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  • I’m taking this time to both introduce you to a long time
    friend … Rick Beneteau (a few of you old timers may
    remember when he was a big name in the IM niche),
    and to offer you the chance to get behind a truly worthy
    cause … please read on.

    – Mike

    The Most Viral Joint Venture…Ever!

    Join the most honored Internet Marketers

    – Bring Home the Troops
    – Shelter and Feed Millions of War Refugees
    – Create World Peace!

    If you’re tired of watching news of war, terrorism and
    turmoil, and the politicians and world leaders who seem
    powerless to do anything about it, then this will be one
    of the most important letters you’ll have read in a long,
    long time…

    …because now, by combining the power of over one billion
    people connected to the Internet, with revolutionary new
    technology and some awesomely explosive viral components,
    you can change the news – instead of helplessly watch it!

    Not only that…for the first time ever, you can actually
    “measure”–in real time–the positive effects you’re having
    on thousands and thousands of people around the world
    anytime you want!

    You are about to change the world!

    I’m Rick Beneteau, co-founder of a project known as
    10 Million Clicks for Peace. You might know my name from The
    Internet Toy Drive (www.internettoydrive.org) that I operate
    each year in affiliation with the U.S. Marines Toys for Tots
    program, or, from my popular podcasts or my many pioneering
    Internet marketing products. But if you’ve never heard of
    me, it’s not a big deal.

    What IS a big deal is that the Internet marketing community
    is beginning to make changes in the world that only
    yesterday, seemed impossible!

    We are banding tightly together to use the power of the
    Internet to create real and lasting peace in the world!

    This may sound pretentious, even arrogant, but what I am
    about to tell you is REAL and WILL HAPPEN with or without
    you. My great hope is that it is with you!

    10 Million Clicks for Peace is beginning to sweep the globe.

    Founded on July 15, 2006 by Julian Kalmar (creator of The
    Happiness Formula), myself and a dedicated core team, and
    developed over the last year in tandem with viral marketing
    genius, Robert Evans (founder of Pass Along Concepts),
    what’s been created is nothing less than the most viral
    joint venture ever!

    Take a look at who’s supporting this noble initiative at
    this early stage:

    – Nobel Peace Prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

    – Spiritual guru to millions Deepak Chopra.

    – Personal growth icon Jack Canfield.

    Internet Marketing masters Marlon Sanders, Rosalind Gardner,
    Craig Perrine, Tom Venuto, Jon Benson, Mike Hill and too
    many more to even mention here.

    Arun Gandhi, who carries forward the work of his famous
    grandfather, Mahatma Gandhi, said this about 10 Million
    Clicks for Peace:

    “Technology sometimes can make life easier and peace more
    achievable. 10 Million Clicks For Peace has the distinct
    ability to marry the two concepts–funding for peace and
    technological progress–and lighten the burden of
    peacemakers everywhere. Using technology for the good of
    humanity is something I believe in strongly and therefore
    have no hesitation in endorsing this program.”

    For the past year, I have put all my resources behind this
    project and I want you to join me right now to help make
    this a better world…

    …for yourself and your family,

    …for millions of ordinary citizens we can reach over
    the Internet,

    …for our troops who want nothing more than to come home,

    …for over 20 million war refugees all over the world
    who need a meal and a safe place to sleep.

    In short, the greatest ‘teachers of peace’ in the world
    today–icons like Jack Canfield, John Harricharan, Dr.
    Michael Norwood, Dr. Joe Rubino and so many more–have come
    together to share with you what amounts to the largest
    personal growth course ever (at no co.st to anyone) in the
    world’s largest campaign to teach the principles of creating
    inner peace. This IS the personal peace that allows you and
    I to enjoy better decision making, better health and better
    relationships, and, also to become more productive, more
    creative and a whole lot wealthier!

    Consider this…

    Peaceful people do not start wars!

    Create millions of personally peaceful people, and nations
    will become more peaceful!

    That’s the core mission of 10 Million Clicks for Peace,
    along with providing food, shelter, clothing, medicine, and
    HOPE to millions of war refugees around the world–the
    innocent victims of other’s non-peaceful thoughts.

    Just so you know, donations go to the ‘Clicks for Peace
    Fund’ administered by We, The World 501(c)(3) to
    support worldwide refugee assistance programs. As you
    may know, We, The World is advised by such notables as
    Nobel Prize winner, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Marianne
    Williamson and Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE. You can cli.ck here
    to see how donations are handled.

    Here’s what one of the largest refugee charities in the
    world said about 10 Million Clicks for Peace…

    “Mercy Corps wholeheartedly endorses this innovative
    initiative for peace. 10 Million Clicks for Peace is a
    shining example of what each of us can do, as partners for
    peace, to be the change we want to see in the world.”
    –Mercy Corps (www.mercycorps.org)

    And here’s what the co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul,
    Jack Canfield (recently featured in ‘The Secret’), had to

    “Once in a great while, a project comes along with the
    most profound implications for the future of all humanity.
    For the first time in history, every person can effort-
    lessly contribute to world peace using the power of the
    Internet. 10 Million Clicks For Peace is a mission of the
    highest human spirit and contains a most remarkable mech-
    anism for creating world peace. I am honored to give this
    innovative humanitarian project my full support that we
    may once and for all move all peoples and all nations to-
    wards greater kindness, harmony, and love.”

    Now, for the most exciting part. It’s called…

    …your Personal Peace Impact Meter (PPIM).

    Your Personal Peace Impact Meter is so unique that it’s
    patent-pending! The tracking mechanism measures–in real
    time–the 8 positive effects each member is causing in the
    world. You can actually see the numbers change right before
    your eyes as you take positive actions.

    But, it gets better… When the people you influence tell
    other people, the positive effects they create show up on
    your Personal Peace Impact Meter too.

    The PPIM has infinite levels of tracking!

    Imagine sitting at your computer writing sales copy when up
    pops this notification that someone downstream from you has
    just sheltered and fed yet another war refugee. Now, that’s
    the kind of pop-up you won’t want to block! Wouldn’t you
    agree that the most powerful conversion rate you’d ever
    experience would be the one where you saved somebody’s life?

    Many wise teachers talk about making a small effort to make
    a big difference in a person’s life. What if you could
    actually make a big difference in tens of thousands of lives
    with that same, small effort?

    Your Personal Peace Impact Meter tracks every referral,
    every member, every donation, every pledge, every refugee
    helped, and other important peace-spreading actions!

    Now, imagine how many people your Internet marketing friends
    (who have large lists) and your subscribers will reach. When
    they read this letter how many listowners and subscribers do
    you think they’ll reach? Just one cut-&-paste email to your
    list will probably result in tens or even hundreds of
    thousands of people being helped all over the world!

    But it gets even better still!

    Integrated into our website is the same kind of “scraper”
    referral technology that built MySpace! So, every person you
    reach, and all the people they reach, and on and on, can
    send every person in their instant messaging, regular
    email and web-based email address books, an invitation
    about 10 Million Clicks for Peace! Instead of referring just
    a handful of friends, each person you reach will be
    contacting hundreds of others – and it all gets tracked on
    your meter!

    Did I just hear you scream, “HOLY VIRAL?”

    Once you join the 10 Million Clicks for Peace campaign I’m
    confident you’ll be blown away by all the other viral
    components AND the resources we’ve built into the project.

    Things such as Pass Along Peace Cards – inspirational,
    “interactive” cards that you hand out to friends and co-
    workers or leave behind with your tip at a restaurant. These
    nifty little peace-spreaders contain a unique ID number that
    can be tracked online as they are passed person-to-person
    around the world. Every recipient has the opportunity to
    leave special messages behind and share how the cards have
    positively impacted their life. Your simple actions here
    alone could result in literally millions of inspiring
    messages going out into the world feeding war refugees. And,
    your Personal Peace Impact Meter will track every card and
    refugee helped!

    Look what else…

    We even have a way where sending your daily emails will
    cause your meter to ramp up!

    Please don’t think for a moment that your efforts will go
    unnoticed because we want to show the world that you belong
    in our soon-to-be well-publicized Top 200 Peace Promoters

    10 Millions Clicks for Peace is about changing the world as
    we know it.

    It’s also about you, your family and your business.

    Just so you’re clear, here’s the “what’s in-it-for-me”

    You will leave a legacy for your children, your
    grandchildren and for future generations as someone who
    acted selflessly, out of nobility to make a huge impact in
    the lives of thousands, or even tens or hundreds of
    thousands of people.

    You will create more personal peace for yourself and your
    family and your friends.

    You will, by applying the life-changing inner peace,
    happiness and success information you’ll receive, improve
    your business and increase your profits.

    You will, singlehandedly, be able to influence the world as
    few politicians, or world leaders have ever been able to.

    You will help bring home the world’s troops.

    You will be seen by your subscribers, customers and all
    those you do business with as someone who is doing their
    part to solve global problems.

    Most importantly, you will save lives–many of them!

    “10 Million Clicks For Peace is a beautiful expression of
    our infinite creative potential. We are free to create
    peace for ourselves…and now it’s as easy as a few
    clicks. What a magnificent project!”
    –Deepak Chopra, M.D. (www.DeepakChopra.com)

    What do I have to do?

    …really simple.

    Become a VIP member and load up your autoresponder with one
    of our compelling emails. Then sit back and watch your
    Personal Peace Impact Meter readings start to explode–as
    each person you connect starts connecting their subscribers,
    customers, contacts, friends and family, and so on down the


    Stop writing your latest product.

    Delay your pending promotion.

    Even cancel your vacation (well, at least load up your
    autoresponder before you go:-)

    …and join me right now. Register here to become a VIP

    Together…we can stop so much suffering and bloodshed.

    Together…we can start bringing home the troops.

    Together…we can change what politicians can’t.

    Together, we CAN finally put an end to the madness!

    Let me close by saying that if there’s one thing the
    Internet marketing community is appreciated for, it’s
    rallying to make a difference in a person’s life when they
    are faced with hardship.

    What makes this project different, is that we’re dedicating
    ourselves to changing millions of lives, AND, the world as
    we know it today!

    Now that you understand why this IS the Most Viral Joint
    Venture Ever, let’s change the world!!!

    With great hopes and expectations,

    Rick Beneteau, Co-founder,
    10 Million Clicks for Peace

    P.S. Yes … I know you’re being bombarded with
    a gazillion JV offers but clearly this is unlike anything
    that’s ever come across your computer screen. Imagine a
    single mailing to your list and to the many listowners you
    know (who will mail to their lists) coupled with our
    infinite tracking system and cutting-edge viral components.
    You will literally affect hundreds of thousands of people in
    the most profound way! You have before you, right here and
    now, the opportunity to change the world as you know it–not
    only for yourself and your immediate family–but for
    those you will leave behind for generations to come!

    P.P.S. Depending on the nature of your lists, some of your
    subscribers may be shown one of our movie front ends. You
    can view those at www.tenmillionclicksforpeace.org, but
    don’t sign up there because you need to register as a VIP
    to get access to the promotion letters.

    P.P.P.S. If you want a more detailed overview of 10 Million
    Clicks for Peace, download our PDF:

    P.P.P.P.S. Imagine, just for a second, how I felt when one
    of my greatest heroes–a selfless man who continues to
    work diligently for peace and a better world for us all,
    Nobel Peace Laureate Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu–
    offered the following words about this project:

    “Peace, in its most fundamental form, is the connection of
    one human spirit to another. As we connect with each other
    we engender understanding, trust, compassion, and every
    other expression of love. 10 Million Clicks For Peace
    hastens the connection process so that we may bring love
    to each other on the broadest possible scale. What a
    beautiful and remarkable concept!”
    –Nobel Peace Laureate, Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu

    Join this noble cause as a VIP right now and change the



    That’s All, Folks!

    To OUR Success,

    Mike Merz

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    your Inboxes by not over doing it. Thanks for your support.

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