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  • We’ve got an exclusive JV Invite from Fellow JV Notify Pro
    Partners Jamie Lewis & Letian Liu (DigiBizPro JV), Buzz
    Builders (Alok Jain & Sajnish Gupta – Adwords Reinvented
    Launch) and More … in Today’s Digitally Mastered Dollars

    – Mike

    Jamie Lewis & Letian Liu – DigiBizPro JV Invite
    Pre-launch Starts – Tuesday, October 20th
    Launch Day – Tuesday, October 27th – 12 Noon, EST
    Digg Alan Tedman's IM Cash Evolution JV Invite!

    Hi, Fellow JV Notify Pro Partner!

    It’s Jamie Lewis & Letian – this will be worth a moment
    for your benefit.

    We’re releasing an incredible MULTIMEDIA-INTENSIVE
    business-in-a-box production service, known as “DigiBizPro”.

    JV Notify Pro Partners, Only.

    For the most part, this is definitely NOT a cookie-cutter
    product. It’s actually more of a personalized service per
    customer. This is how we can convert well at such a high
    price point.

    We’ve personally have had an amazing track record creating
    businesses in and outside of internet marketing, always
    laced with intense multimedia. We’re looking forth to
    extending this unique power to your people, prospects, and
    buyers as well. Your customers will not only like what we’ll
    do for them, they will be ECSTATIC at how we treat them –
    even personally calling *some* of them to ensure their

    We’ve had a great record with producing sales processes
    that convert extremely well to out-of-the-box innovation.

    I know you’re busy … so just the nitty-gritty fast details?

    You’ll get paid on 50% of everything ranging from the
    front-end with:

    $247 basic  OR
    $399 upgrade  OR
    $499 super upgrade

    Then 50% of the back end with:

    $1000 upsell
    $5000 stacked-upsell customized service #1
    $2000 stacked-upsell customized service #2

    There will be more down-sells obviously.

    The total earning potential per customer will be $4249.50.
    But the reality is that the average earning per customer will
    be around $600 given that they order the lowest front-end
    and one of the lower-end backend services. That’s a
    conservative estimate, we believe. Wink

    Will it convert?

    Let’s just say that on our internal list traffic tests, we’ve
    closed a staggering 80% for this service.

    Now, in terms of cold traffic, we’ve also done extremely well
    in the past on low-ticket items at first launch. You’ve probably
    heard of them easily. We’re more than confident the conversion
    will be VERY GOOD simply due to our tenacity to keep optimizing
    until it is for you. We do what it takes.

    Join us and we really won’t forget you. Seriously, it means a
    lot to us to have you guys. And we’ll make sure you get double
    the return (in so many ways personally and business-wise) down
    the line.

    Our pre-launch starts October 20th 2009. So mark this down and
    we’ll be giving away free products and videos. You can lock in
    the commissions just by GIVING AWAY goodies that your list will
    eat up like starved rabbits Wink

    Here are the details and we would LOVE to have you.

    JV Notify Pro Partners, Only.

    Seriously, please email or skype us and reach out and say hello.
    We consider ourselves very down-to-earth and intend to stay this
    way, as much as time permits, for you.

    Very Sincerely,

    Jamie & Letian

    P.S. Just some of the guys already confirmed… Tellman Knudson,
    Mark Ling, Jason Gazaway, Rob Benwell, Mo Latif, Saj P, Jason
    James, Steven Jones/Andrew X, Bobby Walker/Adeel, and quite
    a few more “secret weapons” Wink

    Thanks so much to these dear friends and business partners of
    ours. It means a TON to us.


    Buzz Builders

    Dan Leman – The Boss Buster JV Invite
    Launched This Past Tuesday, September 22nd 2009
    Digg Alan Tedman's IM Cash Evolution JV Invite!

    Isn’t it time your list saw something different to the
    same old same old? I’ve been seeing some killer
    conversions in testing, and I’m sure that at least
    part of the reason is that this is something people
    haven’t seen before.

    The product is in the Make Money/Work From Home
    niche, but I’ve also tested and had some outstanding
    results in other niches, including IM and Personal

    Loads of big names are on board already, check it out…


    Patrick Mader – The Affilate Marketing Guru JV Invite
    Launched This Past Tuesday, September 22nd 2009
    Digg Alan Tedman's IM Cash Evolution JV Invite!

    The Affiliate Marketing Guru System …

    It’s a no-holds-barred account of how I made $1,537.44
    Per Day my second month on Clickbank – and I reveal
    every single secret to help others do the same.

    ***Why You Need To Care About This Launch***

    This thing is going to be insanely profitable for anyone
    that promotes it, and here’s why:

    **Monster conversions – I’ve been doing some extensive
    salespage testing over the last few weeks, and it’s
    converting at 6.5%+…

    **Direct payouts to PayPal…We´re doing mass payouts
    directly to paypal no more waiting for checks

    **High Payouts – You’re getting $46 per frontend sale,
    and I’m giving you 60% of the backend sales too…

    There are all in all 5 products to buy..

    … that’s up to $103 for each sale!

    With stats like that, you can make $670 from every
    hundred visitors you send my way…

    So the money’s great… but there are a couple other
    reasons why you’re going to want to promote this
    to your lists…


    Alok Jain & Sajnish Gupta – Adwords Reinvented JV Invite
    Launch Day Is TODAY Thursday, September 24th – 12 Noon, EST
    Digg Alan Tedman's IM Cash Evolution JV Invite!

    The launch is set to be a MASSIVE one. Here’s just some
    of the JVs already on board – Anik Singal, Chris DJK,
    Eric Rockefeller, Dr. Mike/Biran Koz, Mo Latif,
    Harris Fellman, Dylan Loh, Craig Beckta, Jacobo Benitez
    …. and the list goes on and on.

    The product is called ‘Adwords Reinvented’ and it’s a
    killer video course where Sajnish lays out the exact
    system he has been using for over 5 years to make bank
    with PPC and form-fill CPA offers.

    But what makes this launch unique is what we got in
    store for you. You, as our JV partner, will promote
    one product but get paid from 2 different products at
    3 levels. That includes a recurring membership site –
    so you can expect to earn hefty commissions month
    after month.

    Here’s a breakdown …


    Behzad Rad – Review Rating System JV Invite
    Launch Day: Tuesday, September 29th – 12 Noon, EST
    Digg Alan Tedman's IM Cash Evolution JV Invite!

    I am in internet marketing business for last 4 years making
    money as an affiliate. In my experience REVIEW sites are one
    of the best ways to sell other peoples products as an affiliate.

    I understand you are busy so I summarize:

    Review Rating System is a wordpress plugin. It consist of three
    modules: Rating Module, Voting Module, and Comparison Table
    Module. This plug-in  changes a simple review blog into a
    powerful web 2.0 review site.

    It is extremely easy to use plug-in as you do not need to work
    with any coding. Almost everything is managed in admin panel.
    It is 100% newbie friendly.

    There is a free version which is fully functional, except a few
    limitations. This will increase the conversion.

    You can make up to $122 of commission …


    Kamran Chowdhury – New Article Marketing Revolution JV
    Launch Day – Tuesday, September 29th – 12 Noon, EST
    Digg Alan Tedman's IM Cash Evolution JV Invite!

    You might be wondering what the product is about and
    what is its unique selling point, right?

    Well, I can assure you its not your typical article
    marketing product that preaches about writing bunch
    of articles to generate traffic.

    I have been in the Article Marketing game since 2007
    and with each passing day I have been improving and
    optimizing my marketing strategy. Now, every single
    article gives me better return on time, effort and money
    investment than a PPC campaign, and I reveal every
    single details about my strategies in this revolutionary

    Why will your customers will just love this product?

    Traffic is the lifeblood of every online business out there.
    And there is nothing like Free traffic that is very
    targeted and that takes very little time and effort to
    generate. Unlike traditional article marketing, this
    technique doesn’ct require much effort and unlike PPC,
    this technique doesn’t cost a single dime

    Whats in it for you? …


    Alvin Huang & Joel Chue – Presell Secrets X JV Invite
    Launch Day – Tuesday, September 29th 2009 – 10am EST
    Digg Alan Tedman's IM Cash Evolution JV Invite!

    Our previous product “Authority Blueprint X” did well for
    our JV partners and this launch will be even better.

    The Presell Secrets X system is a unique step-by-step
    copy and paste blueprint for helping internet marketers
    build their very own online business using high converting
    presell landing pages. It’s the same exact system that
    we’ve used to bank regular $600+ days.

    The whole course is made up of several components.

    All filled with awesome material that your subscribers
    would absolutely love. Here are the components.

    Module 1 – Niche Research X
    Module 2 – Presell Mastery X
    Module 3 – Post Presell Strategies X
    Presell Secrets X Master Templates
    Presell Secrets X ” Hold You By The Hand” Videos
    Cheap Clicks Report (Getting Truckloads Of Visitors
    Through Google For Less Than 3 Cents Each)

    What’s more, we’ve put together $6,685 worth of JV
    contest prizes to given away.

    Get the full details at …


    Michael Cheney  – Delta Squadron Relaunch JV Invite
    Prelaunch Commenced Monday, September 21st
    Launch Day – Thursday, October 1st 2009 –
    12 Noon, EST
    Digg Alan Tedman's IM Cash Evolution JV Invite!

    Fellow JV Notify Pro Partner, are you in for this?

    Last launch I paid out $1m in commissions and
    this one is gonna be bigger.

    Delta Squadron is Launching on:

    Thursday 1st October 2009 @ 12 Noon EST

    Step #1. Watch this …


    Desmond Ong – The Niche Funnel System JV Invite
    Prelaunch Begins – Wednesday, September 30th 2009
    Launch Day – Wednesday, October 7th 2009
    Digg Alan Tedman's IM Cash Evolution JV Invite!

    We are giving away 60% of the revenue to our launch
    partners and you will be getting $162.60 per customer
    ($77 frontend, $97 upsell and another $97 upsell).

    We are expecting a big number of sales coming through
    the doors because of our high conversion sales copy
    (tested 3 times – averaged at 6.8%) and the great deal
    that our customers are getting.

    This launch is already properly planned out and here is
    some of the information about our pre-launch videos:
    –       1st video: The Basic of Niche Marketing (Here is
    where we show proofs)
    –       2nd video: The Niche Marketing Tree (Here is
    where we started delivering awesome content –
    hint: reciprocity)
    –       3rd video: Leaked video of The Leverage-Swipe
    Outsourcing Method (High value video)

    I would like to thank you for reading through this and
    since this is a private invitation for JVNP partners only
    – so if you can keep this under your hat, that’d be great.

    Sign up now …


    George Brown – Google Sniper JV Invite
    Prelaunch Begins – Tuesday, October 6th – 12 Noon, EST
    Launch Day – Thursday, October 15th – 12 Noon, EST
    Digg Alan Tedman's IM Cash Evolution JV Invite!

    But look … I know you’re busy, so here’s the skinny:

    *We Sold over $20k’s worth as a test and it converted
    at a crazy 7%… Cold traffic straight to the sales letter.

    *Expect to earn an AVERAGE $146 per sale. And up to $214.
    I think you’ll agree that’s pretty huge for a $77 product,
    and for a Clickbank launch 🙂

    *This is an absolutely incredible product… Pretty much
    the holy grail of affiliate marketing. (All about creating
    tiny SEO sites that run on total autopilot with no backlink
    building/traffic generation whatsoever). And yes, review
    copies are of course available!

    *$77 front end with $37/mo forced recurring plus 2
    highly related upsells with downsell options priced
    at $97 and $67 respectively. 50% commisions across the board.

    *The copy’s been done by one of the top guys in IM right
    now, David Raybould (he did the Clickbank Code and I think
    we all know how well that converted)…
    Expect double digit conversions.

    *Some pretty sick JV prizes – We’re giving away cruises, hot
    tubs, pool tables… the works! And it’s all just for
    driving leads during the pre launch.

    *A HUGE $1,997 mass control style 9 day prelaunch that’s
    going to grab the attention of everyone in our market and
    provide some awesome free content for your lists as well.

    *It’s going to be a walk in the park to promote. All your
    promo tools provided for you, just cut ‘n paste your list
    to some cool free videos.

    All in all this is set to be a massive launch and a total
    blast (and profitable) for everyone involved …


    Jason Gazaway – Bloggers Payback JV Invite
    Prelaunch Begins – Thursday, October 15th
    Launch Day – Tuesday, October 20th – 12 Noon, EST
    Digg Alan Tedman's IM Cash Evolution JV Invite!

    Now, you’re probably wondering what exactly
    Bloggers Payback is, and what’s the USP… Am I

    Hell you’re probably saying to yourself, “Jason,
    not ANOTHER blogging product…!”

    Let’s just say:

    I got back into the IM game in December 2008, and
    by June of 2009, I made over $200k from blogging.

    Believe me when I say…

    “Your customers WANT what I got!”

    This is NOT your typical blogging “ebook” that has
    50 pages and teaches you pinging crap and how to
    setup RSS feeds.

    It’s the real deal. Over 200 pages, 60 + videos,
    Wordpress plugins, premade blog themes and more.

    Pure content gold. Zero fluff.

    So, what’s in for you?

    How does $195.75 per customer sound?

    (oh, and that’s AFTER Clickbank takes their cut…)


    Here’s the breakdown …



    Chris X & The DJK Team, Nick Deez, Chris Carpenter, Dylan
    Loh, Mo Latif, Andrew X & Steven Lee Jones, Jeff Dedrick,
    and other fellow JV Notify Pro partners are waiting in the
    wings … keep your eyes on your Inbox, and follow the action
    in the archives:



    What’s Happening @ JV Notify Pro?

    JV Notify Pro JV Launch Calendar

    JV Notify Pro JV Announcement Blogs

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    JV Notify Pro Partner JV Offers And Profiles

    JV Notify Pro Partner Co-Promotion Proposal Announcements

    Submit Your Joint Venture Marketing Articles

    NEED JV Related Services

    PROVIDE JV Related Services

    Remember my JV Marketing Golden Rule …

    “Get behind your partner’s launches as passionately as
    you’d like your partners to get behind yours …”

    Do YOU have a new product or service launch coming
    up that you’d like to invite your fellow JV Notify Pro
    partners to get behind”

    Note: That DOESN’T mean ‘I found your name in the
    search engines’, ‘read about you in a forum’, ‘was
    referred to you by So and So’, etc., decided it was
    perfectly appropriate to run right to JV Notify Pro,
    register, and request a premium mailing … all in 15

    It means you’ve been a JV Notify Pro partner that has
    actually contributed to the community, and is willing to
    wait your turn … it’s not about you, it’s about US.

    Please read this thread before you request a mailing …



    That’s All, Folks!

    To OUR Success,

    Mike Merz

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    Participate at your own risk.

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