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  • We've got an exclusive JV proposal from fellow partner
    Cody Moya, buzz builders for upcoming projects to be announced,
    and more in today's edition.

    Hi …

    I am launching Top JV Secrets on April 14th (this Friday)

    Because you are member you do not need to purchase
    membership in order to be able to promote it.

    After launch in order to be able to promote one must became
    paid customer.

    I do not want to write a long letter here so just a few words.

    Top JV Secrets is Audio Course, the best course I created so far.

    This is NOT just a bunch of interviews put together and named

    While interviews may give good tips they are still just tips.

    In order to be able to effectively use most of tips people still
    need to have organized knowledge first. The only way you can
    have real knowledge is from course on subject, whatever
    subject may be.

    "Top JV Secrets" is an audio course from A to Z, from basics
    to most advanced Joint Venture techniques. You will discover
    how to boost profits and destroy your competition with Joint

    Take a look at sales page


    Payment 50% on first level, and 10% on second level.

    Visit the link below to sign up as a Top JV Secrets JV partner …

    *** JVNotifyPro Partners ONLY ***

    If you are JV broker this is very good product to let you
    partners know and earn 10% commission on second tier.

    If you already have affiliate account you may login from
    above link as well.

    All promo materials are ready.

    If you have any questions about Top JV Secrets launch
    please contact my JV manager Andrew at:

    webadmin @ xodoinc.com

    Again, launch is April 14th (this Friday).


    *** Special JV Notify Pro Partner Only Perk ***

    Though entrance to Cody's closed affiliate program was
    the agreed perk for fellow JV Notify Pro partners … I've
    managed to persuade Cody to offer an additional bonus
    that NOBODY else has access to …

    Top JV Secrets is going to sell, initially, for $97 … then
    the price will probably go up to $297 soon afterwards …

    As an exclusive bonus for your eyes only, Cody will allow
    JV Notify Pro partners ONLY to pick up a full version
    review copy before it goes public for only $49, PLUS …

    Make 3 sales on launch day (Friday, April 14th), and
    Cody will refund your $49 purchase price … turning it
    into a F R E E comp.

    Take advantage of this exclusive offer, here:

    *** JVNotifyPro Partners ONLY ***

    The link above will be active through Friday, April 14th.


    Buzz Builders … Coming Soon!

    Anik Singal … May 2006

    Michael Cheney … June 2006

    John Reese, Jeff Walker, Brad Fallon, Andy Jenkins, and More …

    Stay Tuned!


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    To OUR success … 😉

    Mike Merz

    Posted in Joint Venture Announcements | Comments Off on Groundfloor Top JV Secrets JV Offer, More …