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  • Eric Rockefeller’s My List Monster JV Proposal

    Hi, fellow JV Notify Pro partner …

    My name is Eric Rockefeller, you may not of heard my name yet
    but please don’t let this stop you from taking a look at this great
    offer. My story is I came on the scene this year after deciding to
    quit my job and go for broke and chase my dreams. The reason
    for this drastic measure, I realized life can be very fragile and
    short, and I would no longer make excuses after losing my 27
    year old little brother to a motorcycle accident this past

    Instead of going crazy and down a bad path, I used this as my
    single motivating drive…

    No one and No thing will stop me anymore, and I am sad that it
    took a tragedy like this to find this part of myself…

    I am telling you this because I want you to know who I am and
    I also infused this message into my product to try to help others
    take action now…

    Without having to have something like this change the way they
    chase down dreams…

    Over a span of 3 months I was able to create relationships with
    and get huge names involved and promoting this list building DVD
    course… But I want you to stand with me as well…

    The Offer

    Name: MyListMonster.com (Physical List Building DVD Home Study

    Launch Date: Tuesday August 29th (Prelaunch 23rd)

    Overview: Over 16 hours of off the cuff video and audio
    interviews with top list building experts

    1 hour Video Interviews:

    Mike Filsaime
    Tellman Knudson
    Gary Ambrose
    Matt Bacak
    Dr. Mike Woo Ming
    Keith Wellman
    Warren Whitlock

    1 hour Audio Interviews:

    Craig Perrine
    Jeff Dedrick
    Liz Tomey
    Brian Edmondson
    Ben Schaffer
    Fabio Marciano
    Brett Ingram
    Martin Salter
    Tim Brocklehurst

    Also Included: 3 manuals on list building: a newbie guide,
    relationship email marketing manual, and the List Monster
    official guide with cutting edge list building techniques, and
    how I was able to go out there as a noob and create this

    Closed affiliate program: Jv’s will have access to videos
    online and can download all audios and manuals, You will
    receive 50% commission of starting 297$ for first 500
    product sold, then up to 397$ and possibly up to 497$
    (all based on testing and demand)

    Please check it out here:

    JV Notify Pro Partners, ONLY!

    Take a look at sales page here:


    There will be a big contest for 10 days with prizes for
    TOP 10 JV’s…

    Thank You
    Eric Rockefeller

    P.S. Please don’t hesitate to contact me personally for
    any reason…


    To OUR success,

    Mike Merz

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