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  • Profit From The Huge Toy Selling Market This Holiday Season

    Last year I made a huge mistake that cost me (and maybe you)
    hundreds… probably even thousands of dollars!

    I’m not going to be making this mistake again… in fact, I’m
    hoping to make it up to both of us

    I put together the Holiday Toy Sales Guide for the 2005 toy
    selling season on Ebay. It was a huge success!

    My mistake? I released it over a month too late!

    I didn’t come up with the idea until late November last year…
    and scurried to pull it together before the big shopping weekend
    of Thanksgiving. This year? It is coming out October 15th and I
    am inviting you to be a part of this successful report. The best
    part – even though I received rave reviews for last years report,
    I have had a solid year to refine and make the report even better!

    What does all this have to do with you?

    I am prepared to make an offer you just can’t resist! The 2006
    Holiday Toy Guide is valued at $144. It will be offered at $97
    with a 50% commission on October 15th. But, that’s not all… I
    have some great cash bonuses too… plus a cookie that doesn’t

    Here is a list of bonuses:
    In addition to $48.50 for every sale you make here are some
    great cash bonuses you can earn…

    ALL affiliates to reach 25 sales will receive an additional $75 bonus
    ALL affiliates to reach 100 sales will receive an additional $200 bonus
    ALL affiliates to reach 500 sales will receive an additional $750 bonus

    First affiliate to 100 sales receives an additional $200 bonus
    First affiliate to 250 sales receives an additional $500 bonus
    First affiliate to 500 sales receives an additional $2000 bonus

    Okay- so, what is so great about this report? I have spent the
    year researching toy trends and am compiling all the information
    of the top selling toys into ONE downloadable report. If you are
    at all familiar with ebay, you know that toys are THE hottest
    seller when it comes to the holidays. This list is an ebay sellers
    shopping list dream! Literally… it is a shopping list of what is
    expected to be the hottest sellers for this years holiday season.

    Wait… there is more! Not only does the report include a hot toy
    shopping list, those that buy it will also receive weekly updates
    showing how each toy is performing on Ebay compared to retail..
    Ebay is always changing… and that means the hot selling items
    are changing as well. These updates allow ebay sellers to be on
    top of the game and be on the look out for the hottest toys.

    So, what’s the catch? There really isn’t one! In fact, I have
    developed a bunch of tools to help you promote the 2006 Holiday
    Toy Selling Guide to your list… you will find banners, solo emails,
    articles – everything you need.

    In fact, because you are a part of the JV Notify Pro Community,
    I am giving you access to the affiliate tools 2 days before other
    affiliates. This gives you the advantage to start priming your
    readers now… the Holiday Toy Selling Guide is available October
    15th, 2006.

    Sign up as an affiliate now at:

    JV Notify Pro Partners … ONLY!

    Let me know if you have any questions… you have all been
    such a help and encouragement to me as I have prepared this
    over the past year – I looking forward to partnering with you.

    Jenni Hunt


    Stay tuned for JV offers from fellow partners Michael
    Rasmussen, Richard Quek, and more … coming soon!

    To Our Success,

    Mike Merz

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