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  • We’ve got an exclusive JV Invite from Fellow JV Notify Pro
    Partner Matt Benwell (Rapid Automated Income JV Invite),
    Buzz Builders (Paul Walker – Affiliate Cash Ultimatum Pre-
    Launch), and More … in Today’s Brother Of Another Benwell

    – Mike

    Matt Benwell – Rapid Automated Income JV Invite
    Launch Day: Monday, July 12th 2010
    Digg Matt Benwell - Rapid Automated Income JV Invite!

    Hey, Fellow JV Notify Pro Partner.

    Matt Benwell here…

    I’m the creator of Quick Fire Profits, Super Speed Wealth
    and Zero Cost Profits.

    My first marketing launch in December 2007 called
    Quick Fire Profits, was one of the very first recurring
    products to be sold on Clickbank and sold over $500,000
    in monthly memberships.

    The launch of Super Speed Wealth in July 2008 was another
    successful membership site and pioneered the way for many
    of the ready made ‘plug & play’ affiliate products sold in
    the last two years.

    My last launch Zero Cost Profits in December 2009 converted
    like crazy (the average EPC (Earnings Per Click) was $1.83)
    and has brought my total sales to over $1 million in just 3
    short years.

    I expect this one to be much bigger for one main reason:

    The offer IS what people want!

    The market doesn’t want to learn about how to do this, how
    to do that. They want one thing… to make a bucket load of
    QUICK & EASY cash.

    Rapid Automated Income does exactly that. All they have to
    do is plug in the system and count how much cash they make.

    No technical experience or learning required!

    Just Plug it in and Profit!

    Smart marketers know this and are backing this 100%!

    Already confirmed (in no particular order) are…

    Shawn Casey, Mo Latif, Matt Bacak, Jason Gazaway, Rob Benwell,
    Mark Shay, Imran S, Craig Davidson, Glen Hopkins, Chris Freville,
    Tim Bekker, Steven Johnson, Steven Lee Jones, Ewen Chia, Gary
    Baker, Cody Moya, Steve Tenpenny, Paul Walker, Brian Wynn,
    Corey Lewis, Craig Beckta, Howie Schwartz, Merlin Holmes plus
    many more…

    Make sure you’re in the loop also to promote this sure fire
    profit machine!

    JV Notify Pro Partners, Only.

    So here’s how the launch will go down…

    Monday 12th July – The launch page goes live at 12pm (noon) EST.

    The page WILL convert for one reason. I’m testing the offer prior
    to launch. I know myself how annoying it can be to sucked in by
    the hype that some marketers fill there pages with in order to get
    you to promote their products.

    “Hey promote my site, it’s converts at like 1,000,000%”

    Now we all know that’s a pile of BS!

    So how do you know this will convert?

    Well like I said I’m testing this prior to launch. I’m testing
    video copy, text copy and a combination. Once the results are
    in you’ll get to see them first hand here…

    So you’ll know exactly what kind of REAL conversions you’re going
    to get by promoting Rapid Automated Income!

    So now lets have a look at a brief overview of the product and
    those all important commissions 🙂

    Product & Commissions

    The front end product is access to my Rapid Automated Income
    system which will be initially priced at $77. The price will rise
    at undisclosed intervals.

    System breakdown:

    The Rapid Automated Income system is designed so the user
    doesn’t have to learn anything. Just plug-in the ready made
    profitable niche campaigns and sit back and watch them make

    It really is as easy as counting 1…, 2…, 3….!!!

    DOWNLOAD  ==>  COPY  ==>  PROFIT!!!

    On purchase of Rapid Automated Income the customer automatically
    qualifies for free 30 day access to my Mass Traffic Monthly
    newsletter series. They will be billed $27 per month once the
    free 30 day trial period expires!

    After they purchase RAI they will be directed to my special offer.
    This will be an annual subscription to my Insider Six Figure
    Success Club newsletter series priced at $197 (normal price of
    $37/mth will also be offered).

    This upsell currently converts at 37.8%

    You will receive 50% commissions on all products.

    So why should you promote Rapid Automated Income?

    The Irresistible Offer:

    We all know that marketing can be a pain in the ass sometimes.
    Trying to get offers that convert, sniping those killer markets
    and then driving tons of traffic to cash-in.

    I’m taking that pain out of the equation with by giving the
    customer everything they need to make money easily online

    My Copy Converts:

    In the last 3 years I’ve sold over 11,000 memberships and courses
    totaling over $1 million in sales. Last time out the average EPC
    value was $1.83. One guys promotion even converted at $6.51. I’m
    very confident that I will beat it this time out! The backend
    offer converted at 37.8%

    BIG Easy Commissions:

    You will earn 50% commission on a $77 frontend, an easy recurring
    commission price of $27/pcm, plus a high converting $197 back-end
    one time offer. That could be an easy $285.50 in your pocket per

    That’s $285.50 Per Customer!!!!

    With this awesome 3 step ready made income offer there is no
    reason why even the worst, laziest affiliate in the world should
    make at least 100+ sales.

    But the question really is how many times over will you do this?!

    JV Notify Pro Partners, Only.

    Besides commission, what you get out from this launch is that…

    You and I Can Form a Long-Term Relationship…

    “Promote my product and I will product yours”
    If you go all out for me and have a quality product of
    your own, I will ensure we make sales for you. Not a
    half hearted effort, a full push in proportion to what
    you have to offer…

    That means you can make much more money from your promotion.

    Remember Rapid Automated Income launches on Monday, July 12th
    at 12pm EST (US Eastern Standard Time)

    It’s truly going to be another awesome launch which will generate
    you tons of cash.

    Make sure you sign up at the link below to be in the loop:

    JV Notify Pro Partners, Only.

    I’ll see you on the inside

    Matt Benwell


    Buzz Builders

    Tim Bekker – The Autoresponder Code JV
    Launched Just This Past Tuesday, June 15th 2010
    Digg John                      Delavera - Turbo Farewell + Tim Bekker - AWeber Code   JV          Invite!

    Tim has been a strong supporting JVNP partner,
    participating in many partner launches and winding
    up in the Top 10 more times than not, so helping
    him get the word out about his latest launch is
    simply one hand washing the other … that’s how
    it’s done, here.

    Details and JV Registration …


    Mark Dulisse – Dominating Google JV Invite
    Launched Just This Past Tuesday, June 15th 2010
    Digg Chris             Freville & Mark Dulisse - Dominating Google JV Invite!

    Yes! We are giving you loads of notice… for 3 very
    good reasons…

    Reason #1:

    “Dominating Google” does exactly what it says on the tin!
    Your subscribers will love it because they can very quickly
    build a 5-figure a month business as an AFFILIATE using
    ONLY white hat organic SEO. We will be sharing our
    PROVEN system for Dominating Page One of Google!

    Reason #2:

    Time to unleash our secret weapon! We have exclusively
    hired the Copywriter who’s copy has helped pull off some
    of the biggest launches the Internet Marketing world has
    ever seen! We’re talking MULTIPLE 7 figure launches
    with conversions that have made a lot of Affiliates very
    rich indeed!

    Reason #3:

    You can earn up to $294 commission PER buyer you
    send our way plus some incredible prizes for pre-launch
    (starting June  and launch week (starting June 15).

    You can see all the details here …


    Brian G. Johnson – Halloween Super Affiliate JV Invite
    Pre-Launch Commenced Tuesday, June 15th 2010
    Launch Day: Tuesday, June 22nd 2010
    Digg Brian          G. Johnson - Halloween Super Affiliate JV Invite!

    Hey, it’s Brian G. Johnson and this is what I’ve got:

    A complete business-in-a-box coaching program that will
    sell for $499 at ClickBank and will pay 50% commission.

    Halloween Super Affiliate offers the following.

    * Live coaching from July – September (20 plus webinars)
    * Free Premium WordPress FlexSqueeze Theme (sells for
    * Free 90-Day Access to an Underground Link Building
    Membership ($201 value)
    * A Proven And Effective System for Cashing In During
    Halloween. Proof will come in the form of past student
    testimonials and earning statements.

    We’re talking about stacked and massive proof elements.

    Real people … earning real money … using the Halloween
    Super Affiliate   system.

    Super commissions await …


    Paul Walker – Affiliate Cash Ultimatum JV Invite
    Pre-Launch Begins TODAY Thursday, June 17th 2010
    Launch Day: Tuesday, June 22nd 2010
    Digg Paul         Walker - Affiliate Cash Ultimatum JV Invite!

    I would like to invite you to the launch of my new
    product Affiliate Cash Ultimatum (ACU), a product that
    looks, feels, delivers like its worth $197 and converts
    like hot cakes…

    For those of you who may not know me, let me quickly
    introduce myself. I am the author of many Clickbank’s
    top five forex products and the recent hit Clickbank
    Cash Supreme that reached Clickbank’s gravity of 150
    a few months ago. I believe this time with your help
    the ACU launch will be much bigger.. And I hope
    through this launch, we can build relationships that
    mutually benefit us in many different niches.

    Now let go straight to the point…

    Let me quickly explain why my launch ACU is gonna be
    a Clickbank big hit and what’s in it for you…

    The sales copy is handled by a top copywriter. The killer
    sales page features solid proofs, testimonials and case
    studies. The sales process with pre-sell videos and
    testimonials can really create buyer frenzy. Recent tests
    have showed ACU to be pulling at a solid 8.9%.

    The Product will seriously over deliver and make your
    referrals a lot of money. The commission is massive,
    70% for the main product that sells for $47, an O.T.O
    at $77, and another recurring backend at $37/month.

    ACU is a comprehensive course teaching all the
    techniques to make money online without a product or
    website.  Affiliates will find the most powerful and most
    up-to-date techniques to generate quick and easy money
    without any experience, any website or capital inside the
    member area jammed packed with videos and blueprints.

    What’s In It For You? …


    Bryan Dulaney – Lead Arbitrage Method JV Invite
    Pre-Launch: Tuesday, June 24th 2010
    Launch Day: Tuesday, June 29th 2010
    Digg Bryan         Dulaney - Lead Arbitrage Method JV Invite!

    Hey, it’s Bryan Dulaney and this is what I’ve got:

    A complete business-in-a-box coaching program that
    will  sell for $1,997 and will pay $500 commissions +
    $20,000 in Cash Prizes.

    Lead Arbitrage Method offers the following:

    * Step-by-Step tutorial videos to get you to making
    $2k+ per day with this hush-hush Super Affiliate Method.

    * Live coaching from July – August via Webinars.

    * Prosper Tracking Domain Purchased & Hosting Included
    – no technical hurdles!

    * Complete Outsourcing Videos you can hand over to your

    * A Proven And Effective System for Cashing In on Lead

    * Scripts Installed For You!

    There’s going to be a ton of BUZZ around this launch as
    many of the Super Affiliates do NOT want this method
    going LIVE to the World. It has been reserved for
    Advertisers, Super Affiliates and Network Owners for the
    past 5 years and NO ONE has brought this method to the
    World to date.

    Your Super commissions await …


    Alex Shelton (With George Brown) – IM Elite JV Invite
    Pre-launch Begins: Thursday, June 24th 2010
    Launch Day: Thursday, July 1st 2010
    Digg Alex    Shelton (With George Brown) - IM Elite JV Invite!

    For those that don’t know me, you may have heard
    of some of the launches I’ve been involved in.

    Such as Google Sniper…

    (It went to #1 on Clickbank overnight, and stayed
    there for over 5 weeks STRAIGHT… seriously)

    Or Traffic Ultimatum…

    Which just like Sniper has become one of the few
    “million dollar” CB launches over the past years.

    I’m now ready to do my first launch on July 1st,
    and it’s looking EPIC, and like a very big payday.

    5 Reasons why this is going to be a “big’un”:

    1. An amazing product. IMElite.com is THE IM
    membership site, and retention rates are like
    nothing else out there. (Think of it as Facebook
    for internet marketers)

    2. Conversions. George Brown has masterminded
    every “behind the scenes” aspect of the launch and
    so you KNOW you’ll make money.

    3. Commisions. $67 front end RECURRING and 2
    super, highly related and NEW upsells at $97 each.

    4. Recurring. Expect 4 months PLUS. Enough said

    5. Prizes. Just wow! We’re giving away some really
    unique, special prizes. Make sure you see them.

    —–> Check out the prizes here …


    Craig Dawber – Google Supremacy JV Invite
    Pre-Launch: Tuesday, June 29th 2010
    Launch Day: Tuesday, July 6th 2010
    Digg Craig       Dawber - Google Supremacy JV Invite!

    And the results are in: the market is going to eat this up like
    sugar coated candy.

    For 3 main reasons:

    1. The Product:

    It’s a product that’s to die for…

    It will finally END the traffic problem for your customers…

    They will be thanking you for this for years to come..
    Because it helps them set up a rock solid autopilot income in
    just days from their purchase.

    People claim they can do that. We actually do it.

    2. The copy.

    I dug deep here folks and hired the best damn copywriter
    I could find.

    I’m talking about Mike Williams “The Conversion King”.

    Currently Matt Bacak’s personal copywriter Mike he’s famous
    for bringing in…$20 click…without breaking a sweat.

    Just take a look at the sales letter for this one…and you’ll see
    why smart affiliates are dropping EVERYTHING to promote this…

    His copy is just a cut above…it’s that simple.

    I’ll be testing up to 20 elements of this letter right up until
    launch day…

    Bottom line? The clicks you send my way will turn into cash
    like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

    3. The Payouts …


    Curtis Ng + Maulana Tasaufi – Link Builder Pro JV Invite
    Pre-launch Begins: Tuesday, June 29th 2010
    Launch Day:  Tuesday, July 13th 2010 12 Noon EST
    Digg Curtis     Ng + Maulana Tasaufi - Link Builder Pro JV Invite!

    Pre-launch begins on Tuesday June 29th. Your subscribers
    will be thrilled with what we have to give them right off
    the bat in our pre-launch sequence, which is a free version
    of the LBP software. This “lite” version is powerful by itself,
    so people will be even happier with what the “pro” version
    can do.

    Link Builder Pro will sell for $47/month during the 7-day
    launch period. There will be a lifetime (!) payment option
    for $397. You will receive 50%, so $23.50/month or
    $198.50, depending on which option your referral chooses.

    Early promotion to our internal list got us a conversion
    rate of slightly over 7%, with an EPC of over $2 ($2.15 to
    be exact). That’s over $2 for every visitor to our sales page!
    And this was without building any buzz whatsoever!

    ====So what is Link Builder Pro?====

    I’m sure you’ve heard of SENuke. It costs $127/month.
    And what about Brute Force SEO? $157/month.
    These two tools are fantastic, but are beyond the budgets
    of many people. Link Builder Pro has similar features to
    SENuke and BFSEO’s EVOII, except LBP will cost a fraction
    of the price. One of the biggest objections that folks have
    to subscribing to those other services is the steep price.

    That’s why people will go nuts when they see what we’re

    Let me try to give you an idea of what LBP can do for your
    subscribers …


    Jani Ghaffor  – FB Siphon JV Invite
    Launch Day: Tuesday, July 13th 2010
    Digg Jani  Ghaffor - FB Siphon JV Invite!

    On July 13th i am launching FB Siphon “how to Siphon
    off laser targeted traffic & instant cash from Facebook”

    You will make on average $123 per sale on an offer that
    has proven to convert at 5.43% in a little test we did to
    some cold traffic.

    So What is FBa Siphon ?

    FB Siphon is a 13 part step by step video course that will
    teach your customers how to use facebook ads the right
    way…to get SUPER CHEAP , targeted traffic and give
    them a solid plan to make easy money with CPA offers….

    This is based on real techniques that we have used and
    tests that we havedone that have made us healthy profits!

    The course has been made by me and my partner Johnson
    Tay who makes 6 figures a month using FB Ads promoting
    CPA offers…and affiliate marketing…

    The course is easy to understand and follow, and the best
    thing about it is that it ACTUALLY WORKS!

    It will give people a solid proven plan to start generating
    CHEAP TARGETED traffic and make easy money with
    Facebook Ads using our proven time and tested techniques …


    Steven Johnson & Steven James – Online Income Flood JV Invite
    Pre-launch Begins: Tuesday, July 6th 2010
    Launch Day:  Tuesday, July 20th 2010
    Digg Steven      Johnson + Steven James - Online Income Flood JV Invite!

    Earn up to $248.50 for every lead you send to our website!

    This product launch will make you lots of money for

    1.) Making Money Online Products have been blowing
    up the IM marketplace!
    2.) Lots Of Hungry Buyers!

    There are over 1,000,000+ searches being conducted
    globally, on a monthly basis by people who are looking
    to make money online!

    This is where you will be able to tap in and instantly
    cash in with this product launch.

    Online Income Flood is an awesome product that
    looks, feels and delivers like a solid $1997 high ticket
    product but instead it is being sold at $497 on the
    frontend with multiple upsells and downsells…


    Sean Clark – SlideInCode JV Invite
    Pre-Launch: Begins Wednesday July 21st 2010
    Launch Date: Tuesday, July 27th 2010 – 12pm Noon EST
    Digg Sean        Clark - SlideInCode JV Invite!

    Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read this exclusive
    JV Invite; this is a launch you will not want to miss out on
    for very good reasons:

    1. It’s a new & innovative service that people want and
    2. Sky-High conversions, 50% commissions and Residual
    3. A script purpose-built for this launch to double your
    traffic on autopilot!

    So what is SlideInCode?

    SlideInCode targets Internet and affiliate marketers and
    anybody that owns a website or blog. Our powerful SlideIn
    Technology increases and maximizes conversions, from
    existing web traffic, into subscribers, sign ups, twitter
    followers and most importantly – sales.

    Our clients will be able to create a Lead Generation SlideIn,
    to build an even bigger list; create a Twitter SlideIn to boost
    their twitter followers list, AND increase traffic to their site
    on a viral level; and to create a Banner SlideIn to promote their
    products or other products as an affiliate.

    You can check out live examples that I currently use on my
    own websites, which convert 20-30% of my traffic into leads,
    on the JV Invite page…but fist let me tell you about the
    commissions! …


    Pawan Agrawal – MaxBlogPress: Subscribers Magnet JV Invite
    Pre-Launch Begins: Tuesday, July 6th 2010
    Launch Day: Tuesday, July 27th 2010
    Digg Pawan   Agrawal - MaxBlogPress: Subscribers Magnet JV Invite!

    For those of you who are not familiar with MaxBlog or myself,
    we are well know in the industry for Best Selling plugins such
    as Affiliate Ninja, Stripe Ad, Unblockable Pop up and many

    Our existing Affiliate Database includes many of the Top

    The “Subscriber Magnet” is an Incredible Optin Plugin that
    takes  list building with WordPress to the Next Level!

    The Subscribers Magnet Plugin is filled with cutting edge
    features like “Auto-Fill” (your website visitors name and
    email are pre-populated when they arrive to your site and
    Silent Subscribe..PURE Ninja! You can see all of this in
    action via the JV Invite.

    As with any new plugin MaxBlog releases…this is destine
    to become another Featured WordPress Plugin and Best

    The Product:  “Subscribers Magnet”
    Pre-Launch: July 6th
    Launch Day: July 27th

    Earn Round The Clock Commissions
    ….All Year Round!

    Front End $97 ($67 During Launch Week) ClickBank – 55%

    Earn $53.35 Per Sale.. make just 10 Sales per day =
    $192,727.5 Per Year in Extra Cash

    Get all of the details Here …


    Jeff Schwerdt – Viral Submitter Pro JV
    Postponed – New Dates TBA


    Imran Sadiq + Kieran Gill, Tim Donovan + Adam Horwitz,
    Eric Rockefeller, Chris Freville, Anik Singal + Saj P., Shawn
    Casey + Tom Bell, Andrew Fox, and other fellow JV Notify Pro
    partners are waiting in the wings … keep your eyes on your
    Inbox, and follow the action in the archives:



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    partners to get behind”

    Note: That DOESN’T mean ‘I found your name in the
    search engines’, ‘read about you in a forum’, ‘was
    referred to you by So and So’, etc., decided it was
    perfectly appropriate to run right to JV Notify Pro,
    register, and request a premium mailing … all in 15

    It means you’ve been a JV Notify Pro partner that has
    actually contributed to the community, and is willing to
    wait your turn … it’s not about you, it’s about US.

    Please read this thread before you request a mailing …



    That’s All, Folks!

    To OUR Success,

    Mike Merz

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