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  • … and I’ve been given permission to grant my fellow JV Notify Pro partners an exclusive invitation into the closed affiliate program.

    What’s the name of the product?

    Anik Singal’s ‘The Affiliate Manager – 1st Edition’

    As you probably already know … Anik has one of the Net’s most popular affiliate marketing member sites – AffiliateClassroom.com, and way back in January … he started putting together what would become the most complete affiliate program marketing and management home study course available …

    Those aren’t OUR words … that’s what we’re hearing from affiliate marketing masters like Shawn Collins, Jeff Johnson, Paul Colligan, Declan Dunn, Rachel Honoway (Kowabunga), Bryan Winters … and more top IMers/AMers than I could list in one newsletter without straining your eyes.;)

    ‘The Affiliate Manager’ is set to launch on June 27th, and the first 7 days will feature a JV sales contest with over $20,000 in prizes … but you’ve got to be in it to win it.

    *** Just one thing …

    To protect the integrity of the product and launch, I ask that only JV Notify Pro partners that feel they can sell multiple copies of a high ticket ($997) course during the first 7 days of launch get on board.

    Additional incentive … if you sell 5 copies or more during the contest period, Anik will send you the same 14 pound, full version course package that your customers will receive … gratis.

    Fair enough?

    Here’s the exclusive JV partner sign up link (subject to approval by Anik Singal):

    Join JV Notify Pro For All The Info!

    I’ll see you on the inside .. ;)

    – Mike


    Buzz Builders – Coming Soon!

    Sam Heyer Mid Ticket Course – Mid June Launch!
    Donna Fox High Ticket Course – July/August Launch!
    Jeff Alderson High Ticket Course – August Launch!
    Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula Relaunch – Coming Soon!
    John Delavera High Ticket Course – Coming Soon!
    Eric Holmlund, Martin Brock, Glen Barnhardt … and much, much more.

    Keep a few mailing slots open for these top notch JV offers!


    A Word From Mike

    I apologize if I’ve been slow to get back to you in regards to JV requests, but recent family issues and a tight brokering schedule has left me with little room to breath, so please be patient … and thanks, as always, for beinga fellow JV Notify Pro partner. ;)

    Mike Merz


    Posted in Joint Venture Announcements | Comments Off on Something BIG is coming on June 27th …