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  • I realize I’ve not done anything quite like this, before, but …
    the ongoing barrage of JV opportunities this month has
    no doubt left most of us with our head spinning.

    Here’s a quick nutshell update referencing JV Notify Pro partner
    JV announcements that made the update this month … and a
    sneak peek at those TBA, to make choosing a JV to support a
    little easier.

    (sorry if you don’t like the tracking links, but a few of the URLs
    would have wrapped if I didn’t employ them .. )

    Chris ‘Affiliate Project X”s “Day Job Killer

    #1 in 2 Tough ClickBank categories … gravity of 921 … under
    400 in Alexa on launch day … nearly 9,000 sold since launch …
    this one needs no intro (thanks to the partners that helped make
    this launch the most successful in CB history!).

    JV Details and Registration



    Keith Baxter’s “Stealth Traffic System

    Keith, along with his partners Scott Boulch and Todd Thompson,
    set the IM world on it’s ear with their PPL prospecting model
    (Death Of …, Give PPC The Finger, etc.), and Mr. Baxter is no
    stranger to traffic building membership sites … his ‘Stealth
    Traffic Secrets’ has been running successfully for over 2 years.
    Keith’s “Stealth Traffic System” is a great, low cost residual
    that’s high in content … retention should be near 100%.

    JV Details


    JV Registration



    Jeff Alderson’s “Instant Software Riches” – (Monday, Feb. 12)

    A partner that’s no stranger to enjoying success creating and
    selling unique software (Traffic Equalizer, Adword Analyzer,
    etc.), Jeff has put together a mega package of unique
    software … including private label rights, at a price that’s
    sure to convert well (yet still put a nice chunk of commission
    per sale in your pocket).

    Rough Sales Page


    JV Registration



    Brad Antin and Bill Harris’ “How To THINK Like A Marketer”
    (Tuesday, Feb. 13)

    Brad and Bill, owners of Centerpointe.com, have been in
    the marketing game longer than many of our fellow
    partners have been on this earth, they’ve used their
    knowledge and experience to build a $16 Million a year
    business (among other interests), and have decided
    to document the steps to their success in a
    comprehensive package that’s sure to satisfy Marketers
    of all levels.

    Prospect Blog


    JV Registration



    Anthony Tomei’s Lucky Lead Capture Page

    Pays 60% … Here’s the sales page …


    … and the ClickBank link (replace the X’s with your ID,
    of course).



    Buzz Builders – Coming Soon!

    Tahir Shah’s “No Hype No Fluff” … Next Edition!

    Sneak Peek – http://clicks.jvlistpro.com/z/ct/?kIBH43ZpOKMt1M8nLGjFPA

    Jim Guarino (TheMoneyExpert.Com) new high ticket
    package … TBA!

    Coming in March … Keep A Spot Open In Your Mailing
    Schedules For Releases From The Following Fellow JV
    Notify Pro Partners …

    **Jeffrey Neil**Chris Crompton**Chris Koehl**Michael
    Nicholas**Rod Beckwith**Jeremy Gislason**Nick Marks


    Quick Message From Mike

    We’ve had a long running log in issue that can be easily
    avoided if you log in using the form to the left on the
    JVNotifyPro.com home page … please use that point of
    entry until we get the problem fixed.


    Do YOU have a new product or service launch coming up that
    you’d like to invite your fellow JV Notify Pro partners to get behind?

    Visit …


    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    Mike Merz

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