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  • A ground floor JV offer from Fabian Lim, of
    TheDowser fame, and a word from Mike … in this edition.

    Fabian Lim’s TheDowser Niche Database JV Proposal

    Greetings Fellow JVNotifyPro Partners!!!

    This is Fabian Lim, Chief Marketing Officer of TheDowser Software.

    I’d like to invite you to participate in….

    TheDowser Niche Database Cash Reward Affiliate Contest

    Here’s what awaits the Top 3 affiliates:

    Top Affiliate: USD1,000 cash

    2nd Place Affiliate: USD500 cash

    3rd Place Affiliate: USD300 cash


    ALL affiliates who make AT least ONE sale of TheDowser Niche
    will receive a FREE copy of TheDowser Niche
    Database software (a USD197 value!!!)

    Contest eligibility period: 14 March to 21 March 2006

    TheDowser Niche Database Pre-Launch Details

    Product Summary:

    TheDowser Niche Database is an easy-to-use yet powerful
    niche database system that comes pre-loaded with over 5
    million top paying keywords and niches.

    You can learn more about TheDowser Niche Database here:

    TheDowser Niche Database

    Pricing Summary:

    TheDowser Niche Database will retail at USD297, but we’ll
    be offering a USD100 discount during the pre-launch period.

    Pre-Launch period is from 14 March to 21 March 2006

    Official Pre-Launch Date

    TheDowser Niche Database order links will go ‘live’ on 14
    March 2006 at 1200HRS Eastern Standard Time

    JVNotifyPro Partner Perks:

    As a JVNotifyPro partner, you’ll be paid 50% 1st Tier
    commissions and 10% 2nd Tier commissions.

    (Normal affiliates are paid 40% 1st Tier and 10% 2nd Tier

    So you get 10% more on 1st Tier!

    If you have NOT already signed-up for TheDowser Affiliate
    Program, please do so here:

    Join JV Notify Pro … FREE, Today!

    I look forward to seeing you on the ‘inside’!

    Fabian Lim

    Chief Marketing Officer
    TheDowser Software


    A Word From Mike

    Just wanted to alert those partners that have requested JV
    announcements that they are being awarded on a first come,
    first serve basis … I will get to yours, promise.

    If you’re still not sure how to go about requesting an
    announcement, please read the following post:

    Join JV Notify Pro … FREE, Today!

    We have a number of very exciting, ground floor proposals
    coming your way in the days ahead … keep your eyes peeled
    for more info.

    To OUR success,

    Mike Merz

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