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  • We’ve got a ground floor JV offer from fellow partner
    Tahir Shah, Buzz Builders, and more … in today’s edition.

    Tahir Shah’s ‘Dreams Not For Sale’ JV Offer

    On March 1st 2007 at 12.00pm EST, the official launch of
    “Dreams Not For Sale” takes place.

    My new ebook removes all the hype and fluff and presents
    clear working strategies that anyone can put to use to earn
    real money online.

    Testimonials have already flooded in from internet marketing
    experts like Derek Gehl, Linda Forsythe, and Abbie Drew in
    praise of what many believe will be one of the best selling
    ebooks of 2007

    The affiliate program will pay a whopping 70% commission on
    sales of the ebook and in preliminary testing the sales page
    has converted 1 in every 20 visitors into a buyer.

    The launch promotion will run over 7 days and there will be
    a competition paying Bonuses of:

    $1000 to the top affiliate
    $500 to second place
    $300 to third place
    $200 to fourth place
    $100 to fifth place

    Sign up right now as a JV Partner
    at: JV Notify Pro Partners, Only …

    You can take a sneak peak at the sales page at:

    JV Notify Pro Partners, Only …

    If there is one promotion you really can’t afford to miss
    out on this year… This is it.

    The buzz is already building, and it’s going to be a
    fun and profitable promotion for everyone involved.

    You will get access to all the promotional materials when
    you go ahead and sign up as an affiliate partner here:

    JV Notify Pro Partners, Only …

    Don’t forget… To be in the running for one of the prizes
    you need to be signed up as an official launch affiliate

    At 70% commission, a superb converting sales page and
    with the competition bonus prizes it’s got to be a win
    win for anyone involved!

    Warmest Regards,

    Tahir Shah

    P.S. Don’t delay – You might miss out on some vital
    prelaunch news and updates if you do. Go ahead and
    sign up right now to start promoting and earning from
    this promotion when it launches!

    JV Notify Pro Partners, Only …


    Buzz Builders … Coming Soon!

    Jim Guarino (TheMoneyExpert.Com) new high ticket
    package … TBA!

    Coming in March/April … Keep A Spot Open In Your
    Mailing Schedules For Releases From The Following Fellow
    JV Notify Pro Partners …

    **Jeffrey Neil**Chris Crompton**Chris Koehl**Michael
    Nicholas**Rod Beckwith**Jeremy Gislason**Nick Marks
    **Dan Lok**Wayne Van Dyke**Huh??**


    Do YOU have a new product or service launch coming up that
    you’d like to invite your fellow JV Notify Pro partners to get

    Visit …


    Happy Valentines Day, my friend!

    Mike Merz

    Posted in Joint Venture Announcements | Comments Off on ‘Dreams Not For Sale’ JV Offer, More …