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  • We’ve got an exclusive JV offer from Fellow JVNotifyPro Partner
    Mario Brown (Google Places Unleashed JV Invite), Buzz Builders
    (Mike Auton + Chris X – Mass Cash Coverup, Sean McAlister –
    JVPress, Paul Smithson – The Complete Guide to Traffic, Alex
    Goad + Bryan McConnahea – Authority Pro Launches, Justin
    Michie – 5 Minute Membership Sites, Craig Beckta – The Six
    Figure Code Pre-launches) and More … in Today’s Found Brick
    N Mortar Money edition.

    – Mike

    Mario Brown – Google Places Unleashed – JV Invite
    Pre-launch Begins: Wednesday, November 24th 2010
    Launch Day: Wednesday, December 1st 2010
    Digg Mario Brown - Google Places Unleashed JV Invite!

    Hi, Fellow JVNP Partner … Mario Brown, here.

    Earn up to at least $161 for every lead
    you send to our website, PLUS recurring
    commissions and stunning, red hot conversions
    with my new launch December 1st, 2010!

    ### Google Places Unleashed ###

    You’re getting 50% across the board on each
    program, that includes the $67 front end and 2
    astonishing upsells + automatic continuity!

    Just some of the current JV Partners on board.

    Joshua Bartlett, Imran Sadiq, Steven Johnson,
    Justin Michie, Alex Shelton, Justin Brooke, Dan
    Brock, Desmond Ong, Sara Young, Rhodes
    Brothers, Jack Mize and many more are already
    on board and we’re already touching base with
    George Brown, Matt Bacak, Mike Filsaime and
    Adam Horwitz – just to name a few.

    —> Watch the video explaining everything here:

    Mario Brown – Google Places Unleashed – JV Invite

    (make sure to check out the pictures of me
    partying with Frank Kern, Joshua Bartlett,
    John Reese and other heavy hitters downtown
    San Diego)


    As you know, the offline market is HOT at the
    moment, and with the proven credibility I have
    in this field, it’s going to be a brilliant product
    your list will love you for.

    And of course… I’ve spared no expense to make
    sure this launch converts like crazy for you.

    For a start, I have my friend and mentor Alex
    Shelton onboard. Alex was involved in launch
    process of the Click Bank mega hits Traffic
    Ultimatum & Google Sniper – enough said.

    In short… he knows what he’s doing… and is
    working closely with me to ensure everyone
    makes a killing on this launch.

    In addition… I’ve also hired big-name ClickBank
    copywriter Daniel Scott as a consultant.
    Daniel’s working closely with my copywriter to
    ensure the copy’s going to convert like crazy.
    He was trained by the legendary Vin Montello –
    and has gotten affiliates conversion rates of up
    to 29% on other launches – so you know it’s
    going to be great.

    What’s more we’re split testing like crazy! Apart
    from showing REAL video testimonials from
    students and clients with crazy financial proof
    and first page rankings, we’ll be testing fonts,
    table widths, colors backgrounds and everything
    else like there’s no tomorrow!

    Rest assured there will be an epic sales funnel in
    place come launch day.

    We’ll be launching on ClickBank so there will be
    no issues over late payments either, and say hello
    to One Click Upsells! ‘Google Places Unleashed’ will
    be closed after 7 days which will force potential
    buyers into action and in turn create MASSIVE
    commissions for you.

    Mario Brown – Google Places Unleashed – JV Invite


    I’ve been making a killing offering simple Internet
    Marketing services to businesses in my local area
    and this is one of the hottest topics right now in
    the IM industry.

    Lawyers, plastic surgeons, insurance agents,
    dentists, real estate agents and every business
    you can imagine is in a EXTREME need of leads
    right now because of the economy…

    They’re paying BIG money if you can help them
    to get more leads!

    …and I’m going to show your subscriber how to
    get local businesses in their area to the top of
    Google’s first page easily by optimizing their
    SEO and especially Google Places!

    More importantly, we’re going to hand them the
    exact system that we’re using every day, signing
    up client after client for at least $997/month –
    and that’s just for SEO and Google Places.

    There’s a lot more money to make offering simple
    services like Facebook Fan Pages, article submissions
    and so forth.


    This in’t your usual over-hyped B.S. It’s proven to
    work time and time again… so you won’t have to
    worry about sky-high refund rates eating through
    your commissions

    I’m using this system every day in my business
    and I have a ton of proof from buyers, students
    and actual clients USING Google Places Unleashed.

    I launched the original course back in January on
    the Warrior forum and it was a HUGE hit. I
    completely updated it, made it even better and it’s
    a cash sucking monster now.

    This is a proven and tested winner backed up by
    massive proof and testimonials and that’s exactly
    why your refund rate is going to be extremely low.

    People won’t even have time to think about
    refunding because they’re going to be busy
    collecting checks from local businesses. I’m giving
    your subscriber everything they need to get started
    immediately and all they really need is a computer
    and my instructions.

    So if you were looking for something that you could
    promote to your list that they’ll love and that will
    actually bring them results, go ahead and promote
    ‘Google Places UNLEASHED’.

    Watch this important video:

    Mario Brown – Google Places Unleashed – JV Invite


    We have tons of mouthwatering JV prizes for all
    including brand new Star Wars roboter with the
    newest artificial intelligence – this is sick!

    The new Playstation move, pre-launch prizes, cash
    prizes for sales within 24h, the worlds smallest spy
    camera, a remote helicopter or Jimmy Hendrix’s
    first air guitar – we got it all ready for you to grab.

    Rest assured we support all of our partners in return,
    whether they finish in the top 10 or not.  We look
    after our buyers and subscribers so we have hugely
    responsive lists.


    Pre Launch Starts NOVEMBER 24th

    Launch Date is DECEMBER 1st


    Sign up here and watch the video Now:

    Mario Brown – Google Places Unleashed – JV Invite


    Mario Brown


    Buzz Builders

    Mike Auton + Chris X – Mass Cash Coverup  – JV Invite
    Launched Just YESTERDAY Monday, November 8th 2010
    Digg Mike Auton + Chris X - Mass Cash Coverup JV Invite!

    FIVE time Clickbank #1 maestro, Chris X, is working closely with
    me on this, so  you know it’s going to be a MONSTER…

    You probably remember that my last release (Hard Cash Hijack)
    dominated the CB top 5 spot for months from just three “big
    name” JVs and an “invitation only” launch…

    So how did I do it?

    Simple, In a short space of time I’ve quickly earned a reputation
    for putting together great products and KILLER sales pages.

    It’s a winning combination that makes my launches a favorite with
    JVs and buyers…

    Here’s just a sample of the big name JVs already on board:

    Chris X, Shawn Casey, Matt Bacack, Rob Benwell (Blogging to the
    Bank), Mo Latif (Auto Mass Traffic) , Steven Lee Jones (Banner Ad
    Blueprint) , Ian Ross (Turbo Profit Sniper) , Imran and Kieran
    (Auto Traffic Avalanche), Andrew X (Mass Article Control) , Craig
    Kaye (Info Product Killer) , Paul Liburd and Antonio (Zero Cost
    Commissions) , Oli Tee (Zero Down Traffic) , Andrew Fox , Adeel
    Chowdry , Alex Malave (500 in 15) , Jonny Andrews (Guru Assassin)
    , Tim Bekker (White Hat Copycat) , Chris Freville (Stealth Profit
    Machines) , Chris Fox (CB Predators) , Anthony Joshua (Auto Tweet
    Empire) , Matt Benwell (Covert Cash Conspiracy) , Dan Brock
    (Deadbeat Superaffiliate) , Jani G and Dylan Loh (G Headshot) ,
    Mick Moore and Travis Stephenson (Micro Niche Profit Automation) ,
    Steven Johnson (Online Income Flood) , Marc Lindsay (Consumer
    Wealth System) , Desmond Ong (Blogging Syndicate)

    This is no ‘wish list’…

    The biggest guys in the industry are ALREADY behind what is set to
    be one the biggest Clickbank sensations of 2010.

    JVs are ready to earn up to $5.64 a CLICK and your buyers are
    ready for another top drawer product that does what it says on the

    Your list is going to be straining at the leash to check out this
    100% new “game changing” tool for themselves…


    Because this unique, custom made software is so simple and
    effective at generating tons of laser targeted, credit card
    holding traffic at ZERO COST…


    Sean McAlister – JVPress – WordPress 3.0 New Media Launch Theme JV
    Launch Day Is TODAY Tuesday, November 9th 2010
    Digg Sean McAlister - JVPress: WordPress 3.0 Multimedia Theme JV Invite!

    For those of you who don’t know me, I am a Product
    Launch Consultant, Business Strategist and fellow JV Broker.

    I have had the opportunity to work with many great Product
    Developers, Affiliates and Entrepreneurs over the years and
    am responsible for putting together some of the largest
    Online 7 figure product Launches.

    Simply put…this launch is backed by experience and an
    all star launch team.

    JVPress is a new company that is focused on Cutting Edge
    Technologies and Resources for Online Marketers, Affiliates
    and Entrepreneurs.

    I am extremely excited about the OFFICIAL Release of our
    Flagship Product – The “Multimedia” WordPress 3.0 Theme.

    We have been working hard to make this one of the EASIEST
    Wordpress themes to use and our Testimonials are backing
    that up!

    Over the past 30 days we have been conducting a Limited
    Release of the theme and the response has been overwhelming.

    ***Conversion are at 7.2%*** on the sales page And RISING!
    (this is with cold traffic). I will be adding the sales page to the
    main JVPress Site as we get closer to launch …


    Paul Smithson – The Complete Guide to Traffic JV Invite
    Launch Day Is TODAY Tuesday, November 9th 2010
    Digg Paul Smithson - The Complete Guide to Traffic JV Invite!

    One year in the making.

    – Over 30 hours of professionally produced video tuition
    – Over 140 over-the-shoulder ‘how-tos’
    – Over 30 interactive learning diagrams
    – Professional voiceover artists
    – Intros and Outros by professional actors/TV presenters
    – Workbooks
    – Quizzes
    – Resource library
    – Over 10 hours of audio interviews with TOP Internet
    marketers and SO much more!

    This really is the MOTHER LODE of traffic courses. It makes
    those courses that have gone before look like quick guides :-)

    It is quite simply the most IN-DEPTH, most WELL-PLANNED,
    and most COMPREHENSIVE course on traffic ever released.

    Absolutely no expense has been spared in creating what has
    already been described by those who have seen it as ‘A

    The course has been built on the same training platform as
    the best-selling ‘Complete Guide to Webside Building’ course
    we released last year. Here are a few comments from users
    of that course.

    ***** “This is the best online class I’ve taken”

    ***** “BRILLIANT!!!”

    ***** “It definitely exceeds my greatest expectations!”

    ***** “This is truly the “Mother Lode” of online training.”


    Alex Goad + Bryan McConnahea – Authority Pro – JV Invite
    Launch Day Is TODAY Tuesday, November 9th 2010 12 Noon EST
    Digg Alex Goad + Bryan McConnahea - Authority Pro JV Invite!

    *** New Killer WordPress Engine ***

    Alex Goad here with something pretty game changing…

    To make a long story short, over the past months, we have
    invested close to $60,000 in building a wordpress niche
    domination engine.

    It has the equivalent of over 10 custom plugins and 11
    widgets perfectly integrated, as well as some ridiculously
    sweet and helpful review and squeeze maker templates
    that make looking like a pro dead easy…

    You’ll really need to *see* this to do it justice.

    Needless to say, I’m very proud of it and I think it will
    make our own lives and those of our customers so much
    easier and more enjoyable when it comes to translating
    what we have in our heads to the exact equivalent on a

    Prelaunch is already underway (we are giving away the
    squeeze maker plugin for f.ree, and it truly rocks).

    Official launch is on the 9th of November at 12 noon EST.

    You’ll get paid well as you get 50% of the whole funnel,
    including the 97$ or $197 front end (either single site
    license or multi-site), the one-time upsell for $77 and
    the continuity upsell for $67 a month.

    Plus, when you see how incredibly valuable, time saving
    and credibility enhancing this “theme” is, you’ll instantly
    see why you want to get onboard: killer conversions are
    in order.

    Follow the link to sign up, we have swipe files, banners,
    spinnable reviews and just about anything you might
    need to make this a huge success for you…


    Justin Michie – 5 Minute Membership Sites – JV Invite
    Pre-Launch Began YESTERDAY Monday, November 8th 2010
    Launch Day: Monday, November 15th 2010
    Digg Justin Michie - 5 Minute Membership Sites JV Invite!

    On November 15th, I’ll be launching a new product
    that takes ‘make money online’ products to a whole
    new level!

    It’s called 5 Minute Membership Sites and it’s a plug
    n’ play system designed to help anyone setup
    complete and automated money making membership
    sites in 5 minutes or less.

    Here’s why you should be excited about this:

    >> You can earn up to $199 per sale + $27/month for

    >> There’s over $25,000 in CASH prizes for the top
    15 JV partners + all kinds of HOT pre-launch prizes
    as well.

    >> This is a super easy sell and insanely high value
    product with an EPC that will be through the roof.
    Seriously, there’s nothing like this anywhere that’s
    even close to this price point.

    >> Plus the refund rate will be ultra low since our
    backend system will deactivate the software of anyone
    who gets a refund, stopping freebie seekers in their

    For the sales copy, we brought in the hottest
    copywriter ClickBank copywriter we could find
    – David Raybould.

    David’s the guy behind many ClickBank #1
    launches like The ClickBank Code, The Affiliate
    Code & Google Sniper… that got crazy high
    conversions – up to 15% in some cases!

    We have loads of top super stars on board including:
    Ewen Chia, Matt Bacak, Russell Brunson, Tom Bell,
    Gary Ambrose, Anik Signal, Shawn Casey, Rob
    Benwell, Michael Rasmusen, Willie Crawford, Mo
    Latif, Oli Tee, Matt Benwell, Steven Johnson, Letian
    Liu, Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst, Cindy Batte, Jay
    Deiboldt, Imran Sadiq, Rhys Davies, Tim Bekker,
    Glen Hopkins, Matt Callen, Matt Garrett, Dr. Anthony,
    Javan Robinson, Paul Liburd, Adam Spiel, Jonny
    Andrews, Sean McAlister, Ian del Carmen, Ran
    Aroussi, Steven Lee Jones, Mark Shay, Bill McRea,
    Hollis Carter, Fabian Tan, Alvin Huang, Jit Uppal,
    Jason Parker, Corey Lewis, Ron Douglas, Desmond
    Ong, Mike Long, Shaun Smith, Ben Hulme, Reed
    Floren, Mick Moore, Ryan Bessling, Mike Mograbi,
    Edmund Loh, Gabor Olah, Chris X, Charles Kirkland,
    Lance Tamashiro, Marc Milburn, Dan Brock, Mark
    Walker, Mieke Janssens, Ken Sar, Simon Cad, Tom
    Ambrozewicz, James Jackson, Rob Selaney, Nick
    Marks & more.

    This is set to CRUSH IT on ClickBank and will be
    some of the easiest cash you’ll ever make…


    Craig Beckta – The Six Figure Code JV Invite
    Pre-launch Begins TODAY Tuesday, November 9th 2010
    Launch Day: Tuesday, November 16th 2010
    Digg Craig Beckta - The Six Figure Code JV Invite!

    In case you haven’t heard of me before now, I’m
    the author of the Secret Affiliate Code series on

    And today I’m informing you of one of the
    BIGGEST launches coming your way this

    The main objective for this launch is to make
    YOU the most simplest, easiest cash ever.

    The JV page is set to go… So make sure you
    read every word as it covers some very, VERY
    important points and dates which you need to
    be aware of.

    Firstly the product is very HIGH QUALITY and
    the sales copy is insanely killer stuff…

    I hired the MILLIONAIRE MAKER David Raybould
    to write it and it’s one of the best he’s ever done.

    If you haven’t heard of David before you’ve
    certainly promoted his work.

    He’s the copywriter behind super HIGH converting
    sales letters as: George Brown’s Google Sniper,
    Banner Ad Blueprint, The Clickbank Code,
    The Cash Code and about a Gazillion other
    Clickbank number ones.

    His copy flat out converts period…

    And this sales letter is insanely HOT, that means
    all you have to do is send traffic and make money,
    it’s that simple…

    Heavy Hitters Already On Board …

    Michael Rasmussen, Mo Latif, Cindy & Soren,
    Brian Johnson, Paul Ponna, Chris McNeeney (DJK),
    Alen Sultanic, Maverick Money Makers Team,
    Ben Shaffer, Steven Johnson, Eric Rockefeller,
    Chris Freville, Frank Bauer,  Charles Kirkland,
    Michael Beeson, Jason Gazaway, Jacobo Benitez,
    and MUCH more joining every day…

    You’re the only one that’s missing …


    Saj P – CPA Renegade – JV Invite
    Launch Day: Thursday, November 18th 2010
    Digg Saj P - CPA Renegade JV Invite!


    With all the Launch Frenzies going on these days I’m going to
    keep this real short and sweet. Also If your Tired of promoting
    crappy S*it to your List that doesn’t convert and gets you more
    unsubscribes than a ugly fat bald guy on a dating site then
    You want to Get Behind This Right Now. One of My Last
    Launches Jvs were Making $15k From One Email To Their List.

    Get Ready Its about to Happen All Over again on a much Bigger
    scale. Feel The Power.

    Im launching what is probably one of my last ever CPA Related
    Clickbank Products On November the 18th 2010 and you Really
    Want to Jump Onboard for This.

    As Always The Conversions will be through the roof like all my
    launches and most importantly your subscribers will fall in Love
    with you for promoting this product thus making them more
    responsive as it seriously Over Delivers.

    You Will Really Benefit When You Get Behind This Launch Now.

    CPA Renegade is an underground piece of software that we have
    used to churn multiple 6 figures from The CPA Nets in the last
    few months. Its a Ninja Unlock Script that has only been used
    by the Super Stealth CPA Guys up until Now.

    You Need to Check this Out, I will be giving Free Access to All
    my Top Jvs.

    Ontop of That we Have around 15 Hours Of Hard Hitting Solid
    Video Content mapping out how to use the Software properly
    and then How to Drive Insane amounts of traffic to make a

    In a Nutshell this is Going to Blow The Socks Off anything else
    out there …


    Mick Moore – Micro Niche Profit Automation – JV Invite
    Pre-Launch Begins: Thursday, November 25th 2010
    Launch Begins: Tuesday, November 30th 2010
    Digg Mick Moore - Micro Niche Profit Automation JV Invite!

    I’ve spent over 6 months putting together this system, so
    rest assured this isn’t a “slapped together” launch by any
    means. All the copy has been professionally reviewed by
    a several time Clickbank #1 writer, and conversion will
    prove that as well with EPC’s regularly over $2.00 so far!

    Long story short, I’ve put all I have into this launch, to
    make this enjoyable for EVERYONE. I’m setting up Pre-
    Launch so that I’ll actually be giving away a PLR product
    to everyone who gets 50 leads to sign up…so there’s value
    for even the smallest publishers! However, it’s DEFINITELY
    a goldmine for some of you big guns too! I have over
    $15,000 in CASH prizes being awarded for both Pre-Launch
    and Launch!

    I’m trying to come out guns blazing, so if you can just
    schedule in November 30th for a mailing, you won’t regret it!
    On top of the $47 front end price, there is a built in $47/
    month continuity (and the current stick rate is 80%) PLUS 3
    One-Click_Upsells through Clickbank. The highest of which is
    $197/ month!

    So needless to say, this bad boy is ready to make the big
    bucks for you in even just one mailing! I am MORE than
    willing to reciprocate in a big fashion by offering all the
    top 20 an autoresponder position for at LEAST a month.

    Already On Board (in no particular order):
    Bill McRea, Tim Bekker, Tom Bell, Steven Johnson, Jani G,
    Michael Edwards, Chris Cobb, Steven Lee Jones, Justin Michie,
    Melford Bibbens, Shaun Smith, Ben Hulme,  Matt Benwell,
    Desmond Ong, Dylan Loh, Dr. Joe Rubino, George Brown,
    John Hostler, Letian Liu, and many more to come!

    PS. If you have the ability to send more than 25 sales, please
    contact me as I would love to set something up!

    So…what is Micro Niche Profit Automation?

    Well, I tell it like this….


    Stephen Ng + Paul Walker – Freedom Blogging Profit  – JV Invite
    Launch Day: Wednesday, December 1st 2010
    Digg Stephen Ng + Paul Walker - Freedom Blogging Profit JV Invite!

    Let us quickly explain what’s in it for you:

    1. You Can Earn Up to $231 Commission Per Customer! (Paid
    by Clickbank)

    We follow the formula of some of the #1 Clickbank launches
    recently and here’s our cash funnel:

    Front End: $37 – the main blueprint Freedom Blogging Profit.
    4 Upsells at $197, $67, $47, and $37, respectively.

    You’ll Make: 60% of EVERYTHING!

    2.  JV Prizes
    Over 8,000$ in Cash Prizes, Reciprocal Mailings + Bragging
    Rights For Top Partners!

    The Product

    Freedom Blogging Profit will reveal the best kept secrets to
    make money from blogging with viral free traffic from Facebook.

    No one has taught this before, and we believe we have the
    newest and unique techniques that your visitors will be extremely

    Recently there are a lot of course teaching how to get traffic
    from Facebook by PPC, but our course is totally different. We will
    reveal how to make easy money from massive amount of free
    traffic from Facebook and how to monetize this secret traffic by

    This is the combination of two online most powerful sources of
    income and traffic. We are using the same secret to make money
    like crazy (6 figures) for ourselves!


    Desmond Ong – Blogging Syndicate – JV Invite
    Pre-Launch Begins: Monday, November 29th 2010
    Launch Day: Thursday, December 2nd 2010
    Digg Desmond Ong - Blogging Syndicate JV Invite!

    In case you haven’t heard of me before, I’ve ran a few
    launches here and there but I tried not to launch too
    many products in a year to keep my products extremely
    exclusive… :-)

    And I want to let you know about the BIGGEST launch
    that will close up the year 2010 with MASSIVE
    “awesomeness”… ;-)

    We are already starting to test the sales letter and recent
    test converts at about $3.34 — which is totally insane!

    I’ve consulted with a bunch of top copywriters such as
    David Raybould to churn out this AMAZING sales letter
    and the test results are getting better and better…

    And we are also paying CASH PRIZES and special surprise
    gifts throughout the entire pre-launch and launch, so by
    simply participating, you stand a chance to win these
    amazing gifts!

    Heavy Hitters On Board

    Steven Johnson, Vick S, Jani G., Dylan Loh, Cindy &
    Soren, Chris Freville, Shaun Smith, Bill McRea, Corey
    Lewis, Melford Bibens, Michael Dunlop, Neil Asher, Tim
    Bekker, Hitesh Juneja, Ray Johnson, Alex Shelton, Josh
    Bartlett and many more!

    I want to thank you again for looking through this, and
    Blogging Syndicate is going to be ClickBank #1 launch
    and this will be the easiest cash you will ever make thanks
    to our proven conversions both on the front ends and the


    Kunj K and Kish V – The Profit Spy – JV Invite
    Pre-Launch Begins: Monday, November 29th 2010
    Launch Day: Thursday, December 2nd 2010
    Digg Kunj K and Kish V - The Profit Spy JV Invite!

    Sign up as a JV partner and join the likes of Russell Brunson,
    Matt Benwell, EROCK, Mark Anastasi, Adam Short, Chris Cobb,
    Brian T. Edmondson, Brian Wynn, Daniel Wagner…and
    sorry I can’t name everyone, but there’s more than 20
    “household names” on this and more joining every day.
    This launch will OVER-DELIVER, both in earnings, cash
    and prizes for you and an ultra high-quality product
    for your subscribers…

    First, for anyone reading this that doesn’t know us:
    We’ve been in the IM business since 2005, and have had
    large successes as affiliates and product owners, both
    on Clickbank and on the CPA networks.

    We’ve had FOUR ClickBank Top 10 Sellers between us in
    four huge niches respectively, so we’re REAL Internet
    Marketers who have proven to dominate and convert time
    and time again.

    We also are big affiliates in the ClickBank and CPA
    scenes, we’re always testing like crazy and that’s how
    we came up with our Profit Spy Method.

    And now we’re teaming up it’s going to be mayhem.
    Expect nothing less than red-hot conversions and a
    product that overdelivers and gives customers EXACTLY
    what they need to crush it online.

    The Profit Spy is a proven METHOD that takes a unique
    angle at generating large profits from CPA offers by
    using a 100% free traffic technique.

    We all know that if you can get targeted traffic to CPA
    offers, your income is basically LIMITLESS.
    Yet 95% of Internet Marketers struggle to get any
    visitors to these offers or their landing pages. They
    won’t have that problem anymore.

    Our “Profit Spy” method has been banking for us like
    crazy, and it’s going to MAKE REAL MONEY for your
    subscribers too. It really works and we’ve made it into
    a simple method that ANYONE can use.

    The Profit Spy course is ultra high-quality, and worth
    a lot more than the initial $37 we’re charging for
    lifetime access to this course.

    You can get more info on the product here …


    Aaron Darko  – Push Button Money – JV Invite
    Pre-Launch Begins: Monday November 29th 2010
    Launch Day: Thursday, December 2nd 2010
    Digg Aaron Darko - Push Button Money JV Invite!

    We are in this together. My name is Aaron Darko and while
    you have never heard my name,  I have managed the
    backend of a 6 million dollar a year IM Business. Lets just
    say that I learned a few tricks and made a few connections
    that has allowed me to break out on my own (and want to
    invite you along for the ride)

    I will not only tell you about the $10,000 FIRST PRIZE
    (yes unheard of for a Clickbank product…)

    But more importantly how you will have the option of trading
    in that $10,000 first prize for a UNIQUE prize that could
    possibly make you over 1 million dollars. (Just by sending a
    few emails)

    Yes.  so the winner of this launch contest gets
    $10,000 and can walk away with it, or can trade that
    in for what is “behind curtain number one…”

    So who is FIGHTING FOR THE PRIZE? Lets see… (To start)

    Greg Wood, Adam Short, Mark Anastasi, Adeel and Bobby,
    Marc Lindsay, Ian Ross, Reed Floren, Paul Liburd, Antonio
    Guiditta, Neil Asher, Adam Horwitz, Alex Shelton, Kieran
    Gill, Phil Henderson, Steven Lee Jones, Alex Goad, Greg
    Jacobs, Ben Hulme, Steven Johnson, Jani G, Mitch Sanders,
    Dylan Loh, Chris Cobb, Eric Rockefeller, Joey Kissimmee,
    Michael Dunlop, Imran S, Matt Gill, Daniel Wagner and more!

    So what is Push Button Money?  (P.B.M. for short)

    P.B.M. is an intuitively designed system  (it was designed
    by MAC people) that allows users with a few clicks to create
    websites that are IMMEDIATELY PROFITABLE.


    Yes, the biggest hurdle facing our customers is finding a
    system that makes them lots of money with little work.
    We also found that UI  (user interface) is a major stumbling
    block because people just want to always know “where to click”

    P.B.M. is aimed at 3 groups of starving buyers …


    Nick Sharp – My Wealth + Freedom Pantheon System – JV Invite
    Prelaunch Begins: Wednesday, December 1st 2010
    Launch Day: Tuesday, December 7th, 2010
    Digg Nick Sharp - My Wealth + Freedom Pantheon System JV Invite!

    My name is Nick Sharp. And, I’ve done ad swaps with many of
    you. In fact, I’ve done over 100+ ad swaps with you fine

    Anyway, although I gave you an idiotic, “super-hyped up” first
    line of this letter. Well, I’m not really into a lot of hype
    and BS.

    I’m into helping people out and making people money. So, with
    my (spectacular) launch of the My Wealth & Freedom Pantheon
    System, I plan to make YOU a lot of money and help some people
    get their online business going.

    This launch is happening on 12/7 (Pre-Launch begins Wednesday
    12/1/2010~!) and it is targeting newbies or other people spinning
    their wheels trying to make money online.

    Sounds like the same old “junk”, no? Well, alas, my friend, it is

    For example, our pre-launch blog sequence has earned 1200+

    I’m quite proud of that, and my free content is better than a lot
    of paid content out there.

    What does that mean for you? Well, an excellent pre-launch
    sequence will deliver you $$$$$$$ my friend and good will from
    your list. $2.75+ EPC during internal testing.

    There will be cash prizes, pre-launch lead generation prizes,
    prizes for the best Halloween costume (ok, that’s a lie), and
    much much more (well at least some email swipes and banners)..

    I’ve done a bunch of swaps with Fabian Tan.. he’s a cool cat. And
    also, there is even a Doctor on that list. Do you understand … A
    DOCTOR! And if you’re a big time marketer guru leaderboard type
    elite IMer genius… well you need to be on that list too! And if
    you’re not, well you need to be on that list too! Everyone needs
    to be on that list.. make sense?..?!?!?

    Ok I sound a bit insane there..


    Steven Johnson – Total Traffic Annihilation – JV Invite
    Launch Day: Thursday, December 9th 2010
    Digg Steven Johnson - Total Traffic Annihilation JV Invite!

    Total Traffic Annihilation is an awesome product that
    looks, feels and delivers like a solid $497 high ticket
    product but instead it is being sold at $39 on the
    frontend with 3 MONSTER upsells…

    Heavy Hitters Already on Board

    Anik Singal, Russell Brunson, Paul Liburd, Justin Michie,
    Oli Tee, Mo Latif, Imran & Kieran, Matt Bacak, Joshua
    Bartlett, Jason Parker, Craig Beckta, Matt Benwell, Cindy
    & Soren, Mike G, Mark Vurnum, Carlton Riddick, Lanty &
    Javan, Sean Clark, Chris Fox, Keith Wellman, Dan Brock,
    Paul Ponna, Frank Salinas, Charles Kirkland, Huey Lee,
    Harris Fellman, Jeff Mills, John Denton, Craig Davidson,
    Michael Jones, Fabian Tan, Paul Walker & Stephen Ng,
    Mark Vurnum, Adam Horwitz & Tim Donovan, Richard
    Legg, Hollis Carter, Ben Hulme plus many many more
    to come…

    Product Details

    Traffic is one of the most talked about topics in the
    Internet marketing space right now, but the only
    problem is that everyone is teaching the same old
    outdated traffic generation methods.

    No one is talking about the NEW & IMPROVED stuff,
    such as YouTube Link Buying

    So, what we’ve done is put together all the top traffic
    generation methods used today that no one is really
    talking about! We’ve also setup an 11 part video
    course going over more traffic generation, both free &
    paid methods.

    Now another thing that we saw was wrong is that people
    put out all these courses on “how to get traffic” but how
    will they apply what they learn if they don’t have a
    website or blog to send it to?

    So we also setup a video course that will take your
    subscribers by the hand and not only teach them how to
    setup their own offer, but upload it to their server
    via FTP and attract affiliates to promote for them.

    The content being delivered is great and your subscribers
    will thank you for recommending them to this!


    Matt Bacak + Alen Sultanic – Mass Money Makers – JV Invite
    Launch Day: Tuesday, December 28th, 2010
    (a few days before Matt’s birthday – Dec. 31st)
    Digg Matt Bacak + Alen Sultanic - Mass Money Makers JV Invite!

    Alen Sultanic + Matt Bacak want you to become
    a mass money maker…and make a truck load of
    cold hard cash for the beginning of the year.

    These two super marketers have teamed up to
    knock out what’s planned to be the biggest launch
    of 2010 with many, many, many heavy hitters already
    on board committed to sending monstrous amounts of

    As you may already know…Matt Bacak holds the
    world record for selling the most front end units in 7
    days – well over 15,000 sales (and no one has came
    close to beating it), plus he’s created some of the
    best converting offers that have generated millions.

    Alen Sultanic has created 5 killer offers this year
    alone that did over $4 million in sales with the EPC
    being as high as $5 NET for JV’s, and did some of
    the highest selling launches last year.

    On top of that they test emails and subject lines too!

    That’s why these two super marketers are virtually
    guaranteed to knock out a winning launch.

    So, here’s where you come in, and here’s how
    you become a mass money maker.

    You’re exclusively invited to join the Mass Money
    Maker launch and win the top dog $20,000 cash

    You along with these committed industry heavy
    hitters will be promoting this launch and stuffing
    your clickbank accounts full of cold hard cash.

    Shawn Casey, Justin Blake, Mo Latif, Rob Benwell,
    Oli Tee, Steven Iser, Merlin Holmes, Tellman Kunson,
    Anthony Mc Carthy, Michael Jones, Dan Kuschell,
    Paul Liburd, Jason Parker, Imran & Kieran, Gary
    McGeown, Chris Freville,  Marc Lindsay, Jay Deiboldt
    and just to name a few… ( we just got started
    contacting )

    We’re going to be split-testing the offer for over
    a week before hand to ensure super high EPC,
    and we already have a proven high converting
    funnel on the back end that’s sure to make you
    serious money.

    So, what exactly is a “Mass Money Makers”? …



    Chris Freville, Michael Jones, Shaun Parsons, Dave Nayavich
    + Darren Salkeld, Bobby Walker, Dylan Loh, Dan Lok, Mike
    Merz + Mike Merz Jr. + other fellow JVNotifyPro partners are
    waiting in the wings … keep your eyes on your Inbox, and
    follow the action in the archives:



    “Hey, Mike … I really appreciate the combination of Fellow
    Partner + Popular JV Invites you offer in the JVNP Update, but
    how can I get on board Popular JV launches that are available
    to get on board but didn’t make the latest mailing like the
    highly anticipated offerings from Philip Mansour, Robert Grant,
    Ian Ross, Bill McRea, Bill McIntosh, Jamie Lewis, Marc Lindsay,
    Jeff ‘Herschy’ Schwerdt, Brian Evans, Andrew X, Jared Croslow,
    Glen Hopkins, Warren Shaw + Nick X, Steven Johnson and others?”




    What’s Happening @ JV Notify Pro?

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    Submit Your Joint Venture Marketing Articles

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    Remember my JV Marketing Golden Rule …

    “Get behind your partner’s launches as passionately as
    you’d like your partners to get behind yours …”

    Do YOU have a new product or service launch coming
    up that you’d like to invite your fellow JV Notify Pro
    partners to get behind”

    Note: That DOESN’T mean ‘I found your name in the
    search engines’, ‘read about you in a forum’, ‘was
    referred to you by So and So’, etc., decided it was
    perfectly appropriate to run right to JV Notify Pro,
    register, and request a premium mailing … all in 15

    It means you’ve been a JV Notify Pro partner that has
    actually contributed to the community, and is willing to
    wait your turn … it’s not about you, it’s about US.

    Please read this thread before you request a mailing …



    That’s All, Folks!

    To OUR Success,

    Mike Merz

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