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  • We’ve got a dynamite JV proposal from Jeremy Gislason and Simon Hodgkinson, buzz builders, and a word from Mike in today’s edition.

    The Secret Audio Sessions JV Offer

    Give away 3.5 hours of ‘closed door’ audio sessions to
    your subscribers, members and customers and ear.n
    $33.50 per sale when they upgrade to a Platinum membership.

    We’ve been tweaking the site, testing and tweaking some
    more in order to get this to be as beneficial to the members
    as possible while converting well for affiliates.

    Conversions from fre.e Gold sign ups to Platinum
    Upgrades have been a steady 4%-6% the past 3 weeks.

    10 Sales = $335.00
    50 Sales = $1,675.00
    100 Sales = $3,350.00

    Promo Tool #1
    Give away Gold memberships with 3.5 hours of valuable audios:
    (Audios can be listened to online, downloaded and include transcripts.)
    The Secret Audio Sessions

    Everything is ready for you to use inside the member area Including:

    Your Unique Affiliate URLs
    Endorsement Emails
    Text Ads
    Website Banners
    Image Graphics
    Thank You / Fast Action Bonus Codes
    Subject Lines
    Brandable Audio Give Away Tool

    Promo Tool #2
    Give away your Branded audio file:

    This is a short and fluff free (17mins)
    audio call packed with killer info about
    list building, traffic generation and more.

    It will also give every listener fre.e
    access to the Secret Audio Sessions Gold
    Membership site. (It will pop up the site
    with your affiliate link at the end of the call)

    When people sign up they are presented with
    an incredible value upgrade option and if
    they decide to go for it you’ll ear.n
    50% commissions on autopilot.

    It’s a Win:Win:Win offer

    The audio comes with its own mini-site
    that you can use to distribute it and easy
    to follow branding instruction video.

    Here’s A Few Places You Could Promot.e It:
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    * Give it away as a new subscriber incentive
    (let us help you build your list)

    * Send it to your previous customers and
    subscribers as a valuable gift.
    (they’ll love your generosity)

    * Use it as a bonus on your sales pages.
    (Increase your sale.s by adding more value)

    * Make it an un-advertised bonus on your
    Thank you/download pages.
    (Everyone loves a surprise bonus)

    The brander file contains the unbranded viral
    audio session, the brander tool, a ready made
    web site you can use to distribute the file and

    Mike Merz’s Jv Notify Pro members will not have to
    purchas.e a Platinum membership in order to promote.

    For a complimentary Platinum membership
    in order to review the over 6 hours of audios
    as well as be set up to ear.n 50% in commissions
    register here:

    Join JVNotifyPro.com Today!

    All we ask in return is you get this out as soon
    as possible to your lists and submit a testimonial.

    See current testimonials here:

    We look forward to working with you soon.

    Warm Regards,
    Jeremy Gislason
    Simon Hodgkinson
    The Secret Audio Sessions


    Buzz Builders … Coming Soon!

    Anik Singal High Ticket Course … May.

    Michael Cheney Mid and High Ticket Courses … May & June.

    John Reese, Brad Fallon, Andy Jenkins, And More … Stay Tuned!


    A Word From Mike

    I’d just like to wish you and yours a happy and healthy holiday
    weekend … and always!

    To OUR success,

    Mike Merz

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