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  • We’ve got an under the wire JV invite from fellow
    JV Notify Pro partner Sam Kern, Buzz Builders, and
    more … in today’s massive traffic edition.

    Sam  Kern – Videopropeller – August 20th Launch

    Hello, Fellow JV Notify Pro Partner.

    My name is Sam Kern, and I’ll like to invite you to
    participate in my Videopropeller launch …

    Product Detail :

    Video Propeller – Get Massive Traffic From Video

    Launch Date : 20th August

    The Ultimate Video Marketing Package – $97

    VideoPropeller is a software suite designed expressly to
    take advantage of the massive and growing worldwide
    popularity of video sharing sites like YouTube, MySpaceTV,
    LiveVideo and others. Video Propeller maximizes video
    marketing by driving FR.EE targ.eted traffic just like
    pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. Using Video Propeller, most
    of our beta testers were able get their video featured on

    Fast Action Bonuses

    1. Youtube Traffic Secrets eBook Youtube Traffic Formula
    Video MySpace Tv Traffic Video
    2. Elite Video Suite – Capture and create your own
    stunning videos

    The Upsell $47

    Video Upload Robot is a software that works similarly to
    traffic geyser. Using VUR you can upload your videos to
    multiple video sharing sites and have search engines
    populated with your video listing.

    The Prelaunch Video

    VideoPropeller prelaunch video has already reached 3,551

    You can check out the video on Youtube.

    Conversion and Refund Rate

    I have already tested the conversion rate using a select
    number of people on my mailing list and by running some
    Adwords campaign with a draft version of the sales letter.
    The response has been beyond my expectation. Initial
    results showed a 4.7% conversion rate. Since
    VideoPropeller has a server based license feature, we
    have been able to keep those chronic clickbank refunders
    at bay. Basically, if they ask a refund their license will be
    deactivated and their software will stop working.

    Commission and Payment

    This is closed affiliate program and there is no link on the
    salesletter for “Ea.rn Cash | Affiliates “.

    Affiliate payments are handled by clickbank. 60%
    commission of each $97 sale. So that means you will be
    getting a massive $58.20 per sale.

    The back-end product is $47 of which you will receive
    75%. This means an additional $35.25 in your pocket for
    each O.T.O sale.

    Total combined commissions are $58.20 + $35.25 =

    Additional details and JV registration …

    JV Notify Pro Partners, Only.

    Looking forward to working with you!

    With anticipated thanks,
    Sam  Kern


    Buzz Builders

    Jim McCarthy – Prometheus Strategy System –
    Launched August – JUST YESTERDAY!

    This is a VERY proven system that is now, for the
    first time, being made available as a thorough
    info-product to the Internet Marketing community.

    And it can pay you, the JVNotifyPro member, 50%
    of every $197 sale and 50% of the $49 back-end.
    Plus, for the first time ever (that I have seen),
    you’ll earn 15% list royalty! Learn more here …


    Alex Goad – Affiliate Payload – Launches August
    19th – TODAY!

    We recruited a quarter a million dollar a month
    affiliate monster and used his superior knowledge
    of offers, traffic sources and tactics to create
    the Payload Monster ( this is in conjunction to
    our own 6 figure a month business experience).

    There is so much fresh content, it could have
    made 4 products and still over delivered.  We’re
    talking advanced PPC funneling, Pay Per View ads,
    video, co-reg, incentivized offers and a whole lot
    more stuff that has NEVER been touched or only
    in super high ticket items …


    Dylan Loh, Jerome Chapman, Sean Lowery &
    Stephen Luc – JV Wealth Club – Launches August
    19th – TODAY!

    Inside the membership, customers will get a
    weekly training video, a monthly JV report, a
    monthly audio interview and also a back-end
    community site where they can look for Joint-
    ventures or co-productions!

    There will be a pre-launch contest starting 12th
    August, view the video here and find out more.


    Rahul Gupta – Forex Success Formula – Launches
    August 21st

    Forex Success Formula is one of the most
    comprehensive forex trading multimedia course.
    It helps the Forex traders by not only providing
    a very reliable forex trading strategy that makes
    huge amount of money consistently, but it also
    helps them understand the importance of money
    management and how it can increase the profits


    Justin Koh – Urgency Offer Manager – August 26th

    Urgency Offer Manager is a script that specializes in
    creating urgency so that visitor/customer will buy
    now instead of delaying and being a fence sitter …


    Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey – Commission Blueprint
    – Launches August 27th

    On the 27th August, we will be launching a
    unique product called the “Commission Blueprint”.

    The Commission Blueprint is a step by step course
    packed with 13 videos and 5 PDFs that reveals in
    precise detail the exact techniques and methodologies
    we use to generate astronomical income (in the
    millions of dollars) using Clickbank and Google.

    This is one of the most comprehensive courses of
    its kind and you can see the full details here …


    Tristan Bull – Internet Marketing Uncut – Launch
    September 1st

    I’m going to be launching my brand new
    Internet Marketing Uncut home study course
    very shortly which is going to be a fantastic
    opportunity for you to cash in, in a big way!
    You see Internet Marketing Uncut is a full
    blown video study course that is going to
    retail for $1997 and the best part is I am
    offering you 50% commission.

    That means almost $1000 for just one single
    sale you make of Internet Marketing Uncut …


    Ryan Higgins – Mind Movies – September 10th

    Internet Marketing Legend Frank Kern, Best
    Selling Author & Star of Worldwide Hit “The
    Secret” John Asaraf, and many other global
    icons team up to make you buckets of easy
    money …


    Michael Cheney – The Golden Thread –
    September 23rd Launch

    Michael’s first big ticket … and his most
    important project to date. Players the likes
    of Shawn Casey, Ewen Chia, and Gary
    Ambrose got on board just days ago …
    here’s your chance to get in on the ground
    floor, too.



    Anik Singal, Dustin Struckman, Jeff Alderson,
    Chris Carpenter, Mike Mograbi, Keith Baxter,
    Charles Kirkland, Jerome Chapman and other
    fellow JV Notify Pro partners are waiting in the
    wings … keep your eyes on your Inbox, and
    follow the action in the archives:



    What’s Happening @ JV Notify Pro?

    JV Notify Pro Partner JV Offers And Profiles


    JV Notify Pro Partner Co-Promotion Proposal Announcements



    Remember my JV Marketing Golden Rule …

    “Get behind your partner’s launches as passionately as
    you’d like your partners to get behind yours …”

    Do YOU have a new product or service launch coming
    up that you’d like to invite your fellow JV Notify Pro
    partners to get behind?

    Note: That DOESN’T mean ‘I found your name in the
    search engines’, ‘read about you in a forum’, ‘was
    referred to you by So and So’, etc., decided it was
    perfectly appropriate to run right to JV Notify Pro,
    register, and request a premium mailing … all in 15

    It means you’ve been a JV Notify Pro partner that has
    actually contributed to the community, and is willing to
    wait your turn … it’s not about you, it’s about US.

    Please read this thread before you request a mailing …



    That’s All, Folks!

    To OUR Success,

    Mike Merz

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    you requested to be on this email list by opting in,
    therefore it is not Spam. Please use the unsubscribe
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    mailings, not the Spam button.

    The JV offers run in this newsletter and archived on
    JVNotifyPro.Com express the opinions of the partners
    that have presented them to us … and are not those
    of Mike Merz, nor Internet Marketing For Newbies LLC.

    Participate at your own risk.

    JV Notify Pro Updates are generally mailed twice a week
    … on Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday, with an
    occasional Saturday edition when either there is a back
    log, I screw up … or both. It is done this way to satisfy
    the many premium mailing requests, while still respecting
    your Inboxes by not over doing it. Thanks for your support.

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