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  • We’ve got a sure to be a hit JV offer from fellow JV Notify Pro
    partner, Glen Barnhardt, Buzz Builders for February, and more
    … in today’s edition.

    On January 29th, 2007 My Revolutionary New Program “The
    Landing Page System
    ” will be launching.

    Due to the Top-Secret nature of this product I can’t tell you too
    much about it right now.

    Here are a couple of hints about what kind of people would be
    interested in this program…

    Anyone who is involved in affiliate marketing needs this program.

    Anyone who uses paid advertising (like PPC) needs this program.

    Anyone using squeeze pages needs this program.

    Anyone who wants to start doing any of the above needs this

    You’ll have the opportunity to make some huge commissions.

    I’m launching it “firesale-style” with an amazing low price point
    that people will not be able to resist.

    The product is killer, and the sales letter was written by a world
    class copywriter who has generated millions of dollars of sales …


    (continued …)
    To Our Success in 2007 … and always!

    Mike Merz


    Would you like to request a premium JV mailing for your
    next new product launch?

    Here’s the details …


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