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  • Though our US based partners are probably taking the
    day off to enjoy the remainder of the Labor Day weekend.
    please pardon my intrusion long enough to peruse this quick
    update … and I’ll let you get back to grillin’ and chillin’.

    First item on the agenda … a couple of weeks ago, Fabian Lim
    and Jo Han Mok proposed their ‘Adwords Empire’ JV offer …
    unfortunately, Jo Han was experiencing a little trouble with his
    affiliate software … and many of you may have had trouble
    getting on board.

    Well … seeing as the launch is this Wednesday, I wanted to
    make sure you had a chance to get in on it … now that Jo
    Han’s software is working smoothly.

    Here’s the link to the Adwords Empire proposal …


    Also … Fabian and Jo Han have since decided to add a $1,000
    bonus to all partners that make 30 or more sales.


    In other news, you may have noticed that this newsletter
    graced your Inbox courtesy of JV List Pro … and not AWeber.

    No … I didn’t jump ship.

    JV List Pro is my private label version of AWeber … it has all
    the bells and whistles that AWeber offers, because it IS AWeber.

    But … it’s been branded as JV List Pro.

    If you’ve been looking for a quality autoresponder service, and
    you’d like to give Ol’ Mike a hand, give JV List Pro a test drive
    and kick the tires for 30 days.


    And if you think adding a branded version of AWeber to YOUR
    Online Marketing arsenal would be beneficial, visit:


    … and choose ‘Private Label Inquiry’.

    That’s all for now … to OUR success,

    Mike Merz

    Posted in Joint Venture Announcements | Comments Off on Quick Labor Day Edition Of The JV Notify Pro Update.