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  • We’ve got a ground floor JV proposal from fellow JVNP
    partner Edmund Loh, Buzz Builders, and more … in today’s edition.

    Joint Venture Invitation to PLRGold

    Hi, fellow JV Notify Pro partner …

    This is Edmund Loh here with an exciting Joint Venture invitation
    for you. If you own a mailing list and have subscribers who are
    interested in Private Label Rights & Resell Rights, this offer is
    for you.

    I’ve got a big Joint Venture (JV) coming up on the 18th of July
    2006 (Tuesday, 8:00 AM EST). I’ve roped in some hard-hitting
    marketers into the scene and I would really like you to be part
    of it.

    The event I am about to launch is called PLRGold Master Rights
    Pack 3. In short, I am offering Private Label Rights & Master
    Rights to 7 new products. People can purchase them to put
    their name on the product as the author, edit them, sell them,
    and even resell their Private Label Rights.

    I am also offering a host of other Early Bird & Super Bonuses
    on ante together with the 7 new products, but you can check
    out the sales letter here:

    PLR Gold – Private Label Rights – Edmund Loh

    Check it out and you’ll be prompt to see that PLRGold has got
    a long-term track record with a series of testimonials given
    by some of the top marketers online.

    I am paying 50% commission ($98.50 per sale) and this event
    will run for 21 days only starting 18th July 2006 (and price
    increases every few days). You can also make 50%
    commission ($33.50 per sale) from One Time Off.ers your
    customer will see before downloading the 7 products.

    Only 350 packages will be sold. This should be a good
    incentive for your subscribers to purchase while it’s still
    early and at its lowest price.

    The promotion materials such as solo ads, sponsor ads and
    banners have already been pre-written for your own

    Commissions are paid out on a daily basis via PayPal.

    I hope you will join us in making more money for ourselves
    through this 21-day event. We are currently in the
    pre-launch phase now so please register your JV
    participation here now:

    JV Notify Pro Partners Only

    Please let me know if you have any questions regarding
    this Joint Venture invitation and I’ll be around to help.

    Edmund Loh

    Buzz Builders – Coming Soon!

    Nick Temple’s Google Checkout Course And Software JV – Just Days Away!

    Jim Morris and Scot Standke JV Proposal – Coming Soon!

    Jeff Alderson High Ticket Course – July/August Launch!

    Carl Galletti High Ticket Course – August Launch!

    John Delavera JV Manager 2 – September Launch!

    Donna Fox High Ticket Course – Coming Soon!

    Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula Relaunch – Coming Soon!

    Glen Barnhardt, Paul Smithson, Holly Cotter … and much, much more!

    Keep a few mailing slots open for these top notch JV offers!


    Check out recent JV offers from Jason James, Jason
    DeVelvis, Leon Klepfish, and Martin Brock … all
    announced within the past 5 days, plus more:

    JV Notify Pro Premium Joint Ventures


    To OUR Success,

    Mike Merz

    Posted in Joint Venture Announcements | Comments Off on Pre Launch PLRGold JV Proposal, More …