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  • We’ve got a special, time sensitive JV proposal from
    Sterling Valentine (JV Formula), a couple of Buzz Builders,
    and a word from Mike in today’s edition.

    Sterling Valentine’s JV Formula JV Offer

    I first met Sterling Valentine at fellow JV Notify Pro partner
    Ken McArthur’s JV Alert Live Event in PA, last year …
    Let me just say that I could tell right then that I was in
    the company of someone special … extremely intelligent,
    articulate, personable, and the center of attention numerous
    times during the event, my initial guess was that he was a
    long established Internet Marketing professional …

    I was wrong … sort of.

    Sterling had established himself as a success coach and
    business consultant, but was an absolute ‘newbie’ to
    Internet Marketing.

    But being the ball of fire that Sterling is, he asked Ken …
    and a handful of other experienced JV Marketers that
    were connected to that and subsequent events, to
    help him achieve and document a ‘Newbie to $100,000
    transition … but we need your help.

    Fellow JV Notify Pro partners Willie Crawford, Mike
    Filsaime, Gary Ambrose, Frank Sousa, Phil Basten,
    Jane Mark, Neil Shearing, Brian Edmondson, Cody
    Moya, and others have already agreed to participate …
    Won’t you join them?

    Find out all about it, here:

    Join JV Notify Pro … Free, To Participate

    Once you’ve given the sales page a good look,
    scroll down to the bottom for affiliate details.
    As mentioned previously … this is a great opportunity
    to enjoy both high commissions AND exposure …
    please do check it out.


    Buzz Builders – Coming Soon!

    A major release from Alan Cheng and Anthony Fesalbon
    (late March), the creator of The Website Marketing Bible,
    Michael Cheney (July), Ewen Chia, Fabian Lim, Anik Singal,
    plus a whole lot more.
    Stay tuned!


    A Word From Mike

    As we approach 400 actual JV Notify pro partners, I’d
    just like to take this time to first thank you for being
    a fellow partner, and ask you to help me make JV Notify
    Pro even better … by joining the community, and taking
    advantage of the added fields to make the f r e e service
    even more valuable.

    Don’t feel pressured to participate if you don’t have the
    time, right now … feel free to lurk at your convenience.

    By registering and adding your details, your profile will be
    there working for you … even if you can’t be.

    And you have the ability to make as much or as little
    public as you like … your privacy is secure.


    To OUR success,
    Mike Merz
    JV Notify Pro

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