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  • I hope you are well. I am excited to announce that I will
    be launching one of my best product to date. It is an
    Online seminar on Internet marketing, “The Internet M.oney
    Machine eSeminar”.

    This eSeminar will cover most of the topics on Internet
    marketing. It will be extremely useful for Internet newbies
    and existing Internet marketers who are still struggling to
    succeed online.

    Here are the main components of the eSeminar.

    1. The 33 video lessons.
    2. The transcripts to the 33 lessons.
    3. The audios in MP3 to all the 33 lessons.
    4. The Action pack workbook.
    5. The Quizzes to all the 33 lessons.
    6. A List of Resources Pack.
    7. Videos and audios recorded during my seminars.
    8. A series of ‘Kick Butts’ follow Up.

    The TIMM eSeminar will be sold for $497.00 and your
    commission will be $235.00

    I intend to launch the eSeminar on Tuesday 31st October
    2006. We have plenty of time to prepare for the actual

    I will be greatly honored should you decide to participate
    in this Pre-launch. I am only approaching some of my close
    associates to help with the launch.

    Okay, why should you consider to be a Joint Venture for
    this historical launch? It is historical to me…

    1. This is my best product so far. I have spent many months
    creating it. I believe that it will provide value and
    benefits to many new and existing Internet marketers. I am
    sure many of your members and subscribers will benefit from
    this eSeminar. Hey, they will be thankful to you for
    introducing this excellent product to them.

    2. I am confident that the conversion rate will be high. I
    know that most of you will be receiving BIG checks from me.
    I know that this is not a $2,497.00 package but I think
    that it will be easier to convert and your commission is
    $235.00 for each sale.

    3.You will receive the complete TIMM eSeminar package at
    zero cost. I know that this may not be a big deal, but I
    think that it is only fair that you have the o.pportunity to
    review the product.

    4. One of the content of the e-Seminar is the List of
    Recommended Resources. I’ll have a section for JV partners
    and will list two of your links that you provide. I need
    the urls and a short description of the products promoted
    on the sites.

    5. I’ll be forever grateful to you for your support. When
    you need me to reciprocate, just let me know. You’ll have a
    great friend and joint venture partner for life.

    Okay, enough said! Here is what you need to do. Firstly go
    here to sign up for the affiliate program.

    JV Notify Pro Partners, Only!

    Then go to this site to receive further instructions and
    view the complete package.

    (Important Note From Mike – Please do NOT register for
    this comp if you either A) Have no intention of promoting
    this or B) are not sure if you can make multiple sales of
    this product as a JV partner. Please don’t take Richard’s
    trust in your honor for granted.)

    JV Notify Pro Partners, Only!

    (Note: please don’t sign up for the affiliate program from
    this page)

    Let me tell you that I am really honored to have you on the
    team. I am excited to welcome you to this Pre-launch and I
    believe that it will be a win-win situation for all of us.

    Please feel f.ree to contact me should you need more

    Best wishes

    Richard Quek


    To OUR success,

    Mike Merz

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