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  • We have an exclusive JV proposal from ‘The
    Godfather of Internet Marketing’, Mark Joyner, Buzz
    Builders, and more … in today’s edition.

    Special Simpleology JV Offer From Mark Joyner

    The reason it’s ‘special’ is that Mark intends on adding
    a few exciting back ends in the very near future that
    you’re definitely going to want to be a part of, not to
    mention the considerable in.come potential that comes
    with it.

    And you’ll have the luxury of offering something with
    true value to your visitors and subscribers, for fr.ee
    … while making some nice commissions on the back end,
    and Mark does all the work.

    I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before … but just in case
    you missed it, if it wasn’t for Mark Joyner … you
    wouldn’t be reading this email, and there wouldn’t be
    a JVNotifyPro.com.

    Mark gave me my first major JV brokering gig 3 years
    ago, and the success we enjoyed lead me down the path
    to being a successful JV broker and affiliate manager
    … so it goes without saying that I stand behind
    this, 100%.

    This is a closed JV offer … invite only.

    The special access URL:

    JV Notify Pro Partners ONLY

    Type the word ‘details’ in the Referring Partner
    field to ensure confirmation.

    You’ll find everything you need once you gain access
    to your account.

    Of course, if you’re already a Simpleology member …
    please disregard this offer (and keep an eye on your
    Inbox for a special message from MJ in the very near




    Buzz Builders – Coming Soon!

    Nick Temple’s Google Checkout Course And Software JV – Just Days Away!

    Carl Galletti High Ticket Course – August Launch!

    Jeff Alderson High Ticket Course – August/September Launch!

    John Delavera JV Manager 2 – September Launch!

    Donna Fox High Ticket Course – Coming Soon!

    Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula Relaunch – Coming Soon!

    Glen Barnhardt, Paul Smithson, Holly Cotter … and much, much more!

    Keep a few mailing slots open for these top notch JV offers!


    Check out recent JV offers from John Delavera,
    Edmund Loh, Jason James, Jason DeVelvis, Leon
    Klepfish, and Martin Brock … all announced
    within the past 7 days, plus more:



    To OUR Success,

    Mike Merz

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