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  • … fellow JV Notify Pro partner, Chris.

    Add Buzz Builders, and more … and we’ve got today’s ‘ya gotta
    give it a looksee’ edition.

    Chris ‘Affiliate Project X”s “Day Job Killer” JV Offer

    Really not too much I can say about Chris that you don’t
    already know from his 8,000 plus sale hit, ‘Affiliate Project X’.

    Read all about his sure to be another major success, the brand
    spankin’ new “Day Job Killer”

    JV Notify Pro Partners, ONLY!

    So you want hot joint ventures? … ground floor???

    You got it … with plenty more around the corner.


    Buzz Builders – Hot JV Offers Coming In February

    Keith Baxter new low ticket residual product … TBA!

    Jeremy Gislason and Simon Hodgkinson new product … TBA!

    Jeff Alderson new mid ticket physical product … TBA!

    Jeffrey Neil new mid ticket … TBA!

    Brad Antin and Bill Harris (Centerpoint.com) high ticket … TBA!

    Jim Guarino (TheMoneyExpert.Com) new high ticket package … TBA!


    Do YOU have a new product or service launch coming up that
    you’d like to invite your fellow JV Notify Pro partners to get behind?

    Visit …


    To OUR success!

    Mike Merz

    Posted in Joint Venture Announcements | Comments Off on JV With ‘Mr. Affiliate Project X’ …