can dial in
    to exactly what your interest is without digging through the rest of
    the site.

    – Social Media Interaction.

    Whether your Social Media platform of choice is FB, G+ or Twitter,
    we’re going to make it easier to comment and share your interests
    and opinions.

    Be on the lookout for a new JVNP 2.0 Partner Google Group and G+
    Community in the New Year, and more.

    The Main 2013 Goal is to make it easier than ever before to utilize
    all that JVNP 2.0 + JVNW has to offer.

    – We Need Your Feedback …

    All of the aforementioned is being implemented in an ongoing effort
    to provide You with an optimal experience. We need to know what
    you want and need in a JV Marketing Community in order to grow.

    Please feel free to reply to this email with suggestions and we
    will follow up.

    In regard to launches Today, tomorrow and Thursday …

    Though it’s not been publicly announced, according to a reliable source
    Tim Atkinson + Zak Meftah will be launching Today (12/31) instead
    of Tomorrow. Please register via the link below, if interested, for details.

    Mike Evans and Greg Jacobs will be going Head To Head Tomorrow,
    Tuesday, January 1st 2013 to ring in the New Year with a Bang,
    followed up by Stephanie Mulac, Dr. Joe Rubino + Carolyn Hansen
    on Thursday, January 3rd.

    For Details on all these launches, please check out the Buzz Builder
    section below.

    We’ll be back on Thursday, January 3rd with a JV Offer from a longtime
    friend and Partner, legendary Internet Marketing Pioneer Jim Daniels,
    so please keep your eyes peeled.

    That’s All Folks … A Very Happy, Healthy And Prosperous New Year
    From Our Family To Yours.

    We Look Forward To Working With You Again In 2013 … Let’s Resolve
    To Make It Our Best Year Yet!


    Mike Merz Sr


    *** If You Have Trouble Accessing Any Link On This Page,
    Please Make Sure You Are Logged Into www.JVNotifyPro.com
    + www.JVNewsWatch.com … First. If The Problems Persist,
    Please Reply Directly To The Newsletter With The Issue, And
    We’ll Do Our Best To Respond + Resolve The Problem … ASAP.***

    *** If You’re Having Trouble Logging In, Please Use The Account
    Management Center***


    ***All Other Issues, Please Use The Support Helpdesk***



    Editor’s Note: For those JVNP 2.0 Partners that don’t read the
    legal stuff at the bottom of every mailing …

    This mailing contains (a) JV connection request(s) from (a) fellow
    JVNP 2.0 Partner(s) that either by themselves, or working with
    a fellow partner that has, earned the spot due to content
    contribution +/or support of fellow JVNP 2.0 Partners over time.

    The JV request is being made by the merchant(s) (or official
    representative(s)), NOT JVNotifyPro.com, to you … the JVNP 2.0

    It is expected and recommended that you perform due
    diligence when getting involved in any venture that may
    affect you, your business, it’s prospects and customers.

    It’s also assumed that, as an Online Business Owner, you’re
    capable of running your own business using common sense,
    logic + exercising personal responsibility.



    Buzz Builders

    The Following Buzz Builders Are Premium Mailing Recipient JV Offers
    Announced Recently In The JVNP 2.0 Update That Are Either Yet To
    Launch, Or Are Still In The Pre-Launch Or Launch Cycle.

    To Access The Merchant’s JV Page, A Link To The Forum Archive
    Of The Mailing For Discussion, VIP Review Access (When Available)
    + More … Please Click The Link Below Each Buzz Builder Listing.


    Tim Atkinson + Zak Meftah – Twin Peak Profits Affiliate Program
    JV Invite

    Launch Day Is TODAY Monday, December 31st 2012 @ 10AM EST

    Have you heard?

    Three TOP super affiliates are launching the most anticipated
    product launch of 2013. – Over $3 EPC’s – Over $50,000 in JV Cash
    – Below 10% Refund Rate – Over 600 Per Sale – CPA Payouts on
    every sale – Backend Commissions Off Webinar and Coaching.

    Details …

    (VIP Review Access Is Available To VIP Partners That Register
    To Support This Launch)


    Mike Evans – The Abundance Code Affiliate Program JV Invite
    Launch Day Is TOMORROW Tuesday, January 1st 2013 @ 9AM EST

    Launching New Year’s Day, 2013 … Mike Evans’ The Abundance Code
    – $2 EPC with a TESTED Funnel.

    Personal Development (Will be shared in case studies with our JV’s).

    Join us in our (pre)Launch event and take home one of the many
    cash prizes!

    (VIP Review Access Is Available To VIP Partners That Register
    To Support This Launch)


    Greg Jacobs – SkyBuilder – New Years Day Secret Re-Launch
    Affiliate Program JV Invite

    Launch Day Is TOMORROW Tuesday, January 1st 2013

    Remember that on New Years Day, Greg Jacobs is opening
    his 3 day FLASH CASH Contest for the Secret SkyBuilder
    New Years Day Re-Launch.

    All prizes paid out Jan 4th …

    (VIP Review Access Is Available To VIP Partners That Register
    To Support This Launch)


    Stephanie Mulac, Dr. Joe Rubino + Carolyn Hansen –
    Self Improvement Gifts 7 Affiliate Program JV Invite

    Launch Day: Thursday, January 3rd 2013 @ 10AM EST

    Launch Day: Thursday, January 3rd 2013. Join Us in our 7th year
    for the biggest Self Help List Building Launch ever…

    Over $10,000 in cash and prizes + your opportunity to build a
    targeted list, earn valuable INSTANT commissions, and aim for
    our Grand Prize – a 350,000 personal growth solo mailing!

    (VIP Review Access Will Be Made Accessible To VIP Partners That
    Register To Support This Launch As Soon As It Becomes Available)


    Jerome Chapman + Blake Barrett – Auto Traffic Conspiracy
    Affiliate Program JV Invite

    Launch Day: Tuesday, January 8th 2012 @ 9AM EST

    Good guy partners Jerome Chapman & Blake Barrett create their
    biggest launch yet – Auto Traffic Conspiracy launches Jan 8th
    with $25,000 in prizes.

    The sales video is TV quality and testing like a banshee.

    Member’s area optimized so you keep what you earn.

    And these guys always reciprocate …

    (VIP Review Access Is Available To VIP Partners That Register
    To Support This Launch)


    Amish Shah + James Radina – The App Code 2.0 Affiliate Program
    JV Invite

    Launch Day: Tuesday, January 8th 2013

    Earn $498 per sale!

    JV with Legend Amish Shah and his release of the ALL NEW ~
    App Code 2.0 on January 8th 2013.

    Everything is set and ready to GO!

    We’ve got awesome Prizes and an Awesome Team.

    Promote this evergreen webinar funnel and watch the cash roll in.

    (VIP Review Access Is Available To VIP Partners That Register To
    Support This Launch No Later Than 7 Days Prior To Pre-Launch)


    Josh Bartlett – EasyVideoSuite (Follow Up To EVP!) Affiliate Program
    JV Invite

    Pre-Launch Begins: Tuesday, January 8th 2013
    Launch Day: Tuesday, January 15th 2013

    The follow up to the MONSTER, EasyVideoPlayer2!

    Get on board for one of the highest anticipated launches in the

    Multiple 7 Figs in sales AND commissions, 2% refund rates, 5%+
    conversions frontend, 65%+ backend, 5 months AVERAGE continuity

    This will be even bigger! Get on board!

    (VIP Review Access Is Available To VIP Partners That Register To
    Support This Launch No Later Than 7 Days Prior To Pre-Launch)


    Edmund Loh – Internet Sales Machine Affiliate Program JV Invite
    Launch Day: Tuesday, January 15th 2013

    Proven Internet Sales Machine course launching on ClickBank 15th
    January 2013!

    Rake up to $145.50 PER Customer and stand to win $5,000 in
    cash prizes!

    Get your details, affiliate link and promotion tools via the link below …

    (VIP Review Access Will Be Made Available To VIP Partners That
    Register To Support This Launch Within The Next 2 Weeks)



    Jim Daniels, Rob Benwell, Stefan H. + Michael S., Kenster +
    Tristan Bull, Sara Young and other fellow JVNotifyPro 2.0
    partners are waiting in the wings … keep your eyes on your
    Inbox, and follow the action in the JVNP 2.0 Premium VIP
    JV Announcement archives:



    “Hey, Mike … I really appreciate the combination of Fellow
    Partner + Popular JV Invites you offer in the JVNP 2.0 Update,
    but how can I get on board Popular JV launches that are
    available to get on board but didn’t make the latest mailing
    like the highly anticipated offerings from Desmond Dreckett,
    Azlan AR, Andrew + Chris Fox, Aaron Sustar, Brett Ingram,
    Mick Moore + Bill McRea, Frank Agrvorst, Paul Liburd, Amin
    Lelieveld, Nathan Loftus, Annette O’Leary, Joshua Zamora +
    Andrew Nasser, Mark Gallagher + Desmond Ong, Corwin
    Hammond, Kano, Alex Yew, Steven Lee Jones + Ben S,
    Azlan AR, James Edward + Zack Smith, Daniel Charles,
    Alex Lew + others?

    Answer: The JVNewsWatch JV Product Launch Calendar +
    Affiliate Program Directory



    That’s All, Folks!

    To OUR Success,

    Mike Merz Sr


    Connect With JVNP 2.0/JVNW On Your Favorite Social Network


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    Broadcast Archive: http://archive.aweber.com/jv-notify
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    The reason you are receiving this mailing is because
    you requested to be on this email list by opting in.
    Please use the unsubscribe link below if you no longer
    wish to be a JVNP 2.0 Partner, not the Spam button.

    The JV offers run in this newsletter and archived on
    JVNotifyPro.Com express the opinions of the partners
    that have presented them to us … and are not those
    of Mike Merz, nor Internet Marketing For Newbies LLC.

    Participate at your own risk.

    The publicly accessible version of the JVNotifyPro Update
    posted on JVNotifyPro.com may include affiliate links that
    could result when purchased through in compensation
    for either Mike Merz or Internet Marketing For Newbies LLC
    for the sale as an affiliate partner … with no further
    association to the merchant existing unless otherwise

    JVNotifyPro 2.0 Updates are generally mailed twice a week
    … on Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday, with an
    occasional Saturday edition when either there is a back
    log, I screw up … or both. It is done this way to satisfy
    the many premium mailing requests, while still respecting
    your Inboxes by not over doing it. Thanks for your support.

    Powered By http://www.JVListPro.Com

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