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  • Welcome to the JVNP 2.0 Update, featuring a primary JV invite courtesy of fellow JVNP 2.0 Partners Andrew Hansen + Sara Young (Digital Worth Academy re-launch high ticket affiliate program JV invite), Buzz Builders (Alex, Nick + Jessica Ortner – The 11th Annual Tapping World Summit, Imran S + Simon Wood – ConversioBot launches), and More … in Today’s the launch so nice they’re going to do it twice edition.

    – Mike Merz Sr

    Andrew Hansen + Sara Young – Digital Worth Academy Re-Launch High Ticket Affiliate Program JV Invite
    Launch Day: Tuesday, April 30th 2019

    Digital Worth Academy re-launch high ticket affiliate program JV invite - Launch Day: Tuesday, March 26th 2019

    Sara Young and Andrew Hansen’s Breakthrough Course & Coaching Program is RE-LAUNCHING on April 30th, 2019 …

    What’s This About A Relaunch??

    Fellow JVNP 2.0 Partner, you’re right. Digital Worth Academy did go live in August 2018. Maybe you heard of it.

    It was great. We paid affiliates more than $350,000 in commissions. We had an extremely low refund rate, and so few charge-backs for our industry that Clickbank actually got confused.

    On April 30th, we’re having a limited re-opening of the program, because we’re turning Digital Worth into an evergreen offer, and building a funnel of courses around it.

    There will be no big launch fanfare, no SUVs given away…

    But there will be a refined pitch…

    … Outstanding conversions from a proven offer…

    … And an ability for you to get leads hard-coded for life so you can also earn commissions on future products in our funnel.

    Remember that? Real “passive income”?

    Once you’re approved as an affiliate, we’ve got all the tools you need.

    Keep reading for the details and action steps.

    Commissions & Bonuses You’ll Earn.

    There are 2 ways you’ll be earning money as a Digital Worth Academy JV:

    DWA One Time Payment Sales @ $1997 = $975 commission.
    DWA Installments Sales @ 3 x $797 = $1195 commission.

    The launch will be on Clickbank, and if approved, you’ll be able to join the Whitelist.

    If you’re not already an existing DWA affiliate, please fill out the affiliate request form here.

    Key Dates For The Relaunch:

    Cart Opens: Tuesday April 30th at 12pm ET.
    Cart Close & Launch Ends: Sunday May 5th Midnight EST.

    2 Ways To Promote Digital Worth Academy.

    You can promote the relaunch of Digital Worth Academy by either:

    – Sending traffic to our webinars, replays, QnA’s and offer pages.

    All traffic you send, to any promotional piece we have will be hard-coded to you, so you’re guaranteed commissions.

    – Hosting a live webinar with us as your guests.

    This will maximize your conversions and give us the chance to give maximum value to your audience via QnA.

    Of course you’ll also have hard-coding of leads here and we’ll provide all the swipes and promo material you need to make this a success.

    Request Affiliate Approval here to Gain Access.

    If you’re taking option 2 and would like to promote with a live webinar, once approved, contact us to lock in a time from the 30th of April to the 3rd of May.

    What Is Digital Worth Academy?

    DW Academy is a course, software suite and coaching program focused on how to build high authority web properties for income and eventual asset sale.

    It’ll focus on 3 core elements:

    – Finding low competition profit centers in big niches
    – Building small blogs that turn into large content platforms
    – Using clean and highly effective SEO systems to start a snowball of long term traffic.

    Web properties worse than the ones our students will build, monetized the same way, are selling for 30x monthly revenue.

    We’ll be teaching how to grow a web property from zero to $10,000 per month revenue, and set up for a sale at 30x: $300k.

    What’s In The Course?

    Digital Worth Academy will include the following components:

    1. The Course: 7 sections, more than 30 modules and 150 videos detailing the entire process of building a profitable digital asset from scratch.

    2. The Coaching Program: For 10 Weeks, Sara and Andrew along with their team of coaches (all former students now successful with their own websites) guide students by hand through the setup process, including live webinars, one on one chats, support desk, forum and more.

    3. Software Tools: Our suite of proprietary software tools give students a competitive advantage in building web properties. Different tools help locate niche opportunities more easily, hunt down perfect keywords with analytical precision & calculate profit potential of new markets before entering them.

    4. Community: In our members area, private facebook group and forum, members can form real bonds, helping each other succeed through networking and relationships.

    5. Outsource Staff: Access to a list of our own verified staff members who can help students complete tasks that will accelerate their results, from keyword research, to content creation, to website design, to SEO. If students don’t have time to complete tasks on their own, this lets them make progress anyway.

    >>> How To Get Your Affiliate Links.

    Digital Worth Academy teaches a smart, simple strategy for generating an income by building digital assets.

    No “hacks”, no “overnight success”, just real businesses and long term wealth.

    We’re looking forward to connecting with you!

    Andrew Hansen & Sara Young’s Digital Worth Academy JV Team

    Andrew Hansen + Sara Young - Digital Worth Academy re-launch high ticket affiliate program JV invite - Launch Day: Tuesday, March 26th 2019

    (The JV offers made available in this newsletter are not for the inexperienced +/or simply curious to participate in. Experienced, serious affiliate marketers, with the proven ability to generate quality leads and convert (and retain) multiple sales, only … Please! Problem? Reply to this email with any questions or concerns.)


    Buzz Builders

    The following Buzz Builders are Premium mailing recipient JV offers made by JVNP 2.0 VIP Partners announced recently in the JVNP 2.0 Update that are either yet to launch, or are still in the pre-launch or launch cycle.

    To access the merchant’s JV page, a link to the forum archive of the mailing for discussion, VIP review access (when available) + more … please click the JV Invite/Page link in the Buzz Builder listings, below.

    Experienced, serious affiliate marketers with the proven ability to generate quality leads and convert (and retain) multiple sales, ONLY … Please!

    Problem? Reply to this email with any questions or concerns.


    Joshua Zamora – Sendiio Launch Affiliate Program JV Invite
    Launched Just Last Thursday, February 21st 2019
    STILL #1 Top Sales Leader For The Day, Week, & Month @ JVZoo! Don’t Miss Out!

    The First and ONLY Autoresponder That Allows Your Customers to Profit From The 3 Most Profitable Marketing Channels: Email, Text and Facebook Messenger – ALL Under ONE Central Dashboard With ZERO MONTHLY Fees! Joshua Zamora – Sendiio JV page.


    Firas Alameh, Dan Ashendorf + Simran Pall – SEO Dragon Launch Affiliate Program JV Invite
    Launched Just Last Friday, February 22nd 2019
    JVZoo Top Seller!

    Your referrals get paid $500-$1,000 a month by providing this in demand service on auto pilot (the software will even find customers for them!) … Visit the JV Page for complete launch details => Firas Alameh, Dan Ashendorf + Simran Pall – SEO Dragon JV page.


    Alex, Nick + Jessica Ortner – The 11th Annual Tapping World Summit Launch Affiliate Program JV Invite
    Launch Day Is TODAY Tuesday, February 26th 2019
    Over $17 Million in TWS Sales have been generated over the past 10 Years … Grab Your Share of Commission & $83K in JV Prizes!

    We hope that we can count on you to join in on this year’s content filled Summit! We have a great line-up planned and we will not disappoint. On top of the regular 50% commissions, we will also have over $83,000 in leaderboard prizes! You can see all the launch details by going here => Alex, Nick + Jessica Ortner – The 11th Annual Tapping World Summit JV page.


    Imran S + Simon Wood – ConversioBot Launch Affiliate Program JV Invite
    Launch Day Is TODAY Tuesday, February 26th 2019 @ 9AM EST
    ALREADY a JVZoo Top Seller!
    NEW “AI” Technology Transforming Virtually ANY Website into an Automated Leads & Sales Machine! Visit the JV Page for Complete Launch Details => Imran S + Simon Wood – ConversioBot JV page.


    Blake Nubar – Funnel Formula High Ticket Affiliate Program JV Invite
    Evergreen Affiliate Program Announced: Saturday, February 23rd 2019
    Record Breaking Numbers: $38.18 EPC – 26.3 Conversion % – $746.32 ACV!
    Funnel Formula is a High-Ticket Funnel Offer with a Proven Track Record of Delivering HUGE Commissions for JV Partners. Battle-tested Product that’s Proven to Convert at the Highest Level. 50% Affiliate Commission ($748.50 per sale). Blake Nubar – Funnel Formula affiliate registration.


    John Di Lemme – Ultimate Closing And Marketing Success Library Launch Affiliate Program JV Invite
    Launch Day: Friday, March 1st 2019 – Friday, March 22nd 2019
    This Incredible Package is Jam-Packed with John’s Top Motivational Marketing Teachings and Reports that have Generated Hundreds of Millions of Dollars for his Clients … Take Advantage!
    The Ultimate Closing & Marketing Success Library is jam-packed with NEW strategies that will catapult results no matter the business, profession, or career path … Used by REAL People, generating REAL Results! Each referred sale can be worth up to $337 to you! PLUS grab your share of up to $150K in Prizes! John Di Lemme – Ultimate Closing And Marketing Success Library affiliate registration.


    Mary Morrissey – DreamBuilder Program 2019 Launch Affiliate Program JV Invite
    Launch Day: Thursday, March 7th 2019 – Monday, March 25th 2019
    The DreamBuilder® Program Launch is BACK!!!
    Pro Affiliates … Share Incredible FREE Content with Your List, Earn Massive Commissions & Take Home Your Share of $50K in Prizes! Launch Dates: March 7 – March 25, 2019. This is the ONLY TIME the DreamBuilder Program 2019 will be Available, This Year … Don’t Miss Out! Mary Morrissey – DreamBuilder Program 2019 JV page.


    Mark Ling, Nick Torson + Max Sylvestre – Quit 9 To 5 Academy Launch High Ticket Affiliate Program JV Invite
    Pre-Launch Begins: Tuesday, March 5th 2019
    Launch Day: Tuesday, March 12th 2019
    Internet Millionaire Mark Ling has Joined Forces with Underground Super-Affiliates Nick Torson and Max Sylvestre on what is Sure To Be one of 2019’s BIGGEST Launches … Experienced High Ticket Affiliates, Don’t Miss Out!
    Quit 9 To 5 Academy is the Most Effective “A to Z” Program for Teaching Anyone how to Crush it with Affiliate Marketing. $1,248 Commissions AND $100K+ in Prizes PLUS the Best EPCs in the Industry! Pro High Ticket Affiliates ONLY. Mark Ling, Nick Torson + Max Sylvestre – Quit 9 To 5 Academy JV page.


    Your Attention, Please!

    If you’re looking for proven mid to high ticket evergreen webinar based promos to promote as an affiliate for high commission and additional potential incentives from proven JVNP 2.0 Partners like Damien ZamoraDaniel LevisJohn Assaraf + Mary MorrisseyJohn Pearce + Chris Cantell, Travis Stephenson, Kevin Thompson, Jason Potash, David Cavanagh, Mike Balmaceda and others, have past performance proof that you can convert and retain multiple sales of the aforementioned, and can pull at least 200 registrants/100 attendees, please reply to this newsletter! – Mike Sr


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    Chris X + Ken O, Christopher Deo, Er Ashu Kumar, Cyril Gupta, Jamie Lewis, Barry Joyce, Dr Amit Pareek, Andrew Darius, Mo Miah + Misan Morrison, Michael Cheney, iWake Technologies and other Fellow JVNP 2.0 Partners have active listings on the JVNewsWatch Launch Calendar, gathering JV Affiliate Partner prospects on autopilot …

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    If you have little to no affiliate marketing experience, we feel it would be most beneficial for you to complete the following JVNP 2.0 recommended Free Affiliate Marketing Training.


    That’s All, Folks!

    To OUR Success,

    Mike Merz Sr
    JVNotifyPro Joint Ventures

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