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  • Welcome to the JVNP 2.0 Update featuring a primary JV invite courtesy of fellow JVNP 2.0 Partner Daniel Levis (All New Email Alchemy Elite Auto Webinar Promotion evergreen high ticket affiliate program JV request), Buzz Builders (Joey Xoto – Viddyoze 3.0 launch), and More … in Today’s JV with the Email Copy & Conversion King edition.

    – Mike Merz Sr

    Daniel Levis – All New Email Alchemy Elite Auto Webinar Promotion Evergreen Affiliate Program JV Invite
    Evergreen Affiliate Program Announced: Tuesday, May 1st 2018
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    All New Email Alchemy Elite Auto Webinar Promotion evergreen high ticket affiliate program JV request - Evergreen Affiliate Program Announced: Tuesday, May 1st 2018

    Attention JV Partners and Super Affiliates:

    Earn up to $23.10 Per Click or More with the All-New Email Alchemy “ELITE” Auto-Webinar Promotion! 

    Dear Fellow JVNP 2.0 Partner,

    What’s the ultimate excitement?

    A new baby? Buying a new home? Winning the lottery?

    Back when I was hauling bricks for a living (and after I dropped out of high school) I thought it was probably skydiving… or maybe hitting it big in Vegas.

    But the first time I put together a real marketing campaign that actually worked, with the right balance of traffic, opt ins, conversions, and sales…

    … It was the ultimate high!

    Finally, I could see a clear path to income independence and the lifestyle freedom I longed for.

    But what I didn’t realize was it was just the beginning…

    That sudden profit surge was just a small vein of gold… bringing me closer to the mother lode I would eventually hit.

    I still had a rugged road ahead, full of potholes, detours, and hairpin turns before I would have a solid system and repeatable strategy that allowed me to really crank up the traffic.

    I apprenticed to world-famous marketers, studied every advertising method imaginable, and became a highly-paid email expert.

    But I realized my students, clients, and members needed to go deeper and create more long-term engagement with their lists… and more responsive lists with more rapport, increasingly profitable relationships, and a duplicatable list building and monetization method.

    And they didn’t want to spend years to become copywriters, SEO or Adwords experts, or creating expensive and complicated products.

    To achieve maximum online lift-off it required……The Birth of a FULL ON LIST-BUSINESS SYSTEM, With a 360-Degree Capacity For Niche Selection, Product Creation, Funnel Development and Unlimited Traffic.

    Thus the The New EMAIL ALCHEMY “ELITE” Quick Start List-Business Blueprint was born.

    More than 3 years and a thousand hours in the making, it’s evolved into the most complete and comprehensive, list-business trainings and toolsets available anywhere.

    >>> Find Out How to Connect with Daniel Levis & Become an EA Affiliate Here.

    Look Who’s Already Cashed-in as EMAIL ALCHEMY Affiliates …

    “I highly recommend you get involved with Daniel Levis and EMAIL ALCHEMY… it’s a great program we use in our own business!”

    – Mike Filsaime


    “The EMAIL ALCHEMY course is phenomenal… it’s very easy to promote with fantastic results… and at $36.37 per click you can’t go wrong – I highly recommend it!”

    – Michel Fortin


    “I just made arrangements to acquire his emails as swipes to give out to ALL of my affiliates. Seriously, these swipes are so good, I fully expect to double my sales in the coming months.”

    – Chris Luck


    “I am blown away to say that in the first 4 months we did over $300K in sales thanks to Daniel’s promo and swipes.”

    – Rob Kosberg


    So What in The Heck Are You Waiting For?

    Let’s Set Up a Call and Get Ready to ROCK!

    Our Rapid List-Building auto-webinar will deliver more value to your subscribers… more commissions for you… and more residual synergy and collaboration to build your business than any other affiliate promotion you may be considering.

    Let’s Get Together, If You’re Not Already an EA Affiliate, and You’ll See What I Mean!

    Daniel Levis’ Email Alchemy “ELITE” Auto-Webinar Promotion JV Team

    Daniel Levis - All New Email Alchemy Elite Auto Webinar Promotion evergreen high ticket affiliate program JV request - Evergreen Affiliate Program Announced: Tuesday, May 1st 2018

    (The JV offers made available in this newsletter are not for the inexperienced +/or simply curious to participate in. Only experienced, serious affiliate marketers with the proven ability to generate quality leads and convert and retain sales, only … Please! Problem? Reply to this email with any questions or concerns.)


    Buzz Builders

    The following Buzz Builders are Premium mailing recipient JV offers made by JVNP 2.0 VIP Partners announced recently in the JVNP 2.0 Update that are either yet to launch, or are still in the pre-launch or launch cycle.

    To access the merchant’s JV page, a link to the forum archive of the mailing for discussion, VIP review access (when available) + more … please click the JV Invite/Page link in the Buzz Builder listings, below.

    Problem? Reply to this email with any questions or concerns.


    Matt Clark + Jason Katzenback – Amazing Selling Machine 9 Launch Affiliate Program JV Invite
    The Cart Closes on Thursday, May 5th … BUT the Big Money Has Yet to be Made!
    The #1 Affiliate Opportunity of the Past 6 years is Back … Don’t Miss Out!

    The Completely New and Upgraded ASM9 … This launch is your opportunity to earn up to nearly $2,000 per referral and to grab your piece of the $200,000 prize pool for affiliates! Experienced High Ticket Affiliates, Only, Please. Matt Clark + Jason Katzenback – Amazing Selling Machine 9 JV invite page.


    Joey Xoto – Viddyoze 3.0 Launch Affiliate Program JV Invite
    Launch Day is TODAY Tuesday, May 1st 2018 @ 11AM EST
    The #1 Best Selling JVZoo Product of All Time is Back … and Better Than Ever!

    The #1 JVZoo Product Of All Time IS BACK! $10m In Sales, 80,000+ Customers, Huge Recurring Commissions & A Proven 8 Figure Sales Funnel… Got Your Attention? Say Hello To The Brand New, Unrivaled, Champion Of Web Based 3D Animation, Viddyoze 3.0. Joey Xoto – Viddyoze 3.0 JV page.


    Glen + Natalie Ledwell – Mind Movies – Mind Movies Matrix Spring 2018 Launch Affiliate Program JV Invite
    Launch Day: Monday, May 7th 2018 – Friday, May 18th 2018
    For This Launch, ONLY, Earn Between 60% & 70% Affiliate Commission on ALL SALES!

    The launch runs from May 7th – May 18th, 2018 featuring two key mailing pieces your tribe will be sure to love – a fun quiz about success and a direct webinar invite. The launch funnel will be optimized to ensure MAX EPC’s and huge commission payouts! And for this launch only, you’ll earn between 60% and 70% affiliate commission on all sales! Glen + Natalie Ledwell – Mind Movies – Mind Movies Matrix Spring 2018 JV page.


    Chris Kyle – Launch Academy Launch Affiliate Program JV Invite
    The Launch Runs Until Sunday, May 8th – But Chris will Allow Registrations Thorough May 15th.
    Earn High Ticket Commissions JV-ing with eLearning Expert Chris Kyle!

    Launch Academy is truly a life and business changing program. Promotional window for the course (free content + webinars): April 14 to May 8, 2018 (we’ll be allowing registrations through May 15). The LA course starts on May 8th. The Core Course price is $1,997 with a commission of 40%. (There will be a Fast Track option with commission, as well). Chris Kyle – Launch Academy JV page.


    Bryan Winters – ViraLightning Launch Affiliate Program JV Invite
    Launch Day: Thursday, May 24th 2018 @ 10AM EST
    JV with Bryan Winters and Earn up to $250 Per Click!

    Bryan Winters’ ViraLightning viral income platform launches Thursday, May 24th, at 10 a.m. eastern! Make $250 per click on software that will BLOW YOUR SUBSCRIBERS AWAY. $1,000 cash to the top JV, and more. GET READY!! Bryan Winters – ViraLightning JV page.


    Jody Jelas – The Video Code Launch Affiliate Program JV Invite
    Don’t Miss Out on the Soon-To-Be-Announced Major Launch … Get on Board NOW!

    Welcome To The Video Code. The Step By Step System To Building A Massive Audience With Video And Converting Them Into Buyers. HIGH CONVERTING: Proven High Converting Funnel. PROVEN SYSTEM: This Program Is Paint By Numbers For Newbies and Seasoned Marketers. Jody Jelas – The Video Code affiliate registration.


    Popular, Evergreen, Mid To High Ticket, Webinar Based Promotions.

    Brian Tracy – How To Write A Book And Become A Published Author Virtual Training Course Affiliate Program JV Invite
    Damien Zamora – GoMobile Solutions – Social Agency Pro Affiliate Program JV Invite

    John Pearce + Chris Cantell – Turn Key SEO Affiliate Program JV Request

    Karl Moore + Andrew Roth – BrainEv Affiliate Program JV Invite & Karl Moore + Andrew Roth – Inspire3 Affiliate Program JV Invite

    (Experienced Affiliates, ONLY … Please!)

    Your Attention, Please!

    If you’re looking for proven mid to high ticket evergreen webinar based promos to promote as an affiliate for high commission and additional potential incentives from proven JVNP 2.0 Partners like Sara Young, Daniel Levis, Travis Stephenson, Kevin Thompson, Jason Potash, David Cavanagh, Mike Balmaceda and others, have past performance proof that you can convert and retain multiple sales of the aforementioned, and can pull at least 200 registrants/100 attendees, please reply to this newsletter! – Mike Sr


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    Fred Lam + Michael Shih, Rob Thompson, Travis Stephenson, Sara Young + Andrew Hansen and other fellow JVNotifyPro 2.0 partners are waiting in the wings … keep your eyes on your Inbox, and follow the action in the JVNP 2.0 Premium VIP JV Announcement archives.

    Pete Bruckshaw, Andy Black, Ippokratis Boboras, ClickBank, Dr Amit Pareek, Matt McWilliams, Mark Thompson + Matt Callen and other Fellow JVNP 2.0 Partners have active listings on the JVNewsWatch Launch Calendar, gathering JV Affiliate Partner prospects on autopilot …

    JVNewsWatch JV Product Launch Calendar



    The new product launch and evergreen affiliate program JV offers advertised on JVNP 2.0 and the JVNW Calendar are meant for experienced Affiliate Marketers.

    If you have little to no affiliate marketing experience, we feel it would be most beneficial for you to complete the following JVNP 2.0 recommended Free Affiliate Marketing Training.


    That’s All, Folks!

    To OUR Success,

    Mike Merz Sr
    JVNotifyPro Joint Ventures

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