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  • We’re privy to fellow partners Chris and Ken ‘X’s brandy
    new ‘Black Mask‘ launch on June 19th, Buzz Builders,
    and more … in today’s edition.

    Chris and Ken – “Black Mask‘ JV Offer

    There’s not much I can say about the authors of 3 straight
    Top 10 ClickBank best sellers that has not already been said
    (the last one … Day Job Killer, set a CB record for daily
    and weekly sa.les, if I’m not mistaken), except that the
    launch of the latter left ME with my head spinning … and
    I’ve worked on most of the big launches the last 4 years.

    Everything you’ll need to know is available on the JV page,
    below …

    JV Notify Pro Partners … Only




    Buzz Builders

    Jeremy Gislason and Simon Hodgkinson’s Marketing Main
    Event 3 finished up it’s 1.5 Million Dollar Plus run just
    a short time ago. Hats off to Jeremy, Simon, and all the
    partners who supported it. Jason Kwan’s Affiliate Formula
    Exposed had it tough going up against MME3, yet it still
    did well. Nice going, Jason! … Partners!

    Brian Edmondson’s 15K In 7 Days and Matt Haslem’s Nina
    Link Cloaker both launch TODAY. Luke W Parker’s ‘Surefire
    Success System’ ends on the 15th … still a short time to
    get something out. Check out their off.ers via the link
    below, and show your support. Stanley Tang’s “The Viral
    Marketing Blackbook” and Will Barden’s “Three Pillars
    Support Desk” (June 20 launch) JV invites, respectively …
    are all still taking on partners.

    Anik Singal, George Katsoudas, Michael Nicholas, Kim
    Standerline, Mark Roth, Ross Goldberg, Tim Knox, Simon
    Leung, Sterling Valentine, and other fellow JV Notify Pro
    partners are waiting in the wings … keep your eyes on
    your Inbox, and follow the action in the archives:



    Quick Word From Mike

    A quick shout out to all the folks I ran into at my dear
    friend Ken McArthur’s JValert Live! event in Philly.

    I was forced to exit earlier than I wanted to due to
    IM4Newbies.Com and JVNotifyPro.Com hosting issues,
    in addition to problems in the latter’s back office …
    which may still be causing you problems, for which I
    apologize (we’ll be back to 110% … soon. )

    One of many good things to come out of last weekend …

    I finally ran into ‘The JV Queen’, Gina Gaudio-Graves,
    and we spent a short but interest packed time talking
    shop … a few ‘A Ha!’ moments for both of us.

    Will there be something coming soon combining the JV
    Brokering expertise of ‘The JV Queen’ … and yours
    truly? (don’t worry … I’m not going to proclaim myself
    ‘The JV King’ … just yet! LOL) … Stay Tuned!


    *** New Category Alert! ***

    JV Notify Pro Beta Brainstorming And Bargains

    Richard Trice has broken the ice with the first JVNP
    BBB of.fer! Ding Ding Ding (being held over as I check
    through my messages for other partner offers).

    What IS a JVNP BBB Of.fer?

    In the spirit of the ‘WSO’ (see The Warrior Forum), we’re
    offering this area of The JVNP Community to our partners
    for testing their new products and services … while at
    the same time giving fellow partners the absolute best
    price on products and services that have not yet been
    revealed to the general public in return for their feedback
    and possible testimonials.

    It’s a win – win situation … the merchant partner makes
    a few bucks while gathering important feedback and
    exposure, and the customer partner gets a chance to
    own a brand new product/service at the lowest price
    possible …



    Remember my JV Marketing Golden Rule …

    “Get behind your partner’s launches as passionately as
    you’d like your partners to get behind yours …”

    Do YOU have a new product or service launch coming
    up that you’d like to invite your fellow JV Notify Pro
    partners to get behind?

    Note: That DOESN’T mean ‘I found your name in the
    search engines’, ‘read about you in a forum’, ‘was
    referred to you by So and So’, etc., decided it was
    perfectly appropriate to run right to JV Notify Pro,
    register, and request a premium mailing … all in 15

    It means you’ve been a JV Notify Pro partner that has
    actually contributed to the community, and is willing to
    wait your turn … it’s not about you, it’s about US.

    Please read this thread before you request a mailing …



    I’ve got JV of.fers up the kazoo in the works … in
    the meantime, and always … to OUR success!

    Mike Merz

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