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  • Here’s A Sampling Of The Popular New Product Launches And Joint Venture Announcements JV Notify Pro Has For You In January 2010.
    Digg New Product Launches and Joint Venture Announcements - January 2010!

    December 29th – Mack Michaels – The Success PrincipleJV Request*

    December 31st – Keith Wellman – Automated Sales FormulaJV Request*

    New Product Launches and Joint Venture Announcements – January 2010

    January 7th – Daniel Katz – T.A.P. Profit FunnelJV Invite

    January 7th – Brett Ingram – My Traffic BusinessJV Invite

    January 7th (postponed) – Shawn Casey & Jim Fleck – The New Leverage FormulaJV Request*

    January 11th – Tim Godfrey & Steve Clayton – Niche Blueprint 2.0JV Invite

    January 11th – (Re-Opening For 24 Hours ->) Amish Shah and Jay Styles (w/ Frank Kern) – Magic Bullet SystemJV Invite

    January 11th – Tellman Knudson – Fund The Run – 1 Million Dollars In 90 Minutes TeleseminarJV Invite

    January 12th – Josh Bartlett – Easy Video PlayerJV Invite

    January 12th – Itay Paz and Ran Aroussi – Internet Home Business Club – Money Getting Strategies For 2010 WebinarJV Invite

    January 14th – Paul Ponna – Copy Paste SystemsJV Invite

    January 14th – Jeff Czyzewski – Gravity Booster SecretsJV Request*

    January 15th – Ryan Deiss – Gmail Mind TricksJV Request*

    January 19th – Mark Davis – Profit GeyserJV Invite

    January 20th – James Francis – Easy IM ProfitsJV Invite

    January 20th – Carson Rathi – GTrends AssassinJV Invite

    January 21st – Maksym Vysochansnkyy – TreasureCoach – JV Invite

    January 21st – Suthan M. – IM SutraJV Invite

    January 21st – Dr. Jason Secord & Adam Chandler – TwitSourceJV Invite

    January 21st – Eric Holmlund – Just 7 DaysJV Request*

    January 25th – Michael Edwards – Clickbank Affiliate LoopholeJV Invite

    January 25th – Steve Yap – Web 2.0 Keyword FinderJV Invite

    January 26th – Tim ‘K.K.’ Bekker – Whitehat CopycatJV Invite

    January 26th – Jeremy Schoemaker – ShoeMoney SystemJV Request*

    January 26th – Jeff Paul – Teleseminar MillionsJV Request*

    January 26th – Rob Benwell – Blogging To The Bank 2010 (3.0)JV Invite

    January 28th –  Jeff “Herschy” Schwerdt – Cash Flow FunnelJV Invite

    Looking Ahead …

    February 1st – Peter Drew – Brute Force SEO: EVO 2JV Request*

    February 4th – Paul ‘Nicheology’ Evans – Simple Six FiguresJV Invite

    February 9th – Bryan Winters – VideoGoRound.comJV Invite

    February 9th – Ray Johnson – Clickbank Stealth – JV Invite

    February 9th – Mark Dulisse – Gunshot Money – JV Invite

    February 16th – Saj P. and Philip Mansour – Banner Ad Blueprint – JV Invite

    February 16th – Tyler Koling – Quick Profit FormulaJV Request*

    February 17th – Ryan Deiss – FaceBook AdPower (New Traffic Honeyhole)JV Invite

    February 18th – Lane Gibbons – NetGOLD365JV Invite

    February 22nd – Jonathan van Clute – LPGen2 – JV Invite

    February 22nd – Kenneth Koh – ezArticleLink – JV Invite (Available 2/6)

    February 22nd – Natalie Ledwell – 7 Secrets To Happiness – JV Invite

    February 23rd – Andrew Fox – Affiliate MillionaireJV Invite

    Looking Ahead Even Further …

    March 1st – Peter Lenkefi and Jack Humphrey – Real Time Affiliate – JV Request* (TBA)

    March 2nd – Jonny Andrews –  Cash System X – JV Request* (TBA)

    March 2nd – Gal Friedman – Forex Black Panther – JV Invite

    March 3rd – Jason James & Maria Gudelis – Ultimate Cash System – JV Invite

    March 9th – Mo Latif – TBA

    March 16th – Paul Walker – Clickbank Cash Supreme – JV Request* (TBA)

    March 16th – John Hostler and Jonny Andrews – TBA

    March 18th – George Brown – Traffic Ultimatum – JV Request* (TBA)

    March 23rd – Steven Johnson & Chad Michaels – The Instant Money Code – JV Invite

    More New Product Launches And Joint Venture Announcements Will Be Added As They Become Available.

    Request Joint Venture Announcements And/Or JV Brokering


    Mike Merz


    New Product Launch Announcements Marked JV Request* are closed programs that require proof of prior ability to convert multiple sales in the niche and at the ticket level of the product being being promoted. Qualified candidates …  please fill out this form, with your first and last name, best email address, subject= JV Request-the name of the launch you wish to promote, and proof of  appropriate past performance. Please do not bother submitting a request without including all of the aforementioned.

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