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  • We’ve got a special off.er from fellow JV Notify Pro
    partner Costa Dedes, Buzz Builders, and a word from Mike …
    in today’s edition.

    Costa Dedes’ Ca.sh Set Up JV Proposal

    Hello, fellow JV Notify Pro partner …

    Thanks for reading my JV Notify post Wink

    I am offering 62% commission for my new product that just
    launched this week.

    The product will teach your opt in list about a business I
    created, optimized, and profi.ted big from.

    I give them all the tools and support they need to get their
    own business rolling.

    Don’t worry it is not a product about making info products
    and reselling them, or is it in the Internet marketing niche.

    Your list will be setting up a service business on the net
    that has almost no competition, yet high demand.

    You can review the sal.es page here:


    You will need to setup your affiliate account to promote
    the site.

    Here is a link to create an account:

    JV Notify Pro Partners ONLY!

    Just remember, replace YOURID with your actual
    Clickbank ID.

    Now, just send this solo ad to your eMail list:

    Subject: %firstname%, Can You Ma.ke $8,000 From $8?


    I have just setup a turn key business for you.
    It is so simple to setup that you will be pulling
    profi.ts in no time.


    Imagine Being Able to Consistently make ca.sh
    Each & Every week Using The Ca.sh Setup System

    Imagine How All That Ca.sh Would Help You
    Build Your Business & Generate Greater Profi.ts

    Now Stop Imagining & Find Out How to
    Make It All a Wonderful Reality Below!


    Thank You,
    Your Name

    P.S. – Limited availability, only a hand full of people
    are allowed into the ca.sh setup system.



    You are all set to promote the site now

    Just send me an eMail at … for your
    extra commission

    Thank You,
    Costa Dedes

    P.S. – Feel free to eMail me at cwdedes@gmail.com or
    call me at 585 770 0464


    Buzz Builders – Coming Soon!

    Ewen Chia High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Course –
    August 22nd Launch!

    Jeff Alderson High Ticket Course – September 12th

    John Delavera JV Manager 2 – September Launch!

    Bill Glazer High Ticket Course – Coming Soon!

    Donna Fox High Ticket Course – Coming Soon!

    Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula Relaunch –
    Coming Soon!

    Eric Rockefeller, Rob Benwell, Marc Lindsay, Glen
    Barnhardt, Paul Smithson, Holly Cotter … and
    much, much more!

    Keep a few mailing slots open for these top notch
    JV offers!


    Check out recent JV offers from Nick Temple,
    John Delavera, Edmund Loh, Jason James, Jason
    DeVelvis, Leon Klepfish, and Martin Brock …
    all announced within the past 2 weeks, plus more:



    A Word From Mike

    Starting next week, I’ll be sending out premium
    mailings on Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday, only
    … a maximum of two mailings per week.

    This is being implemented out of respect to both
    mailing recipients, and the JV partners making the
    offers available.

    I don’t want to pummel you with offers …. and I
    also don’t want to bunch offers together, potentially
    reducing their individual impact.

    Please take this into consideration when requesting
    a premium mailing.

    To OUR Success,

    Mike Merz

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